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Resting in the waiting…

OK…I know I am probably getting on my blog readers nerves—but I do have some news to share. Finally—my heart rests. Today has been one of those days where your brain is in fog-land—everything just seems off…people are talking to you but you have to CONCENTRATE to hear them. And finally tonight, after Richard and I reflected on the Lord’s goodness—I was reminded…REALLY REMINDED…how the Lord is with Isaac and in our adoption—and I can do no better thing right now than to REST while we wait on a court date.

I have brought and left my anxious mommy requests to the cross…and I have surrendered to the Almighty, All-Knowing Father.

He is with my Isaac…and who better than to be with Him?

He is trustworthy!

He, who called us to follow Him, will continue to lead us in a way that can only bring more glory to His name! Do I want MY way? Well—at first…of course. But now, remembering His goodness…no. Man, that hurts to write. BUT–I CHOOSE HIM. I choose His way. (You don’t have any other choice Andrea…you might say—but I DO. I could sit here and wiggle and squirm and drive myself crazy…or I can surrender, rest and even thrive in waiting!)

What is on your plate? What are you waiting on that you just need to leave at the cross today? You might not be ready to surrender. Last week I confess I wasn’t there or yesterday either. But today—I surrender and wait upon the Lord. If you are there…if you are ready to just leave those anxious longings at the cross…will you join me in surrendering and waiting on the Lord?

Sing a song before the Lord…close your eyes and listen…let Him speak to your Heart…and when you are ready—come back and sing this to Him…

I stand in complete awe of a Savior who does not slumber but fights on our behalf…who advocates for us…who in our weakness is made strong! Richard and I were talking tonight how the Lord has showed up OVER and OVER and OVER…He has simply been present!!! I have received such love along this journey! I was laughing tonight with Rich that just a year ago–I never knew so many of you! And from emails, comments and blogs—the Lord has brought an amazing cloud of witnesses to pray with us, cheer us on, love us and run this race WITH us. We have felt the Lord’s love THROUGH you. To have sweet mommies praying for Isaac in Texas, New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Washington, Alabama…yes of course in Georgia;)…all OVER—seriously when you look at my blog visitors you should see yourself represented;)

*Special Note to my friend Kim in Hong Kong…sorry I didn’t put the entire world on the map—I DID have a dot in Hong Kong though and I knew that must be you;).

And THAT is how BIG our God is! To have this precious little boy…brought into the world…and for Him to spot him out…and say, “He is worth it! I will fight for that ONE! And not only that…but I will raise up a multitude of believers to pray for him!” And Isaac is not the only one. There are hundreds more…and He is also raising up hundreds to pray on their behalf. And my friends, we have felt your prayers. I have gotten your emails. I have been blessed by your comments. Just today I got a precious email from new friends miles and miles aways (and even some new friends close by that I can’t WAIT to meet!)…who have not only prayed but CRIED tears of both aching on our behalf AND tears of joy when we have heard good news! Can you BELIEVE the Lord loves Isaac this much?! And then I got an email from a mommy adoption friend who HELD my Isaac. Her words bring such comfort to my heart…“the Spirit of God is there…it was AWESOME…” Seriously?! LORD, YOU are with HIM! I am just fine here—because YOU are with my boy!!!

And get THIS.

God REALLY does love Isaac this much.

And guess what else?

He also loves YOU that much.

Did you hear me??

Because I think someone out there just needed to hear that today. And this is just for YOU.

God loves you that much too!!!!

And the precious baby you have longed for…the longing of a husband’s job…the fear that cancer might come back…for each of the little dots on the map up there—-it’s different. BUT…there is something on each of our hearts today—that we just need to surrender as we realize that HE LOVES US TOO MUCH TO NOT PROVIDE! He loves us tooo much to let us have it our way. He loves us too much to let it be easy. He wants to show up. He wants to be the one to rescue. He wants to get the glory. He wants to make Himself known not only to YOU but to the WORLD in your story. But first—it will mean surrender. And it’s not easy. But because He loves you—when you surrender you won’t be standing there alone. There will be two arms wrapped around you—and when true surrender happens…you can trust that the Spirit of God is there.

Oh, want you rest with me?

How I am thankful to not be on this journey alone.

Thank you being on it with me.

Here’s to Wednesday…and a day of resting and waiting…and expecting the Lord to show up.



P.S. I’m still doing the Bible reading in a year: Join us if you need some accountability or just a guide. And if you miss a day or two…that’s OKAY…I just love having others to read alongside…even if they are across the country.

Amy - April 28, 2010 - 7:57 am

Thanks for this post. Oh, how hard it is to truly surrender my heart right now!

Jenny - April 28, 2010 - 8:16 am

So thankful you have felt the love and support of the body of Christ! Praying for your mommy heart as you wait for precious Isaac!

Jennifer - April 28, 2010 - 10:02 am

Thank you Andrea!!!! In tears…Jenny

Kim - April 28, 2010 - 10:30 am

There better be a dot on that global map from Hong Kong! :o)
Simply beautiful Andrea!
Your post and that song have really ministered to my soul today!
What a privilege and blessing to follow along on this journey that has His fingerprints ALL OVER IT!
Love you!
Your Dot from Hong Kong,

Kristin - April 28, 2010 - 12:21 pm

Thanks for this!

Heather - April 28, 2010 - 8:59 pm

I so needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing your heart. I’m trying to rest in Him. Thanks for the reminder & encouragement!

Natali - June 4, 2010 - 11:32 pm

for some reason i think i missed this post when you first posted it. well i was scrolling through your older posts, andrea, and let me just say i needed this tonight 😀