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SO many things to be thankful for!

As I near the end of what just might be the craziest week of my life (it was a crazy one!) I am reminded that I have SO many things to be thankful for!

I am thankful…
1. Approximately 75 ladies are joining us to make a difference in Korah and Wiphan with Project 1: A Pad Party! If you are are wondering, “What the heck?!” Read my last post. If you emailed me requesting the pattern–you should have gotten a response from me by now. If you have not–please contact me through my contact page and request it again. It’s been a crazy week and I THINK I got in touch with everyone that wants to help–but I am sure I missed someone–so please contact me if that is you! I definitely think we have enough ladies helping…and I am SO excited to have you all join us in this way!!!

P.S. For those of you sewing and coordinating a pad party—DEADLINES and shipping. We have some travelers going in September, October and November to Addis—and we have travelers going to Wiphan in December. Let me talk to Sarah Titus about dates—but my inkling now is choose the date that works best for you and contact me when you are ready to ship. If you life on the west side of the US you will ship to Sarah. If you live on the east side–you will ship to me. We would like to have as many pads as possible for each travel group so they can be spread out in luggage. I will get more firm dates next week and share:).

I am thankful…
2. That Isaac has OFFICIALLY been in my arms as of today for TWO MONTHS!!! Happy 2 month gotcha day to my baby boy!
Man, it seems like yesterday I was in Ethiopia—but it also seems like FOREVER since he’s been home!!! I feel like we have bonded well…and we have definitely been through the ringer! In 8 weeks we’ve been to the pediatrician enough to earn our own parking space, to the ER, physical therapy, OT, urologist, radiologist…we’ve had 2 ultrasounds, 3 x-rays…blood tests, allergy tests, couldn’t count the viles of blood…or tears shed by both him and his momma every time he has to be held down and I press my cheek to his and just say over and over “momma is here”. Finally, I think we are at a turning point! THIS week alone we ended up having EIGHT (8) doctor visits for Isaac! CRAZY. BUT after 3 visits today…and breathing treatments around the clock…I think we’ll finally be clear enough for tubes on Wednesday! We are hopeful that relief is around the corner for Isaac!!! We are up most of the night every night since antiobiotics don’t really ease his ear pain–so Wednesday…we say, “Bring it on!”

I AM THANKFUL HE IS HOME! HE IS GETTING THE BEST CARE OUT THERE…AND WE ARE ALL DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN TO MAKE SURE HE IS PROGRESSING AND COMFORTABLE! It breaks my heart to think not every child gets this care…or to think how he would be feeling if he were not home…or how long he felt like this before we got him home. AND THEN…I’M MORE THANKFUL!!! SERIOUSLY—look at those big eyes…SO happy and bright…I can’t imagine how happy he will be when he is finally is rid of ear infections!!! I just look in his eyes and melt…when he sleeps in my arms I hold back tears…thinking, “You are finally home! You are getting the care you need and deserve! Precious baby boy–how I love you!”

I am thankful…
3. For good friendswho make it possible for us to thrive being home with Isaac…to make it to all of his doctor visits and not worry about the other three kids because they are HAPPY with your friends!!! We went swimming on Wednesday with the Elphicks—who I must say is one of the answers to the question I often get, “How are you doing this right now with all the doctor appointments?” My friend Christy has held on to my kids during this CRAZY, SWEET but also trying time—more times than I can count…and she even texts me to make SURE I have sitters lined up for Isaac’s doctor appointments for the other kids. I love friends that make it easy for you to ask for help when you need it. Yes, today–I am so thankful for good friends! (I’m also thankful our kids love each other’s kids so much!!! AND they go to the SAME school! AND they help with Wiphan!)

Let me say this—NOT EVERY FAMILY IS CALLED TO ADOPT. Some are called to CARE FOR families who are called to adopt and foster—and it is the ministry of these families love, support and service that make our obedience to the Lord possible. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER…and I am so thankful for families like the Elphicks who have loved us well. AND GET THIS–we have ONLY known the Elphicks for a little over a year…yet they have served us as if they ARE FAMILY to us. For those of you reading this that do NOT feel called to adopt or foster—how might God use you to make it possible for other families to follow Him and thrive doing so??? The Lord may be calling many of you to love orphans and widows by actually caring for families who adopt! The widow who had to relinquish her baby…who became an orphan…will one day see in heaven how the Lord made it all possible. AND…it will be some of your faces and hearts—who supported families adopting—that she sees one day! SO THANKFUL today for families who follow the Lord in serving families called to grow through the miracle of adoption!

I am thankful…
4. That I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world… It is near to impossible to get a family picture now (set the camera on timer to try and get pictures for our post-adoption paperwork)! YES our lives are absolutely crazy right now…but we are having so much fun in between the crazy:).

I am thankful…
5. That Frank loves being a big brother
He NOW has someone to play with…OK…so maybe Frank still likes to be the baby—but Isaac doesn’t care and loves Frank just the way he is!!! And Frank REALLY DOES love having someone to play with…

I am thankful…
6. We are making precious friendships with families in our area who are also called to grow their family through adoption…and from AFRICA! SO…to end our crazy week…we invited lots of families over to cookout, chill out and unwind together! The kids had SO MUCH FUN!!!!(Isaac hit the hay EARLY…he was tired after his crazy day at PT, setting up ear stuff and xrays to make sure we were ready for next week!)

We are so excited about these some old and many new friendships in our area!!!

SO many things to be thankful for this weekend!!! NOW…off to bed…and a BIG day tomorrow celebrating our 1st baby’s 6th birthday party with friends! We have THREE birthday parties to attend tomorrow…one being my niece…another a dear friend…and then ending the night with Parker T’s! It’ll be crazy…and the only one chillin’ will be Isaac as he rests up at our house and Richard and I take turns staying with him. We are bound and detemined to keep him germ free and well so he can have tubes on WEDNESDAY!

Thanks AGAIN for everyone volunteering to join us in making a difference across the world! We can’t WAIT to start putting kits together for the women/girls of Korah and Wiphan!!! I have an AMAZING opportunity for you to help BOTH girls and boys to share on Sunday!!! Working on last minute details now—but this one is AMAZING!!!! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Megan - August 28, 2010 - 2:09 am

WOW! That is a busy weekend, and LOTS to be thankful for. I had a stressful week too….but just one big thing, not like you. Just blogged about it on mine….

Tara - August 28, 2010 - 8:35 am

Yes want to help! And praying for you VERY busy friend, we met at agci picnic, I’m mahlets mom, what a cool idea, try to take care of yourself along the way, you are a great mom, praying for the tubes wed

april - August 28, 2010 - 10:51 am

i love this “thankful” post with the pics! so precious! So glad you brought to our attention the pad thing! I am so excited to share it with the ladies at our church and I hope they get on board with me!

Tiffini - August 28, 2010 - 9:52 pm

Andrea, I think I have the pattern, but can you send it to me again to make sure I have it right. We are putting together a sewing party with church gals, too. So excited to be involved!!
So glad that you are making it through these long days. It is a wonderful thing to see your baby getting healthier and stronger…

Tara - August 30, 2010 - 2:55 pm

Hello again, having a pad party, need all the how too’s