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Sprinkle and Twinkle…& a special gift for Frank!

SOOO…on Tuesday night we scooted over to my sister, April’s house, for a little cousin Christmas break time. We were just minding our own business…getting ready for dinner…when out from no where the door bell rang and in came Sprinkle and Twinkle! Two of Santas sweet elves who just happen to be raising money to go on a mission trip…and these creative little elves decided a good way to raise money for their mission trips (they did this last year too!) would be showing up here and there to tell a few stories about the North Pole and do a little dance that all the elves do when they are finished making all their toys…

Laney thought they were fantabulous (think an elf costume might be in her future??)

Parker thought they were silly.

Frank thought they were scarey.

And Isaac…well, he didn’t appreciate them trying to hold him for a picture…
I’m not playin’ mommy…you better get me right this second from this crazy girls arms!!!”

Thank you Sprinkle and Twinkle for your visit…and for the fun little diddy that showed us that you girls are not only fun–but it’s also obvious that they are varsity cheerleaders with their cheer and in sync rhythm! What a fun way to raise money for a mission trip too!!! (I know some of you adoption families are already scratching your heads whether you could pull this off next year;). Maybe *I* should join their company…I mean…can’t you see me doing this too?!

THEN…today—the kids continued the fun…and I seriously didn’t know they were wrapping one another up!!! So…I heard some serious paper wrapping action going on in the living room and Laney had wrapped up Parker. OH the things my crazy kids do!!! Laney said she wanted to give Parker to Frank for Christmas!!! SO…I tried not to laugh through this and I just had to video it. Okay, so we don’t get out much…but still I thought it was pretty funny myself…(ok—just a warning that Frank announces what he has in his diaper in this video too…hey it was first thing this morning and I got him out of his crib and brought him right down for this…)

Ok…so you all probably think we are really weird now that we do things like wrap ourselves…OR maybe you think we are cruel because Frank REALLY wants a choo choo for Christmas and we made him think it COULD be a choo choo in there…sorry folks–this is just us!!! And you just never know what you are gonna get at our house!

This WEEKEND and this Christmas is so special to us as it is Isaac’s first Christmas with us BUT it is also the longest time he has been in one place during his 16 month sweet little life. Although night times have gotten hard for him again as this was a time for change last year for him…we have so much patience and miraculous love pouring out of us even during the wee hours of the night (and thank God for coffee in the morning…right?!) He has the SWEETEST little spirit and he is just full of joy and happiness. Merry Christmas to all of you…and especially to our new one–our sweet baby boy!

Sweet boy we love you. This mommy cried tears of wonder, anxiousness, heart ache and so many other emotions for you last season. I knew in my heart you had been born–I believe the Lord truly let my heart in on that and although we didn’t know if you’d be a boy or girl—I also know in my heart the Lord had a son for us. The Lord, indeed, does miraculous things…and you were growing in mommy’s heart. I have watched you begin to thrive, to get stronger week by week, to perservere…through learning to eat, sit, crawl and now pull up! You blow kisses…you dance…your favorite song for mommy to sing is “Itsy-bitsy-spider”…and when you clap…to see you rejoice makes my heart skip a beat. You were loved deeply before we even knew your sweet face, heart or by name…and now you are a Young boy through and through…truly perfectly placed in our family. I know you and I will one day sit hand in hand wondering how or why the Lord’s hand did this or that to bring us together…and while some days you may say “Why me??” You must know the REAL question I ask is “Why ME?!” Some days I feel like I have to pinch myself that *I* get to be your mommy. What a privilege! What a joy! You have no idea sweet boy what an honor it is to raise you…to be CHOSEN to be YOUR mom…your dad and I are so thankful…and this Christmas—will be one of the sweetest of all finally having you home. You are our son…and we love you.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!! We rejoice in all that God has done and will do!!! For those of you waiting…with aching hearts this Christmas…it will be worth it. God never promised following Him would be easy…but it will be worth it. For those of you celebrating your new ones…may this be on the sweetest Christmas’s ever!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!! A son in born…a Savior…He is Christ the Lord!!!

For those of you who have prayed for us for the last year…here is a little early Christmas present:). Here is our sweet Isaac Temesgen at 16 months…pulling up and dancing…full of JOY!

Our sweet boys…usually Isaac is copying Frank…but it definitely can go both ways…these two are just a pair…and Isaac definitely has a sense of humor! How cute is this???

Elle J - December 23, 2010 - 10:29 pm

Merry Christmas, Andrea!! What a cute series of videos (I just love your sweet voice). I wish you all beauty, love, joy, and peace this Christmas surrounded by your family of precious children and wonderful husband.

Lauren - December 23, 2010 - 11:58 pm

oh my gracious! where to start??? I am just completely in love with your little ones!! SO precious! God has been so GOOD this year!!!! Merry Christmas my friend!!!

Megan - December 24, 2010 - 2:51 am

Love these videos =) Merry Christmas to your and your family!

missy - December 24, 2010 - 3:14 am

just watched all the videos in between 2am cooking. i LOVE that laney wrapped parker up. i can’t believe he stayed so still!!! my favorite lines…”then he won’t think it’s a choo choo” and “present, open yourself!”. merry, merry christmas to your sweet family.

Jennifer - December 24, 2010 - 8:38 am

Loved the last video of Isaac. Too cute. They were all cute, but that is my favorite. Poor Frankie baby. 😉 As prez of his fan club, I hope he gets a nice choo choo for Christmas. 🙂