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The God of this City…

Today I felt like I was in a movie. Are you ever doing something that just feels so meaningful and in the moment of doing it you feel like you can here the music playing as you walk…the winds blowing…cars and people are racing by…part of you wants to walk faster and let the music crescendo with your confident pace–while the other part of you wants to put your hands out and spin around and savor the moment…only you don’t because you also realize you AREN’T in a movie and you’d look like a crazy person?! Okay–maybe it’s just me–but for me, today was one of those days.

The day started with Parker running off to school with Richard…kissing Frank goodbye with Mrs.Emily…and dropping off Laney at preschool carpool. I raced to Richard’s office, signed our Power of Attorney (giving Almaz our orphanages director authority to represent us in Ethiopian Court) and together got them notarized. I, then, headed off for the Superior Court of Georgia to get the notary authenticated. OKAY–so pre-adoption I had no idea what any of this meant. Basically, we are in the end process of our dossier which is a collection of legal documents that is required for international adoption. Some basic elements are photographs of our family and house…and the most intense being the document I got today…which required our signatures—getting someone to notarize it…then someone to check the notary to make sure they were legit (what getting it authenicated means) and then…FINALLY off to the Secretary of State who would plant our governor Sonny Perdue’s stamp, her signature and then a golden State of Georgia Seal all on top…giving Almaz…well, all our rights to our name as she represents us in the year ahead. So…my second stop after the notary was the Superior Court…


(music plays softly as I walk toward this building…if this were a movie;)
I’ll spare the details of forgetting to bring cash–I never carry cash…and I literally had to pray for parking. This entire journey has been a step-by-step trust God for every moment kind of journey. So…I prayed for parking. And just a block down from this building–God provided a spot…one lone spot…reserved for me (music speeds up here).
I walked as fast as I could to the court (not because I was excited…but because I had 2 carpools to make by lunch time)…and I have to confess I was also praying I wouldn’t get mugged on the short block walk…downtown Atlanta can be scarey people…especially for my mini-van, Beaver Cleaver lookin’ self. I know I must walk like a school librarian…and I sure as heck run like one. I went to the front of the building…got redirected that I was in employee only entrance and had to walk what seemed a mile all the way around. After 30 minutes of running around and asking 10 different people where I needed to go…finally I found the Clerk of Superior Court. And the Clerk I was put in front of…intimidating. He was a 6’5 huge black man…doubt my son will be that big one day…but still, his deep voice and big self…intimidating.
He asked why I was there and after explaining he said, “Adopting? Hmmm…that’s good.”
I just smiled and shook my head.
“Where from?”, he asked.
I just sat there. I wasn’t sure what he would think…Mrs.Beaver Cleaver adopting from Africa. So, I just sat there and watched his face as he looked over my document.
“Yes sir.”
He leaned over his desk–looked me dead in the eye–and I held my breath and smiled. (music stops). Then he softly said with a smile, “That’s even better. God bless you.” (music starts again;).
Not to me–but TO YOU BE THE GLORY LORD! And not that I need the approval of man–but to have the approval of this man…in some way, made my day. I couldn’t even say thank you for the big lump in my throat. I paid my $2 for my form authenication and raced down to the Secretary of State to get my golden seal…I knew today—God was bringing little joys my way and encouraging me as I went.
Now one parking place may have been luck—but TWO in downtown Atlanta??? Yes, another spot awaited me at the Secretary of State. The yucky rain clouds had parted, I couldn’t help but smile as I ran to the Secretary of State building…I had little time left before carpool but the sun was shining and I knew the Lord was with me and would provide. I realized carpool would be tight–called one of my bestfriends Nisia…and she agreed to pick my little guy up and the hubby was grabbing litte Laney-loo. I was set and had plenty of time now to finish what I came to complete. The music was really playing now;) People were walking texting on their iPhones, lawyers racing in and out of the building…and I wanted to scream, “Hey everyone! I’m working on my dossier and I’m almost done! I GET TO ADOPT! God is in this and He is brining us a baby to love forever!”
I raced right up to the 7th floor, opened up the double doors and as if I had an appointment the Secretary of State assistant was standing there waiting. She took my form back, returned it in 5 minutes and probably wondered what was just with my big toothy grin as she returned it. I wanted to hug the UPS man on the elevator on the way down—he probably still wonders why I babbled so about the weather, what a great day it was and wow he sure has a lot of packages;). Silly Beaver Cleaver lady…she doesn’t get out much;).
Got our physicals knocked out at 1pm…and although today was a full day of adoption hoop jumping…we are ALMOST there! Music! MUSIC! MUSIC!

There are GREAT THINGS TO COME! And I can’t BELIEVE that GOD CHOSE ME! He really and truly chose me to be the mother of another one of HIS! He did a great thing in this city for me today…it may seem small to some…but I am ONE step closer to our precious baby! I can’t wait to love you forever and ever and ever! THIS IS HOW MUCH YOU ARE LOVED! God loves you THIS MUCH…and so do we!

The Daraja Choir couldn’t have sung it better…

Kim - October 14, 2009 - 4:25 am

This precious post was like a WORSHIP service!
Sending you a Hallelujah from Hong Kong!

3 Blessings - October 14, 2009 - 6:38 am

That is so funny! I was doing the same thing yesterday at the TN state capitol. I seriously circled 5 times looking for a parking. I finally said a prayer and circled the next time and there was my spot. I didn't even have to parallel park. It was on the end! THANK YOU GOD! Oh and did I mention I had my baby with me. I was pushing her through the streets in her stroller…I too felt like I was in a movie because I was trying to get back to my car before the parking meter ran out. Too funny that we were doing the same thing yesterday.

Are These Kids All Yours? - October 14, 2009 - 10:19 am

That post…..sounds like my life….hmmm….love it!!!!! You are almost there and I am sooo excited for you. I love the fact of NOT parallel parking (3 Blessings). My husband laughs at me- being from a suburb of England- he thinks it is crazy that my parking skills are almost a 0! He he he. Hey, I just blame it on our huge 15 passenger…and the suburban that we had before that….and the mini van before that….and the car before that….he he he…I am just not a talented at parking.

The important part is you do get to have a baby soon- forever….and that will be AWESOME!!!

The Hull's at #4 - October 14, 2009 - 8:11 pm

I love this sweet post!!! I know your little one will love it too. I can't wait for you to get your approval and get on the LIST! I'm so glad that your day was so good, God is so faithful!!

Dru, Asher, Quinn, & Asa - October 15, 2009 - 8:48 am

Oh my goodness! You have the most BEAUTIFUL heart ever!!! I just love reading about your journey! You are not only a blessing to this babe waiting for you, but to those of us that get to read about your journey.