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Our weekend in Columbia…

Yes, we zipped everyday to the adoption conference in Franklin…but we stayed with our sweet family in Columbia. I’ve been doing online training courses…and needed a little break…a blog that is light and makes me smile…

Here is Parker and Laney-Lu playing with cousin Tom. Tom has been Parker’s hero since Parker learned to walk. He named his first teddy bear Tom. In fact, he has named every stuffed animal in our house Tom. Tom’s a senior and I’m a little sad myself that he is growing up. I couldn’t be more thankful that Parker looks up to a man of such noble character–and I can’t believe on October 30th he plays his LAST football game of his high school career!

I could just gobble this guy up…I mean–what 18 year old will sit and play Batman with two preschoolers?! SO sweet!
BLOGIMG_7010 copy
Then, just before we left–and even with a few sprinkles…Uncle Buck had to take P and L for little ride…
BlogIMG_7062 copy
Uncle Buck is Richard’s dad’s brother. He is like a grandfather to my children. They ADORE this man…and the tractor is just icing on the cake.
This next picture makes my heart smile…
blogIMG_7031 copy
You might say these two have had a special bond since the beginning of P’s little life. I have pictures of Parker at 3 months cuddling up to Uncle Buck…and 5 years later pictures like this are just as sweet! How thankful we are for family!!!
The Young Crew…well, just some of us (maybe next time I can jump in a few;).
Ben made it up for the visit…and the newly married Lucy and Matt…Parker and Laney were both in their wedding in June–Lucy and I were plotting and planning our next visit well before we left.
blogIMG_7067 copy
And I can’t be MORE thankful for how SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGING they all are about our adoption! We are SO BLESSED to have these people as FAMILY!
…still trying to tie up some loose ends with our homestudy–not too bad though for starting our homestudy mid September. Our labwork is on the 13th along with Richard’s physical. Our final family interview/home walk through in Monday, October 19th. I spoke with the FBI in West Virginia today (can you believe I actually got a voice on the phone!) and they said our fingerprint clearance was mailed out on Wednesday so it should be back to us any day. We are continuing to work on our dossier…and I was waiting to be almost done with our home study before sending our 600A in to receive our 171—so we may actually be able to send that in and have all our end completed by the end of October. My goal was to have our dossier submitted by Frank’s 1st birthday (November 1st)…looks like goals are good to have—but Thanksgiving may be a bit more realistic…and that will just be one more thing for us to be thankful for!
Another thing I am thankful for…AMAZING AGCI families on our agencies listserv who walk you through this process, support you and love on along the way! How thankful I am that we chose AGCI with…and these families are the icing on the cake!

Kristi J - October 8, 2009 - 10:19 pm

what great pics…so wish we could have gone…ok, so i know i read where you said you were coming back around these parts…we need to make the next trip work stay on me…and we'll make it work out, yay, kj

Amy - October 9, 2009 - 7:38 am

We are in the same boat. I had a goal of mid-october but things are delayed and so we wait! I am still hoping for end of October but I need to be more realistic. Are you guys hoping for a specific gender? Anyway, good luck – looks like we'll be going through this process together 🙂

The Young Family - October 9, 2009 - 8:06 am

We didn't make a gender preference…completely open here…so we're guessing we'll get a boy b/c that list is shorter. We are just so excited either way! I'm with you…the sooner the better but I know a lot of waiting with the hoop jumping is ahead!