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One year ago…

One year ago–on September 30, 2012…I sat down in the very chair I’m sitting in. It was late. And I was praying for children across the world. As I was scrolling down praying, I saw a picture of my son for the very first time. Full of pink. Full of preciousness. And my heart–oh I needed him as much…if not more than he needed me.

My precious friend, Carissa Woodwyk, recently wrote a post…about those eyes. A must read. You can read it here. Those eyes that capture us…and there is a sense of holiness…as Carissa says it “the heart of Jesus himself–in those eyes” captivating our hearts…drawing us in to love and be loved.

I couldn’t wait to be a mommy again. [The Lord put this desire in my heart–and in my husband’s heart as well.] This love was needed. Was longed for. And we wouldn’t be complete without him. I’m so blessed that right now my love is sleeping upstairs…still with those pudgy little cheeks. So much time I missed–but so much time now I get to be here for. So blessed. So thankful.

And tomorrow night. I get to sit down with Tetiana…her parents…my family…my new love on my hip–and celebrate all the Lord has done as we celebrate Princess T being home a year.

Tonight I go to bed with a full heart. And I’m totally anticipating my normal 3am waking…when I get to reach over, put him between us and sleep until the morning together.




Rory - September 27, 2013 - 2:16 am

Love this story and the beautiful one God is continuing to write for your family. Sweet dreams mama!