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Sole Hope…

While I really wanted to tell you all about Richard’s fried green tomatoes and his to-die-for dipping sauce…that will have to wait. I just had to share my precious friend Asher’s ministry with you. Asher and I go way back when we were both photographers. She is in North Carolina and I’m a Georgia peach…but we were introduced to one another by a photographer in Alabama. Asher and I were both supposed to attend a workshop–and Drew had to have last minute surgery and she couldn’t come. (I THINK that is how it happened…right Asher?!)

So first of all—you must know Drew and Asher…As you can tell…they are a really hip, cool couple. (On a side note–they have chickens in their backyard…which Rico Suave thinks is so cool…and the first time we met–she brought me chicken eggs! You gotta love Asher and Drew!)

So…Asher and I started emailing and stayed in touch via the photography circuit. While I dove into Wiphan Care, she and Drew were diving into foster care. And the more we did orphan care–the less we focused on our photography. Later–Asher emailed me about Wiphan…wanting to know more–the Lord was stirring something on Asher’s heart with Africa–yet she didn’t quite know what yet. As time went on, Asher dug more and as she researched and studied Africa and the plight of orphans and widows…and a few months later–the Lord really set a purpose before her– and Sole Hope was born.

Because of our crazy connection and our need in Ndola, Asher’s first trip to Africa was to Wiphan in Ndola, Zambia. She went for the first time in late May/early June…and she is now gearing up ANOTHER trip for THIS DECEMBER! Sole Hope has a heart and vision to care for orphans and widows by first meeting their needs for shoes–and while she was at Wiphan and saw that our Wiphan ladies could use a solid skill that will enable them to actually make their own shoes—but they will ALSO be able to sell them. Asher and the December group will be going over to TEACH the ladies at Wiphan how to MAKE and SELL shoes–and their plan is to have 2 team members actually STAY for a month or so and finish out training.

She is ALSO working on a children’s book that will educate they WHY it is so important for them to wear closed toe shoesYou will see some walking around with cardboard and tape wrapped around the feet to function as shoes. And how many shoes to I have in my closet??? I’ll say Africa has definitely changed my shoe buying that is for sure!

RIGHT NOW…Sole Hope is doing a shoe drive to help raise money for the kids and widows shoe program. You know I can’t say enough about our beautiful children in Zambia—but sit back and see their beauty as Asher captured them and a little spotlight into her vision and ministry ahead here. They are asking for $25 donations (and they are praying for a donation per child and widow) which will ultimately go toward the supplies to start this trade at our tradeschool—the materials along with a machine to help make the shoes. You can visit the Sole Hope website and blog to learn more. (Please feel free to share their video about their vision and hope!)

Asher and Drew have two beautiful children Quinn and Asa–and they are finalizing their home study now for an Ethiopian adoption. You can visit their family blog at

Maybe I’ll finally get to tell you all about the melt-in-your-mouth fried greens tomorrow. We have occupational therapy and feeding therapy…that’s a good 2 hours of therapies…which will be interesting with Frank tagging along since they were unable to do these two on the days Frank goes to preschool. Our physical therapy is thankfully on Wednesday this week though! AND my blog is MY therapy after all these therapies;). Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend…and oh my goodness–did you guys have the beautiful weather we did?! FALL IS IN THE AIR!!! (my Fall wreath totally went on my front door this weekend!) XOXO!


Kim - September 7, 2010 - 5:35 am

My stepfather always says, “Good begets good.” This post is proof of that. Cannot wait to check out Asher’s ministry. And please .. . no more teasing about seasons that don’t exist in Hong Kong. :o)
Love & Blessings, Kim

Elle J - September 7, 2010 - 4:13 pm

Love SOLE HOPE!!! =) Great post about the chick behind the Soles.

Mandy - September 8, 2010 - 9:45 am

Once again you have opened my eyes!!