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Painted Kitchen Cabinets {updating for less}

Last Fall we decided to update our kitchen. We wanted to do it without tearing out the cabinets–simply because it would cost a fortune to do that–and we aren’t planning on staying in this house forever (still dreaming of farm life;). In our old house, I painted our cabinets myself–BUT that was when I just had ONE little one. I knew painting them myself this time would be dangerous and crazy with 4 littles. I did some research and called Kristen Davis who is an amazing artist here in Atlanta–and in about a week she took our boring white factory grade cabinets to a rustic warm blue/grey new look.



painted cabinets

painted cabinets

To change the look up a bit–we did get Brad from Brad’s Woodworks to come in–and he was super patient with my idea although I’m sure he is mostly used to folks wanting to rip out old and put in new. I asked him to add some height and new molding–and his crew had that done in just a few days. Then Kristen came in and painted everything–and lightly distressed it a bit (thanks to my Facebook friends voting to lightly distress when I was indecisive;). Where the top of the current cabinets meet the new raised addition–we just added a tiny trim to cover the break line. Then we added new larger moulding up top.

We also ripped out our teeny island with a stove top that didn’t work without turning the knobs on and off constantly. We had European Pine Warehouse make us a new much bigger island that the kids could all sit around for breakfast. We ordered stools to go under it–still waiting on those but he gave us these chairs to use until they come in (still patiently waiting for those–and they are SPIN stools–just like my grandmother has at her house…such fun memories spinning while eating cereal. I know–sounds nauseating BUT I loved it as a kid and wanted my kids to have spin races like we did too:)

ALL of this was booked and decided BEFORE we decided to grow again through adoption–so had we known we’d be adopting again we would have waited on an update. NOW we’ll just be spinning on stools and eating our Wheaties in faith! HA! Thankfully–the Lord does continue to take care of us so we are thankful for His provision in so many ways!!! You wouldn’t believe how much we saved doing these little update tricks instead of starting from scratch! And I don’t fret if someone nicks a cabinet. I just take a Q-tip and fix it myself with a dabble of paint:)

Okay–so that was an update we did over 7 months ago and finally got around to sharing! Kristen inspired me to paint my bathroom cabinets myself–much smaller and fewer cabinets to tackle! I’ll have to share those pics later in the week and the “how to” steps to get ‘er done!

Hope y’all are having a great week!


Jessica - March 21, 2013 - 11:56 pm

What a beautiful kitchen! I bet you love cooking in it! 🙂 I can’t remember how I found your blog but we’re in the Article 5 process for our little girl from China, so I’m loving following along with your process! I hope you are able to travel in May!

kristen f davis - March 22, 2013 - 10:22 am

i love it andrea!!! Thanks for sharing! the island looks fantastico!!