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Soooo…we survived Friday’s fun with a big family crew over at our house. The most favorite thing…was Aunt Lesa’s little dog. Laney and Frank have put in their requests for a little dog just like this–but I assured them that another puppy would hurt Rosie’s feelings:). I’m sure of it…one dog is plenty for the Young family:)

THEN…on Saturday, we got up really early and joined my dear friend Christy Elphick and her crew at the water park at Lake Lanier. April–the AMAZING event planner at Lake Lanier Legacy Lodge–sent our families tickets for reconnecting with them after Africa! How precious is that?! We work with April planning Created for Care retreats for adoption moms–and we are gearing up now for the next one! April followed our Africa trip–and she has been such an encouragement to us since we first met he! Thank you April! WE had SO much fun that we don’t have ONE picture to prove it!
BUT there was a milestone. Our Loo–who is usually just like her momma and not so adventureous when it comes to fast slides–really got brave today. She even took her momma down on a few;). It was a great day bonding and connecting as a family and with dear friends! THANK YOU!!!!

THEN…I spent my afternoon editing and putting together pictures for a team picture swap we were having. Oh…how does it all mix together Lord? From one emotion to the NEXT. I sat behind my computer staring at the screen and asking Richard, “Can we just move there?” He said of course. You never know with us do you;) Oh these eyes…

THEN…I ran across a few sponsored kids! It is soooo fun seeing how EXCITED the sponsored kids got when they opened their letters. Their sponsors are like family to them and they just treasure EVERY picture and letter they receive!!! Here is a picture of my friend’s Nina’s sponsored sweetie holding a picture of Nina’s grandbabies (the little boy is one of Parker’s VBFFs:)…it melted my heart to see her holding this picture of kids that are also dear to me…

Our good friends the Dugger family sponsor two sweet boys. Tammy–here is one of your sweeties…

Mary Ellen Ponder…here is your sweet one writing you back…

Here’s he sweet one my parents sponsor…so I guess this makes us SISTERS!

Alright–so it may take me a few weeks to FULLY share Africa. BUT I think it will always take me a LIFETIME to process. I have to say…it can be soooo hard coming back to the States to process. BUT one thing that helps me most–are my kids. I’m thankful we began our love affair with Africa and its children when our oldest were just babies. It has kept us real–and our children thankful for the little things in life. Just last week as I was sitting outside watching them play, I had to laugh. Africa messes you up–in a good way. Coming home an seeing “stuff” can always be especially hard. And I can always count on my kids to lighten my heart and keep me laughing…

I always said I never wanted to spend money on a battery operated car for MY KIDS. I mean…seriously, how redonkulous. Kids starving in the world–and my kids have a miniature car that actually has a battery to take them around the yard? I mean…don’t get offended if you have one–by all means invite my kids over to play on it;). This momma, however, can’t justify us personally buying one. A few years ago, my mom found a JohnDeer one at a yard sale for $50 and gave it to Parker for his birthday. NOW that was a fun deal while it worked. But those batteries? Man…they break the bank–so when the battery died…my kids got to push it:).

I had to laugh when our across the street neighbor said he wanted to give us his old daughter’s jeep. Mind you it came with no battery. AND since those batteries cost $75…we are now collecting these things for exercise use in our garage;). NOW–THESE videos just go to show you why just MAYBE our kids don’t need all the things we think or THEY think they need. Honestly, I think my kids have way more fun with a batteryless jeep…and it’s way better exercise!!!! AND it was free:) How much fun is this… (if your kids have these and the battery breaks…give it a few weeks, show them this video of my kids and tell them this is even BETTER than a battery!)

Not only is our jeep FREE…AND low cost b/c it requires no battery replacements…and because we can’t charge it–we don’t have to remember to charge it…it also has a very special feature that Parker added to it with one of our picnic blankets which he stores in the “trunk”. These kids crack me up! Just want you need for a rainy day…right!?

Love how my kids help me transition back…and I’m so thankful how they roll with things and really just are happy playing with sticks:) LOVE you kiddos!!!

Now, tomorrow is Isaac’s 2nd birthday. I am soooo thankful to celebrate another year with our sweet one!!! AND guess who popped over for dinner tonight??? It was such a treat to have the sweet friend who actually inspired our adoption journey to begin with over tonight for fellowship. We love the Johnson family–and we are so thankful for their friendship! Crazy to think we’ve been friends now for 2 years…and continue to support one another on our adoption journeys! SO…Frank thought he’d attempt to take Lucy Lane out for a little date but of course the jeep doesn’t go any where…

As you can see Frank found a binky that the Binky Fairy failed to find…and he is readdicted. I tried to tell him that girls don’t go for boy with binkies. Move over Frankie baby with your blue binkie…you see who got the date in the end…

Here are the 3 Ethiopian cuties after dinner. Sweet Wes continues to recover well from his surgery–and Auntie Andrea only almost had a million heart attacks fretting over him possibly tripping and falling under my roof. Just one more week and they don’t have to be quite as careful with falls–but oh my…I was nervous! He is getting bigger and better every day! AND Lucy Lane and Isaac–well, these two are just two healthy messes! (so thankful!)

In other Young news–you should know that the Youngs keep things until they seriously work no more. I had to snag this pic of Rich doing his weekly ice maker de-freeze. As long as he does this, we get the privilege of having ICE! Hilarious right!!! BUT no need to get a new frig until our old one breaks. AND seeing Rico Suave do this just makes me laugh. Keepin’ it real people…

Last but not least…a word from our dishwasher:

Hope you all have a GREAT Sunday!!! Happy 2nd birthday to our Isaac Temesgen!!! He is crazy about bugs right now…so a little bug party with family tomorrow night for sure! Today is the day the Lord has made–let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Jennifer - August 7, 2011 - 10:38 am

Happy Birthday Sweet Isaac! What a fun weekend! Thanks for the message back! Things got crazy and then I forgot! Anyway I would still love to call and pick your brain! :)Jenny

Stephanie - August 7, 2011 - 1:57 pm

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, Isaac!! You have grown so much! I would love to kiss those sweet baby cheeks! : )*

Meredith - August 7, 2011 - 4:27 pm

Love the videos with the jeep. We had a friend offer to give us her son’s old jeep, but I decided against it, since I knew I would never want to spend the money on a new battery. Now, I am regretting my decision. I guess you don’t need a battery after all!

Dawn - August 7, 2011 - 7:49 pm

Totally LOVE the pictures- all the children melt my heart – yours, the Johnson’s, and all the precious little ones from overseas…..all soo precious to HIM!

Happy 2nd Birthday- can’t wait to see the pics 🙂

Love your reality- hey, more fun right?
And the kiddos pushing the car- HILARIOUS 🙂 Have the same feeling towards spending lots of money on the batteries….we don’t have those either.

kristi johnson - August 7, 2011 - 9:01 pm

so much fun!!! thanks a million for having us over for dinner…And, tell Rico that his FGT’s were the BEST ever!!! seriously..will dream about them for a while…Just got home safely…thanks again…and come visit us on the farm soon 🙂 kristi

Kim - August 8, 2011 - 1:20 am

I am finally back online (although no blogging yet). Cannot wait to catch up on your trip!
Love & Blessings,

Mary Ellen Ponder - August 8, 2011 - 4:59 pm

ANDREA! Thank you so much for the sweet picture! Oh how I will cherish that forever. You are such a gift, and I am so blessed to be involved in your ministry! Could you send me the picture on email so that I can print it out? Thanks!!