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The Colors in my Basket…

One of my FAVORITE preschool children’s books for Easter time is “My Easter Basket: And the real story of Easter“. It links the colors of eggs in your basket to the Easter story as each color represents a part of the story. As one of the “party moms” in Isaac’s 2 year old preschool class tomorrow, I’m going to read this book to them–and then let them come get an egg of each color.

I wrote on each egg what that color stands for so parents can retell the story in their own words…

Green = Palms that lay for Jesus to walk on
Purple = The Last Supper (bread and wine)
Red = God’s LOVE for me! (the cross)
Brown = Cave that was Jesus’s grave ( won’t find brown eggs…this is for your brown chocolate bunny:)
White = The angel that declared, “HE IS RISEN!”
Yellow = The sun celebrating all that God has done!

(Found these tins in the $1 section at Target which perfectly hold just the right amount of eggs for our story tomorrow:)


Here’s the cookie cake for tomorrow in the shape of an egg.

In other news…a few St.Patrick’s day pictures. Nothing like a grilled cheese a round of baseball for a 2 and 3 year old:)

Don’t you like the “tux” he wore for St.Patrick’s day??? LOVE this picture of ITY–“Which do I wanna do more??? Baseball or finish my sandwich???”

I love to watch these two play…only 8 months apart…and the best of buds.

Frank decided to graduate from the tee–and he can actually make contact 80% of the time. But the tee is way more fun to play with brother when momma is too tired to pitch…

Aren’t you proud of me mom??

And finally–for those of you who are so precious to pray for my health stuff…I got more blood work and tests back last week–and it’s official that my immune system is down as I’m picking up anything and everything. Last week’s report included H plory bacteria in my stomach, 2 parasites–ONE of which the labs have NEVER seen before and now they must name. The other from South America–a country I’ve yet to visit but one that I eat a lot of veggies from. Good times. I’m on 3 antibiotics now for all of these wonderful things–and then we’ll pick back up on Lyme treatment after these are knocked out…hopefully in just a week or so because I’m so ready to be done with this round of antibiotics…not loving the side effects. I started everything for this course BEFORE Created for Care–so once again it is just proof that the Lord gives you strength and sustains!

Still praying about school stuff for the kids for next year. Starting to lean toward ANOTHER year of homeschool. I really felt like I need to pray about another option so this momma can focus on wellness…BUT I also know the Lord is able–and I’m trusting in His complete healing this summer. Sure–call me crazy…but it’s possible!

Blessings to you all! And happy celebrating Easter!! Such a joyous time to celebrate!

He is Risen!


living out His love - March 29, 2012 - 1:20 pm

I am loving the Easter egg idea, awesome! I will keep your health in my prayers!

Rory - March 29, 2012 - 1:48 pm

Haven’t stopped praying. Believing every need will be supplied with more to spare…kinda like the little boy and the lunch which fed the 5,000…you never feel like it’s enough but everyday God will multiply and those around you will be fed.

He already is doing that with everything your hand touches.
Know that when you’re too tired to fight, when you’re drained and can’t seem to find even the right words to pray, He is waking intercessors in the night–all over the world–to lift you up because you’re THAT important to him. Not only people that know you by name and face, but God can burden the heart of a man in India in the night to pray for you even though you’ve never met. He can show your face in a vision to a woman washing her clothes in Africa and impress on them to pray. I know it, I’ve seen it, and I believe it. He cares that much.

I am reading through Hudson Taylor’s biography right now, missionary to China. Loving this quote: ‘”I cannot read,’ he said when things were at their worst; ‘I cannot pray, I can scarcely even think–but I can trust.'”

Yes Lord, we can trust.
And we are REJOICING with you for healing as well as praising Him for His sustaining power, His strength being made perfect in your weakness.

I know it feels like a baptism of fire sometimes, but just like the men in the fiery furnace…there’s a fourth man in the flames. You’re not just being delivered “out of”, your deliverance is happening right now, right in the midst of your trial.

And STREAMS of refreshing are coming.



Sandi - March 31, 2012 - 1:44 am

Night intercessor reporting for duty…praying the pain & the fear away…My heart is heavy knowing just how draining the AB therapy is for a supermom. We give refrigerated probiotics & yogurt to pts with H.Pylori to increase chance of eradicating the bacteria. It may help to blanch those veggies in boiling water & to avoid eating skins of fruit while your immune system is suppressed. Praying that you will give yourself permission to rest, it’s so hard but it will be worth it. Praying for miraculous & undeniable healing!