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Preparing for what is ahead – January 8th Reading…

Look what I got in the mail today! Yes…2010 is my year of organization. It IS going to happen;). Step 1. The pantry…(I even went to Kroger in the snow to buy…NO not milk or bottled water…but AAA batteries so my label maker would work;)

It’s the Brother PT-90 version and might I add I am VERY happy with it! It was one of the cheapest and it’s just the perfect thing for labeling when organizing…
Then after the inspiration of my friend Addie’s pantry…and a couple of years of making fun of her…I joined her…
snowday jan 2010 025
And YES…I have a shelf for my hot cocoa:). An entire shelf…hot cocoa, cocoa “condiments”…you name it, it’s in my pantry if it has to do with hot cocoa:).
snowday jan 2010 023
Now, someone get my label maker before I start labeling my children…it is so easy and even fun to use…I kind of went crazy labeling everything!

Before I get rollin’ on today’s reading–I want to say just ONE thing about yesterday’s that I did not. One of my favorite marriage verses in the entire Bible was in the last reading. Gen.24:67 “Isaac brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah, and he married Rebekah. So she become his wife, and he loved her; and Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death.”

I could go on and on WHY I love this verse. Some of it’s principle and some of it’s personal. The principle is great. First Rebekah became his wife. And THEN he loved her. Why don’t we get this? He trusted the Lord that this was the women for him. He trusted the Lord over feelings, logic and unknowns. There wasn’t any “I just don’t feel the sparks yet” or “I’m not sure if she really KNOWS me”…”Um…we connect some, but I just want to wait and see how I feel”. He married her because He felt the Lord’s hand…And then he loved her. I’m not sure if there is anyone reading who is not married—but this is a great principle to remember. Our feelings are fleeting. Always. They come and go. You can’t start a relationship on feelings–because it will likely end on feelings. Did you heart that? Let me repeat–you can’t start a relationshiop on feelings–because it will likely end on feelings. We should start relationships based through the love of the Lord and asking the Lord to help us see a person how He sees them. The only thing that ever stands is the word of the Lord. It is the word of the Lord that will hold you together. It is the Lord that will help you through the hardest times. And it is the Lord and the Lord in your spouse’s heart that will make you fall in love with him (over and over again) and have a solid marriage. I could write a book about my thoughts on truth over feelings—but I just love the basic principle here that are feelings can’t be trusted—but the LORD can. I personally think too many people in relationships, families, marriages, friendships trust and make decisions based on their feelings…and it’s just not a Biblical principle. I am thankful I married someone who agrees that our personal feelings cannot be trusted. God and His Word should be a director of our relationships. He is the only one that can be trusted.

Richard and I trusted the Lord with our courtship. I’m so thankful for that. He persued me and loved me as Christ loves His church. I remember when our premarital counselor asked why I wanted to marry Richard. My answer? “Because I love the way he treats me, honors me and makes me feel loved.” (Isn’t that ultimately a picture of our draw to the Lord…because He first loved us?) I felt that—and knew Richard was persuing me because the Lord laid his persuement of me on his heart. (I can be a headstrong, difficult bird—so for anyone to put up with me…trust me, the Lord would have to lay it on his heart;). And he, like the Lord, was constant in his persuement. We sought the Lord during our entire engagement and even through doubts—we felt the Lord saying “this is the one I have created for you—trust Me”. For many reasons it didn’t make sense. Mainly because it didn’t line up with MY plan and feelings. I was sure God had called me to be a full time missionary. But I was also sure God was saying, “Trust me—leave your plan for your life and take mine.” But my plan was “good”…it was full of “God stuff”…and I REALLY WANTED IT but it was not God’s plan. The pastor who counselled us told me, “When you walk the aisle, you lay China at the cross and trust God to lead Richard for your future.” At first I was scared, but it felt so right. We loved each other more as brothers and sisters in Christ–and we challenged one another and we were both sure of God’s plan for us to marry—but it wasn’t until I got married that we both fell deeply in love with one another. With a burning desire for the mission field, we began to persue how God could use us among the nations…here. Richard was sure that the Lord wanted him to work here, and just 3 years into our marriage we had 2 children…very little time for me to even think about the mission field. BUT four sweet years into our marriage we had the joy of helping start a ministry in Zambia (, and I realize now that the Lord is using us in more ways being here than there…for now;). I’m so thankful we waited on the Lord during our courtship and trusted Him with our future!!! Glory be to God!

Those verses have always been so sweet to me:). And I just couldn’t go on without sharing that one!

JANUARY 8 READING – Genesis 25:1-4, 1 Chr 1:32-33, Genesis 25:5-6, 12-18, 1 Chr 1:28-31 & 34, Genesis 25:19-26, 25:7-11

Today’s reading is prepping us for what is ahead. And it’s actually very short—just a lot of jumping around to keep us on the chronological read through. Tomorrow is going to be another CRAZY day. Not in crazy a lot to read–more like crazy in more drama. It killed me to stop reading today! So today–we need to just get our seatbelts on. Here are a few things in today’s reading that I thought were noteworthy:

Ch.25 1-11 Abraham was very wise to take care of the distribution of his estate while he was still living. He was not only seeing his children were taken care of–but he was helping maintain peace after he was gone. We, too, should carefully plan for our children…no matter how old we are. Three years ago, Richard and I sat down to begin preparing our will for our children. With regular trips to Africa with Wiphan, it just seems smart. But–none of us are promised tomorrow even being here…and a trip to the store could be just as fatal. It is wise to have a plan for our children so for their sake they are without question and peace is maintained.

Verse 9 – This is the highlight verse for me in this chapter. Isaac AND Ismael bury Abraham. They were able to do this because of the way Abraham planned and continued to love them both deeply. The two that were destined to dispise–come together at their father’s death and mourn together. They were able to bury him in peace—no fighting over who gets what…who Abraham would want to do what with…Abraham had wisely distributed his estate and although it was probably hard to do while alive as it was another thing for him to add to his “to do” list—and probably a bit uncomfortable…it made for peace and appropriate closure for these two in the end.

Verse 25 – A hairy garment? Not what I imagine cuddling with after I give birth. He was named Esau “reared already” because he looked like a grown man full of hair.

Verse 26 – Jacob holding his heel signifies his pursuit of the birthright (the drama that’s comin’ tomorrow…hang tight!)

Thanks for bearing with me another day. If you are just joining in…it’s never too late! You can download the schedule we are following at Just jump right in and…you can either double up days to catch up or just start right where we are! I have been so encouraged to hear how many are following along together this year…just 8 days into our reading…let us not give up meeting together (even if it is online…it’s 2010 people!) and encourageing one another in the Lord’s word!



P.S. I have had a few ask me if we have an adoption number update yet. The answer is NO…followed by WAAA! Followed by, truthfully—this reading is getting me so excited that I’m not fretting knowing that the Lord is in control and I have an idea of where our numbers are so I’m cool;). I’ll share them the minute we hear—but we did get word that things are about to really get moving…so that is REALLY, REALLY exciting! Bear with me friends as we read this year…when you signed up to read the Word this year with me you signed up to ride this roller coaster too;).

Megan - January 8, 2010 - 12:26 am

Oh my gosh, if you are anything like me (and it seems that you are) you will LOVE your label maker! I am also on an organizing frenzy right now! Although I can’t commit to labeling my cabinets because I change them all the time, lol! =) But one of my goals in 2010 is to find a home for everything…maybe it’s ambitous, I don’t know, but I’m striving for organization! I’ll read the verses in the morning and then post! Oh Happy Day!

Robin Zetterberg Salley - January 8, 2010 - 5:20 am

Beautiful entry (as always) Andrea 🙂 I love your heart. -R

Charisa - January 8, 2010 - 5:45 am

Hear your heart on marriage…and I completely agree…as I very wounded and baggage filled person (and 19 marrying a man ten years older) when I married, I had LOTS of emotions…and if I had went with my emotions all the time…well, let’s say sometimes I did and it WASNT GOOD!

God gave me the person that completed me and who was perfect for me…even though from alot of peoples standpoint’s…we were nuts! (or more specifically they thought he was!)

I love him now more than ever…

LOVE studying the Word with you!

Amy @ Filled With Praise - January 8, 2010 - 7:26 am

Were we separated at birth? My label maker is going in my will as one of my treasured possessions 🙂

Love the post today…keep it up girl.

Marci - January 8, 2010 - 8:26 am

Andrea, our family is too reading the bible together. Nightly works for us. We are using The Daily Walk. It has it broken down with bites to ponder the Word ! I have made a copy of your One Year Chronological Bible schedule and it is almost the same. Ya’ll have Chronicles added so I am going to do that too….I always get blue after our time together at night doing our Jesse Tree and that is when Doc suggested the daily reading together. Last night we missed but our Lord loves our hearts to be coming back even when we have missed Him only one day or years…doesn’t matter He is waiting and present. Some of the comments and things you write are exactly what we discuss after the readings. It tickles me to no end that we are all defying “the world” by doing something so precious by being in His word daily. Most of us do but it is spiritual exercise daily.
God is working good things in your life and I have been including your journey in my prayer life. Also, sharing and hoping that others join in on your Bible journey.
Sister and I are major labellers…even cabinets for glasses ,plates me it makes it possible for others in my kitchen to help or find things. I started this a long time ago sans machine to hellp my kids learn to read.Words are important. Also, reading the bible together in the past years has been the greatest educational boost to my boys. One time we were in Exodus and by the nice ,warm fire and Doc,Trey had faallen asleep while I was reading…I looked at my little 2 year old whose dear shaped eyes was silently looking at me while sucking his thumb. I put the Bible down and moaned”Lord,why have you put this on my heart for us to read the old testament together..everyone falls asleep except Shockley !” All at once Shockley stood up and said “Pharaoh.Pharaoh,Let MY People Go..umph” WOW, God winked at me and said keep doing this..even thoguh he is 2 1/2…he hears it and gets it !!!!! A memory frozen forever in my mind . Our children absorb more than we can imagine. I know most people are not reading with fam but if someone is this hopefully will encourage. Your thoughts on marriage and relationships are so true . Married since 1981…still loving my man because God put us together…no doubt. SIster and I prayed for exactly the man that God placed in my path.In all my life, I could not have imagined how I would find this man but, God knew ! I was way to busy in Chapel Hill working 3 jobs in grad school and I wanted a christian . Laundrymat is where it happened. I knewand he knew..he had just prayed for God to place his wife in his life. It canbe so much fun to think of our tapestry. I won’t post this long ever again(snow…relaxing day) and terrifically enthusiastic to read your blogs. You are filled with fire for the Lord and you have a team of believers helping you. Mighty and Wonderful He is and He will hear your heart and desires though your adoption process….thank you for sharing. Pax, Marci

Heather - January 8, 2010 - 9:30 am

I also noticed that Abraham took care of his estate. He still gave to every child, although the majority went to the promised seed, Isaac. One other thing I noticed is that when Abraham had another wife & more children, he sent them away as well. Do you think he was lacking a little faith there & trying to protect his “promised seed?” Or what? Not sure. I also loved that Isaac & Ishmael came together to bury their father. We don’t know all that went on there, but there’s no evidence of fightings. They were both mourning for their dad. So that must mean Abraham still reached out to Ishmael even though he sent him away. It says that Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah. Then he asked God to open her womb, so she was pregnant with twins. It also says that Isaac was 60 years old when the twins were born. Wow! 20 years of dealing with barreness! I can’t imagine that. My husband & I have been dealing with that for almost 3 & it’s been hard! But back to the twins, them struggle with each other in the womb basically represents their lives in the future. Always a struggle! God told Rebekah that the younger would prevail over the older. Jacob was grasping Esau’s heel, coincidence? I don’t think so. God has perfect plans & He sees them through.

Jenny - January 8, 2010 - 5:29 pm

just wanted to say I hardly get to comment much about the reading but I’m with ya daily! I love your thoughts about the reading. I actually read your thoughts before I read so I know what’s ahead and I LOVE it! My husband and I are actually reading it together every night. If it’s something I think the kids could absorb, I usually read it out loud to them.
I know I only know you through the blog world but I do love reading your blog! I think you and I would be fast friends if we lived closer;0).

Kim J - January 8, 2010 - 7:07 pm

Love the reading! What a great start to what will be a great year. We are bringing home our little girl from ET as well through AGCI. Help me with the lable maker thing. I actually have one but I inherited it. I’m all for organization but I must be a rebel. I have visions of one of my sons future girlfriends coming over and then telling her friends/family…”okay…his Mom actually has her pantry labeled…like I could not see where the hot cocoa goes…” and then she feels she can’t measure up…that expectations are high.( ahhh..insert my own experience here…now we are on to something!) I keep pulling it out and putting it back. On a positive note… I have a label stating the machine in the plasitic storage box is a “label maker”. Does that count?

Megan - January 9, 2010 - 1:42 am

Most of the reading is about Abraham’s descendants. The part that stood out to me was when Rebekah cried out to God asking why she was having difficulties in her pregnancy. She was pregnant with twins and the two boys were fighting with each other even in her womb. God explained to her that her sons would be rival nations.

The reason this stood out to me was because I remember feeling like this when I was pregnant with Skyler and throwing up for nine months. I remember crying out to God, “Why is this so hard?” I wish I would have received an immediate answer as Rebekah did. Instead, I received an answer much later. Later when we were planning for our second child, we felt God telling us that adoption was the route. It was very clear to us at that point that if I wouldn’t have had a “difficult” pregnancy, we probably wouldn’t even had considered adoption until much later down the road. From the beginning God was writing our story, and we look forward to His perfect ending!