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The Chappell family…bringing two more home

Every now and again…I run across a family’s blog that has me gobbling up every word of their most-amazing story. (Alright, who am I kidding? We all know the in the adoption network you can stumble upon amazing, God stories every day!) But this family–has a story…that is written just so sacred and beautifully.

The Chappell started their journey to parenthood a handful of years ago. When they were pregnant with their first son, Asher, they discovered he had a birth defect…and as things would play out…when he was born 3 years ago (the same year as my Frankie baby)–he breathed on his own for a bit–and then he went to be with Jesus. Amongst the tears–the Lord opened up the door for adoption…and just 4 months later–their precious, beautiful, Zoe entered their hearts and homes. Just a little over 10 months later…their family amazingly grew once again–through their care of Jack. And with his birthparents unable to care for him, he is now an official Chappell as of last month.

And guess what??? Yet again–their family grows through adoption!!!

They will be leaving for the DRC in September or October to bring home 2 more precious children–a son (Ezra) who is 9 months old and little princess Evie who is just 6 weeks old. Now…if you do the math–that’s 4 kids 2 and under:)!!! Some might call the Chappells CRAZY–but I call it absolutely amazing…and super fun. (My prayers will be with you Casey! Seriously–I am so excited for how God is growing your family through adoption. While I know you would have never imagined this 3 short years ago…holding your precious Asher…but God does make all things beautiful in His time. And I am challenged by your following Him to grow your family no matter what. You and your hubby rock.)

The Chappells are doing a super cool fundraiser to go toward their adoption to bring home these two bundles of joy. And IF you love photography–oh my…this is THE most rockin’ photography basket EVA!

When you make a donation toward their adoption you get entered in a drawing to win A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF (camera bag, BHPhoto gift certificate, Adobe Lightroom 3, actions for photographers, backdrops…just about ANYTHING any photographer would love to have!) SOOO…please share this with your photography loving friends!!! AND for every $5 increment donation…you are entered again and again into the drawing!!! If you want to donate but you don’t like photography–THEN just gift this to a photography loving person you know (HINT, HINT!!! LOL!) SERIOUSLY…if you don’t love photography but win–this would have your Christmas shopping knocked out for all your photography loving friends and family!!!

Ok…so you can enter and read their amazing story HERE.

Can’t help but think there is the most beautiful angel in heaven smiling down watching these babies come home to momma and daddy. I am quite sure they are looked after…and there will be much rejoicing in heaven as they fly them home!!! Thank you Casey for sharing your family’s beautiful life. And may the Lord bless your family as you grow again. What a beautiful picture of living for the Kingdom!!!

Lauren - August 11, 2011 - 7:00 pm

what an amazing story!!!!!! I am tears… our first pregnancy, first son, first baby to go to heaven is also named Asher! wow