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Pictures from a sweet baby dedication to come…BUT FOR NOW…

A must-see Gotcha Day video!!!

I have to share this one with you because this boy is DEAR to my heart. I had the honor of getting to meet him while in Ethiopia. My sister, mom and I just fell in love with him. I had met his momma through our agency listserv…and I can’t WAIT to meet her at the adoption momma retreat (you ARE coming…right K?!) One of the SWEETEST parts of adopting is when you go over to bring home your baby–you get to spend several days at the orphanage. Most of the baby’s at AGCI’s transitional home are already matched with families waiting–so it’s beyond words amazing getting to meet your friends’ children and take pictures for them to update them with. I can’t tell you what these pictures do for a mommy-in-waiting’s heart! (Michelle, Sara, Sandi and Angie…I’ll LOVE YOU FOREVER and never forget the gift you gave me in the pictures you brought home of our Isaac!!!) I had the JOY of loving on THIS sweet boy and capturing beautiful pictures for his mom–and what a JOY it is to see him FINALLY HOME!!!! They fell under the two trip policy–but they did travel for the first time just weeks after us and then brought home their little love in August.

As I watched their video–just seeing the JOY and LOVE on Kristen and her hubby’s faces–makes me want to do this all over again!!! It is just a miracle that I can’t even describe!!!!! As you watch this…look at their love for this son—and as you see the pictures of the kids at Bethzatha (the other orphanage where you’ll see LOTS of orphans eating, going potty, etc) please say a prayer that God will raise up hundreds of others to join families like Kristen’s to share their love with!!! You might have to pause some of the pages with quotes to take them all in (totally do it b/c they are incredible—oh wow statistics)…and take in the beauty of the people and children of Ethiopia…makes me miss it so much!!!

Markos Gotcha Video from Kristin on Vimeo.

We love your family Kristen…and especially your little M!!!! What an HONOR it has been to walk this road with you. How I treasure the BOND that I have with other adoption mommies that I traveled this road with. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for each other!!! Praying for those of you on this journey…those of you praying about following God on this journey and for those of you adjusting now to little ones home!!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!!!!

Lauren - November 14, 2010 - 10:49 pm

just watched and LOVE LOVE LOVED it! He is adorable! I can’t wait for January!! 🙂

Alison - November 14, 2010 - 11:07 pm

Love this video!! SO precious…it just makes me so excited!!