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Our Wiphan Waddler:)

Finally downloaded the pics from last weekend! It’s so unlike me to let my camera stay packed up for a whole week isn’t it;)?!

We had SO MUCH fun at the 5k/1k Wiphan Waddle last weekend. Here’s mommy with her littlest runners…(can you tell it was EARLY in the morning–I hadn’t had my coffee yet!) AND can you BELIEVE how much HAIR Frankie baby has now?!

Here’s me with my sister April (far left) and Elizabeth (far right–who is a college student on our trip last summer AND plans to intern THIS summer!) AND April and I sporting Wiphan’s NEW quarter length tees!!! Don’t you want one?!

And here’s ITY being a lady’s man pre-race. Seriously–the sweetie on the left is one of Loo’s VBFFs and and on the right is his cousin Izzy who adores him. Isaac gave her a VBFF tshirt from him for her birthday:) They are TIGHT.

FUNNY moment of the race was taking pictures of take off and seeing my 6 year old niece and my 6 year old daughter taking off for the 5K! They were SUPPOSED to run in the 1K and took off with this group instead. I had to send someone to run get them because they were actually pretty fast:)

EVENTUALLY–they made it in the race they signed up for and earned their metal:)

And the BEST part was my little man bringing it in for the 1K. He was the very last runner to come in–but he ran until the end and had a HUGE smile on his face. I wish you could’ve heard the crowd! It made mommy tear up!!! He was SO proud of himself too! (Of course cousin Izzy never left his side!)

This sweet boy is too young to understand that he was running to raise money for orphans in Africa–but I’ll tell you what…cheering for him to come over the finish line and MY KNOWING THIS made me unable to cheer because I had a lump in my throat!!! I know the Lord has BIG plans for our son…and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him! He is a MIRACLE!

THEN we got to go to Atlanta and see a precious friend bring home her new one from Uganda! THANKFULLY I had my Holly Anne with me (who ONE day I just have to share our story…she’s a beautiful 23 year old that the Lord brought in my life last year through a random email! She lives in Virginia but she comes and stays with our family every 3 months or so! AN AMAZING…no–take that back…A CRAZY AMAZING story that one day we’ll have to share together:) It’s been one of the sweetest miracles in my life for the last 14 months–I was able to share some of it at the last retreat–it’s just been too sacred to share on my blog just yet…and the Lord continues to unfold the story. She is precious to me!!! THANKFULLY I had her with me last weekend b/c Rich was in Park City, Utah having man-to-man weekend with Parker!

Which I needed my Holly with me cause we got LOCKED out of my van (keys, cell phone and jackets inside) and we had to stand out in the cold for HOURS because AAA kept sending their dispatchers to the WRONG places–and with no cell phone we had to run back and forth into the airport to see why they weren’t there yet every 30 minutes. It was NUTS. BUT all worth it–because the reason in going was to welcome a new one home!!! So…here are some of the FUN pictures…(I did NOT photograph the locked out part…or everyone eating cupcakes because momma thinks cupcakes cure frustration–and some times they really do help;).

My boy waiting patiently to meet his new friend from Uganda at the airport…

AND THEN…there is NOTHING like seeing a family reunited after weeks of being apart! Especially when it was to grow the family through adoption! Here’s the Levy family brining Eddie home and the other children running to see momma after WEEKS of being apart! Amy had half and her husband Court had the other half of their crew…and finally they are together again with one more to their crew!

I told Holly that EVERYONE needs to experience at least ONE adoption airport homecoming AT LEAST once in their lives. I don’t think she understood until she saw this. Trust me–if you haven’t been a part of one–add it to your bucket list. It’s a “freeze time” moment. One that you just have to experience. It is a miracle…in a “labor room” sort of way…holy, sweet and just melt your heart away…months–some times years of fighting to see an orphan made into a son or daughter…and then finally–they are home.

Welcome home Eddie!!!


Now…you tag on the 3 hour AAA wait after that…a few cupcakes and riding the escalators up and down 25 times–and you’ve got yourself a full day. AND YES…this all happened in ONE day…from the waddle to the airport…with birthday parties of friends sprinkled in between! Life at our house is full…crazy…and oh so good. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you would have asked me 10 years ago what I wanted my life to look like–I would have told you 2 kids and the white picket fence. Our lives are far better than I ever DREAMED. And as we follow Him…it only seems to get better!

Blessings to you all!!!!!!!


Holly - March 12, 2012 - 10:56 am

🙂 🙂 Our night at the airport may have been a disaster but looking back, I have to say it was worth it! I’ll never forget how touched/blessed I was to see that family come together and welcome their little boy. I’ll also never bother with TripleA… haha.