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the best quotes of my day…

This post…is just for my memory–so I have this down because these are a few I never want to forget.

From Isaac (3 years)…

…so he runs up to me tonight while I was sitting in chair and quickly climbs in my lap. “What are YOU up to?” I asked. “I needed my momma! Cause you just so delicious!”

From Frank (4 years)…

I asked Frankie baby what he wants for Christmas. He smiled and gave me a HUGE bear hug and said, “I just want you mommy. That’s all I want!” (melt…oh my heart!)

Another from Frank tonight…he went along with Rich for basketball practice for P-man our 8 year olds team. Granted Frank is just 4–but he is tall. One of the other dads at practice asks the athletic director where all could hear (including Frank) why Richard’s team has an extra player (silly parents;). The athletic director who knows us well and knows Frank was just tagging along POINTS to Frank and said, “No, no–everyone has the same number. This kid right here doesn’t count.” Frank BURSTS out in TEARS–running to Rich saying, “Daddy! Daddy! She said I don’t count. But I do! I do count! Don’t I daddy? I do count!”

From Laney (6 years)…

I asked her what she’d like for Christmas and she said a couple of things and THEN said, “And a LEGO set for little boys.” Hmmm? Why would you want a Lego set for little boys Laney? “Momma, Frank doesn’t know HOW to ask for anything. He always just says YOU–so I’m going to ask for something FOR him.”

And those were my favorite quotes of the day! Maybe Parker will pull some entertainment out tomorrow. SO THANKFUL for my mommy job and the JOY these kids bring to me!

Y’all have a great hump day tomorrow! (Did you call it hump day or hill day when you were a kid?)


Heidi - November 28, 2012 - 10:51 am

What treasures! I love following your family’s journey of faith. Praise the Lord for the blessings of these sweet children! Wishing you all the joys of Christmas!