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real life from my iPhone…

When I was at my grandmother’s house for a reunion 2 weeks ago, the camera in my camera broke–so I’ve shipped ‘er off to Canon–hence, no exciting pictures on my blog as of late. Being a photographer mommy, I can’t stand not having a camera to document my littles–and although the quality isn’t great I’ve been snagging a few moments here and there with my iPhone. Hope I’ll get my “real” camera back soon, but for now at least these hold some memories:)

I’m not sure about you–but my iPhone always seems to grab the “real life” memories. I guess cause I don’t always take my “real” camera every where with me. Sooo…thought I’d give you a sneak beak in ‘real life’ from my iPhone–a few memories captured in the last week or so:) A few must share moments…

a few pictures from grandmother’s just after my camera went kaput. Here’s 4 generations…my momma, Frank, me and my grandmother. (Isn’t my grandmother beautiful??!!)

had to smile when i was leaving grandmother’s church…love their sign:)

for the first time in NINE years–i’ve joined a gym!!! now…don’t think i’m getting all buff on y’all or anything. it’s far from that! homeschooling has made momma have an increased need for P.E. class for my kids and for me–SO…found a gym that has cool activities for the kids to do while momma “works out” (i’ve yet to break a sweat people–although i’m tempted to join the older folks in water aerobics…so i guess if i broke a sweat there i’d never know it. HOWEVER…my kids ARE working out:) here’s ONE of the activities loo-bear and p-man do when we go…

I’ve been going to doctor’s appointments going through all the drills for our next adoption…and in the process–I’ve discovered some things. Like–I had no idea I couldn’t see. I got glasses:) However–I just need them for distances, driving at night and such. I meet on Monday nights with Amy Levy and Heath DuPree…and when I got my glasses last Monday they took a supportive mommy picture with me with their glasses too:) Gotta love mommy friends…

Homeschool is rollin’ and we have been studying Ancient Egypt. We made a Rosetta Stone with ancient Greek letters…

THEN…you won’t believe what we discovered buried in our backyard!!! Miniature mummies just like in Ancient Egypt! We became archeologists and carefully chipped and brushed the ground surrounded the mummies so we could piece them back together again…

THEN…our FUN field trip of the week to the RADIO station!!!

We were asked to come in and share with 104.7 the Fish our adoption story as they partner with the James Fund THIS coming Wednesday to raise awareness for orphans, adoption and the James Fund ministry. 6 families in our area were interviewed–and we were excited to be able to help in this way!!!

The babies had preschool…so just Loo-bear and P-man went with us! Laney lost her FIRST TOOTH the night before…she made the decision after going back and forth and back and forth that she could NOT part with it. She told me that it was her FIRST tooth and she’d had it like since she was a baby and she just wasn’t ready to part with it. She was all smiles to get to keep it AND STILL get a pretty sweet note from the tooth fairy too:) She writes miniature notes that only a fairy could write:) Here’s Laney before our turn to share…

Here’s Dan Ratcliff about to take Parker and Laney into the live studio…

They gave the kids a full tour of the station…and they had fun listening in our mommy and daddy’s interview too!

The James Fund interviews will be airing throughout the day Wednesday, September 15th–so tune in if you live in Georgia!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST…the latest of the latest…

P and L have started their extra curricula activities:) Parker is playing soccer and doing gymnastics…Loo-bear is playing soccer, gymnastics and ballet. We always have done ONE sport–but we need daily P.E. activities so we added a few things during the day since we often wrap up school early:) While Parker and Laney go to gymnastics–me and the babies are stuck at the gym for ONE HOUR…1 hour with 2 two year olds?!?! Soooo…we go for lots of walks around the building. Last week we parked it at the pond. You have to hear this story…

Now–the geese at the pond will chase you. SO…when one goose saw Frank and Isaac running toward the pond–he started running toward Isaac. Completely freaked me out so I was chasing Isaac trying to get him because Frank went the other direction but I think Isaac thought they were friends and wanted to hug him. Isaac was running toward him screaming, “DONALD! DONALD!!! DONALD!!!!”

I scooped Isaac up and said, “WHAT are you saying to that goose??? Are you saying DONALD?!”

He said, “YES! YES! Donald! Donald! Donald DUCK!”

I couldn’t stop laughing because he doesn’t watch cartoons so I’m not sure where in the world he picked that up. WHICH MEANS–Isaac is a genius!!! Don’t you think;)!? He was so excited to see what he thought was a DUCK and he just KNEW his name MUST be Donald! I’m just thankful I got to him before Donald did!!!!!

I later went back and tried to get a picture of him with Donald in the background to remember this funny moment!!! (Trust me–I was NOT taking pictures when he was almost flogged by Donald! Isaac had NO idea what that goose was up too! He just wanted to give Donald a hug!)

THEN…we walk around the pond and look for tadpoles:) Can you see them?? We do this for about an hour every week!!! Exciting huh?! I must be weird–because I actually LOVE doing this with the boys!!!!

WISH I had some pictures from Parker and Laney’s first soccer game of the season. BUT unfortunately–the only picture I have is the one I didn’t even know I had on my phone from today until I downloaded the pics from my phone tonight. Loo bear took this during Parker’s game of what I am really doing during the games this season! Getting balls out of the parking lot that my the babies are kicking and also chasing them!!!! I hope grandparents can come to at least a couple of games to help me so I can actually WATCH A GAME!!!!

That’s a little real life for ya. This weekend we are taking it easy. Richard’s grandmother is not doing well–and we think her time is very close. Rich spent the day at the hospital after the soccer games while I stayed with the little ones that can’t really go to the hospital. She has lived a good life…but letting go from this side is always hard to do. Please say a prayer for his grandmother that she would be out of pain and in peace in her last days. Thank you.

Hope y’all have a good weekend. XOXO!


P.S. SOOO THANKFUL for friends who take their camera and grab a few pictures of your kids for you!!! ESPECIALLY when it was our princess’s VERY FIRST SOCCER GAME EVER!!!!!!!!! Sooo…here’s what just showed up in my inbox!!!! She is a ballerina through and through–but she definitely might have a little soccer in her too;)

All that back yard soccer playing with her brother might be paying off:)

Kelly - September 10, 2011 - 11:21 pm

You have to steer clear of those Disney characters! They will ATTACK! !)