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The Bunkroom {custom bunk beds by Custom Cabinetry of Middle Georgia}

We’ve officially been in our new place for over a month now–and we’ve been working away. We’ve had the house painted (most of it by mama Young:), bought antiques to fit the front porch and furniture for the family room–and little odds and ends like “farm art” and such. Zeke had his 3rd birthday this weekend–which was the FIRST one our family got to celebrate with him as he’s been home from China for 11 months–and it was such fun celebrating his birthday for the first time together!! (Okay-so this post is about the bunk room…but I have to give a sweet sneak peak or 5 of his special day!) So we invited his 30 best friends (hey–when you miss out on celebrating the first 2–you have a bigger party friends:) and it was SUCH fun. My grandmother and great aunt even came to town for the fun!!

Happy 3rd birthday to our Zeke baby! Sooooo…now that he is 3, of course he needs a big boy room. He is STILL our baby but the little man is climbing out of his crib and he has been asking for a big boy bed (his language skills in just 11 months are AMAZING!) For now, we are keeping his crib in his room (he likes to nap in it)–and momma is having a hard time packing it up after 10 years of having a crib up!! SO–to make this big move to a big boy bed special AND now that we’ve finally found our farmhouse that we plan to stay in, we decided to call about the amazing Kenny Johnston a builder out of Macon, Georgia to design and build the boys a BUNKROOM!

So for those of you who don’t know us and just landed here–we have FOUR boys and 1 princess. The two youngest boys want to share a room–but in our last house we found that they all often ended up in the SAME room with sleeping bags surrounding our oldest son’s bed. We said when we found our farmhouse, we’d build a bunk room–2 boys could share the room but as I guessed…for now you find them all in there at night. (SWEETNESS seeing your littles all just want to be together!!)

Here’s the finished product!

You could easily have drawers in the bunks too! We decided not to do drawers for now and to wait and maybe add those later! Not having drawers now does add for a little more space for the kiddos underneath the bunks too.

Still have some details to add to their “hero” room. Zeke and Isaac asked for HEROS–and oh my heart…they get heroes! These two youngest boys of mine are MY heroes for all the changes they have bravely made–and they are loving their new room. They all take turns who gets to sleep on the TOP bunk–so we are currently on a rotation system so everyone gets their turn;)

OKAY. FIRST–you may be wondering HOW Kenny a MACON builder built these for me in ATLANTA. Well, he built them IN MACON–and then put them together here at our home. I sent him all my favorite Pinterest pictures, pictures of the space I wanted them in and exact measurements of every corner and turn in the room. He created 3D design computer images–we made a few tweaks to make it appear those bunks were always there and he even added a wall to divide them (trust me…with littles you need division at night;). The computer designs he would send me in the design process looked like this…

Kenny had awesome ideas along the way–and I realllllly wanted to add old panels on the back wall–but in the end we needed to cut some corners and Kenny was awesome about that too giving us ideas to keep the project in our budget without sacrifices quality. These bunks are so well made–and I’m sure some could cut corners–but where my littles are concerned…momma wants quality. They are sturdy and safe–I even slept on a top bunk last night with Isaac who got scared in the wee hours of the night:).

Kenny does travel–and his business in AMAZING when you learn how he reaches out to his community and through his business disciples those he employs. The stories are draw dropping–but Kenny is humble and just salt of the Earth kinda guy. We actually met Kenny and his family through the adoption community when they grew after adopting 2 more to their family of 5 making 7. Later I watched as they temporarily housed a precious sibling group–trying to find the perfect family for them…only to watch them pray for them–and adopt them themselves as they had fallen in love with these girls while advocating for them. Just great folks–and we knew Kenny was the kind of person you want to do business with. Although he’s in Macon–if you live in the Georgia area–give him a call if you are thinking of doing a remodel, kitchen updates or even a custom bunk room like ours. You can find him on Facebook here: or to start the quote process you can give him a buzz at 478-361-6518 and tell him I sent you;).

I snagged a few pictures of some of his other current work. He does complete home remodels as well as smaller projects like ours!

A bathroom remodel…

A kitchen in process…

ALRIGHT…so that’s it for the BUNKROOM!! I’ll start posting more of our farmhouse pictures here in the next few days and weeks for you to see how it’s coming together!! We’ve gained a dog (Oreo), caught opossums from under our porch, broken up a fight between a group of turkeys and Rico’s truck, opened up the pool for summer fun, bought a ginormous lawn mower to cut our acreage–and we’re about to build a chicken coop! Goodness…I really need to start blogging again y’all because this will be entertaining and I know I’ll crack up one day how clueless we were (are now!!).

So…stay tuned for some crazy chicken and goat action…and also farm house pictures:) Can’t wait to share our sweet “new” old place with you all:)



KT Pierce - May 15, 2014 - 10:44 pm

Wow!! I love your carpenter’s imagination and the picture of the bathroom remodel!! The new bunk room is flourishing with imaginative & creative energy!! I know the boys must love it so much!! I’m so grateful that you share stuff like this. It’s the next best thing to actually being there! Sending you love from afar! xoxo

Laura - June 2, 2014 - 2:00 pm

I haven’t checked in for awhile. I LOVE all the changes your family has to look forward to….and LOVE the bunk room. You are creating a beautiful home!

Laura in TX

Andrea - July 5, 2014 - 2:24 pm

Wait a sec. Just commented on your home school post. You are in Atlanta?!?!? no way! We are in Woodstock. Id love to connect. *if that doesnt freak you out.*

Email me! 🙂 The room is amazing btw!! my boys all want to share a room but our house has small bed rooms. So that prob wont happen. As of now we have 2 in one room (the 7 and 4 yr old) and then my oldest who will be 10 soon has his own room and the baby who is 20 months has a small nursery (its sooo tiny tho, once hes bigger he will move in with his older bro.

admin - July 24, 2014 - 11:44 pm

AHHH! Some how I’m just now seeing this!! YES! I’m in Atlanta!!! Actually Alpharetta…so even closer to youuuuu!!!! Would LOVE to get together with you! Any time!