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Our weekend…Part 2

SO…of course if you read yesterday’s post–you heard the BIG news that our Isaac is CRAWLING! I can’t WAIT to share our physical therapist’s reaction that we get at PT on Wednesday morning!!! He is ALL OVER the place! Rich and I were laughing tonight because we are so used to having him sit in ONE spot and we couldn’t find him for 1 minute tonight…he scooted around the corner quietly and just had the BIGGEST smile when we peeked around at him. He is so proud of himself, and he thinks it’s SO cool that he can explore on his own now. AND he also said the word “elbow” this weekend. Seriously. So–now he says: momma, dada and eh-bow:). Yep–he’s definitely our son…they are all crazy like that!!!

Okay, SO—just before we took off out of town for my friend Melanie’s wedding—we got a new battery for our little tractor in the mail! Mr.tractor has been sitting in our garage for over a year now with a bad battery. It just got slipped down the priority list. I refused to pay $75 for a new one…and decided to take my chances on an off-brand on ebay. AND IT WORKED! The kids got out an old play cowboy hat and of course momma had to grab the camera. ITY was happy to watch the craziness in the grass…and for the most part they have done pretty good NOT fighting over Mr.tractor…but not always as you will see in this slideshow! I had to put one of my old favorite songs to this one! As I see Isaac’s glowing smile—and my older 3 children…I can’t get over how GOOD the Lord is to us. As you watch, listen to the words and may your heart also rejoice in His faithfulness and goodness to you. He is always faithful–even when it gets hard. And what is really amazing–is when you see Him through the hard…and you can’t help but dance and worship! (You might want to turn off the website music up top before watching)

The rest of our weekend was spent with our familly in Tennessee…and this momma darting all over from Bridesmaid luncheon to rehearsal to rehearsal dinner…pictures and wedding and reception. One of my bestfriends got married…and it was an honor to stand beside her. Isn’t she a beautiful, happy bride…and can you spot this momma in this photographer’s snap shot?If you are ever in need of a photographer in Athens, GA or even the outskirts or around the Atlanta area…Dylan Blue Photography might need to be your pick! She is a dear from of my friend Melanie–and does both weddings and family portraits…and she did a beautiful job with her wedding.

OR you can of course just do like me…and snag portraits of your little ones yourself. Maybe we should have a photography mommy 101 class when I convince you all to come to town for the Wiphan Warthog Waddle next Spring!

Warthog Waddle you ask??? YES!!! Whether you waddle or run—go ahead and save-the-date!!! We’d LOVE to have you join us, get your friends…your church…your small groups…and help us by running in this race to raise money for Wiphan Care to benefit orphans and widows in Ndola, Zambia!!! Who’s in?! I can promise you that I won’t be running–but if you are a waddler…I’d love to waddle right there with you!!! SO…go ahead and ask your husbands if you can come;) You can see more details here.

Last but not least–we are still not QUITE to our goal for Wiphan’s Operation Silent Night. You can read about it here. Will you consider posting the video on your blog or sharing this need? Or even joining us by making a $45 donation??? We are getting close…but not QUITE to our goal!!!

We have ANOTHER big weekend ahead–which I can’t wait to share with you all!!! But for now–I’m just SO excited about showing off at PT on Wednesday!!! Thank you for running this race with us! We are so thankful!!!

P.S. My kids are collecting Box Tops for their school. We’re trying our best to collect as many as we can each month this year! So…before your throw away a box with one of these on top…cut it out–and save it for the Youngs!!! We would LOVE your box tops before you toss them!

Heather Nordstrom - September 28, 2010 - 9:15 am

Oh I just want to get my hands on those precious kiddos of your and give um a big squeeze! We definitely need to think of a reason to travel to Atlanta some day! After we bring our “Peaches” home of course!