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Oh sweet day…

How I love that I was reflecting on Psalm 46 as my day began. And a sweet day it was. I wish I could write about all of it’s sweetness–but some times it’s so sweet I have to keep it all to myself:). I even lit an appropriately sweet candle from a sweet blog reader and friend (thank you Cayte!). I lit it thinking of there soon to be trip to HONG KONG to bring home their little girl. If you have a minute–peep over to her blog and congratulate them on travel dates and keep them in your prayers as they leave to bring her home next week!

And check out the sweetness beyond the candle:)[Hmmm…how to change the focus and create an image with some things in focus and some things out? I set my camera on 2.8 aperature and put the focus point on Isaac. Simple as that. And the same thing with the cupcake up top–lower aperatures like 2.8 create more of that background blur known as bokeh in your pictures. You’ll just need to adjust the shutter speed to make sure all is metered–and if there isn’t enough natural light you can use a flash OR up your ISO in the camera settings. Just a little photography 101 for ya;)]

And if you LOOK really close you’ll see how much he likes Goldfish, Cheerios and Cheezits…which are a nightmare in that hair—the little stinker!

We have a precious friend visiting–and it’s been so much fun to retell our stories of how each of our children came to be…and it’s been just as precious to share my little ones. Reminds me how dear they are!!!

So…for the next couple of weeks–I’m going to be showing off the South…and of course letting Frankie-baby show off all the things he thinks are most important in life…like bubbles and Thomas. And super cool if bubbles and Thomas are combined…

THAT IS…when it actually works together!

Oh sweet FRANK!

And speaking of little guys…we are so thankful for the families who have inquired about the precious 3 year old we have been advocating for. I am hopeful that one of the families who has inquired IS his family:). More to come–just keep God’s purpose and plan in your prayers–and I hope to be able to share he has a family soon:). All this talk of little ones is giving this mom baby fever! OH when OH when does it ever stop?! Someone please tells me it goes away at some point?! Right??? I have been thinking a lot about this little man–about his big, sad eyes–and it made me think of this quote which I have this week on my dishwasher to remind me of the children who are waiting RIGHT NOW…many with no one standing in line for them in foster care, special needs circumstances and about to age out of the system…REALLY–this thought should NOT discourage us or make us sad–but get us EXCITED that we can be used to LOVE and SERVE…

There IS a reason Jesus said when we serve those who need us we are really serving HIM. It changes not only our response–the joy and readiness in it–but it also motivates our TRUST…that HE will provide as well as receive the glory as we follow and trust where He leads us!

SOOO…what to do with what can I do right now–because I feel like I want to do something…but I’m not feeling particularly called to do this or that RIGHT now…or in a postion to. There is SO much we can do RIGHT where we are. Currently, we are not serving the foster care or in the middle of bringing a new one home–BUT we do know several who are in the midst of these right here in our area and at our church. Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if every family had a support system of FIVE families to rotate meals, errands, carpool for older children and respite when the moms and dads need a date or just a break. FIVE families who they love and feel comfortable trusting their kids to. FIVE families who can take turns just coming over and stepping in here and there…JUST for the FIRST THREE months of their new transition?! This would enable the mom and dad to focus on connecting with their new one too! I’m telling you–I’ve brought home 3 from the hospital and just 1 from overseas–and it’s a whole new ball game…even a simple trip to the grocery and trying to put a 1 year old in a carseat who has never ridden in a car much less a carseat can be a daunting task! Wouldn’t it be so fun for some of us to help form these groups for a family–just to find 4 other families to join us and love on one family in their time of transition!!! SOOO…while we aren’t all called to adopt, go overseas, foster, etc–I think we can all do some pretty cool things to be a part helping today’s orphan crisis–that exists even in our own cities! (Just my practical idea for ‘what can I do right now’). Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this too!!!!

LAST but not least…you have to see what my mornings are like! SOOO…every morning I look like THIS running out the door and all over town…a baby on EACH hip! They STILL BOTH want me to hold them…and oh my–it was easier 6 months ago–but they are both getting so big and HEAVY! Just me and my babies…

AND YES–that IS my 2 year old with his binky!!! I used to be an old fuddie duddie and demanded that my baby #1 keep his binkie “in his crib only” and we were rid of it by 2…and I think I thought those were accomplishments…HA! (Totally not kidding–it was a “rule” and I guess it worked then…but Frank is a different bird!) My mommy priorities have definitely changed—and I’m so much more chill…Rico Suave and our friends say we take chill to a whole new level so I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not BUT Frankie baby can drag that binkie and blankie around with him while momma runs errands a bit longer…oh how I love these babies!Yep–momma is sporting her self-made bangs she created a few days ago!

GUESS what tomorrow is???!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!



missy - February 18, 2011 - 2:30 am

up late writing a talk and i had to check blogs before i went to bed. so glad to get little glimpses into your life. like your nuggets from the word, your two ever-growing babies on your hips, your continual desire to spur others on toward love and good deeds, and your fabulous chalkboard diswasher. brilliant beyond brilliant. i would love to do that. is it paint or some kind of adhesive backed panel?

thanks also for the photography advice. no matter how many times aperature is explained to me, it goes in one ear and out the other. but hopefully this time it will stick.

thanks for inspiring me in lots of different ways!

Kristi Gorrell - February 18, 2011 - 6:39 am

…So a baby on both hips totally explains why you’re so stinkin tiny!

Christy - February 18, 2011 - 6:47 am

ooooh love these ideas! Keep ’em coming! Thanks!

Sara - February 18, 2011 - 8:31 am

You go girl! Your arms have got to be buff! Love it!

Audrey - February 18, 2011 - 3:54 pm

I love the five families idea! Before beginning our journey to Ethiopia, we were foster parents for almost two years and had NO respite care available for a simple date night or weekend away…all of my grocery shopping was done at 9pm or 6am! Supporting and encouraging one another is so vital throughout the crazy journey of fostering and adopting. Thank you for that encouragement!
Bless you!

MamaMimi - February 18, 2011 - 4:08 pm

I love this glimpse into your life! And yes, my two and a half year old still has his binkie too. Our rule is bed or carseat…but daddy wants it to go to just bedtime. Not sure I’m ready for this!!! =)

Dawn - February 18, 2011 - 6:36 pm

OH you crack me up 🙂
We stopped by the pregnancy center the other day to drop off clothes, and baby bits……MUCH NEEDED!!!! A great thing to do – help answer phones for them, organize and clean used clothes for them…etc. Always a need there. The widows of our day……

Oh LOVE the ideas of meals, and help. We have never had that- EVER. But it would be amazing to have.

I am totally letting Joanna do whatever for however long…..the more children you have the more chill you become 🙂 at least in our home. 🙂 (of course she wouldn’t take a passy 🙁 we tried for months!!!)

And no the baby craving doesn’t leave- or at least the desire for another kiddo…..for anyway…..that is whey we have 8 and probably more to come God Willing 🙂

Kandra - February 19, 2011 - 4:08 pm

Quick Q? Where did you get the dishwasher with the chalkboard front??? LOVE it!!! About to do a kitchen remodel…well update…would love that as a possibility!


Shelly - February 19, 2011 - 8:41 pm

Love you. All us SixtyFeet girls agree… the more kiddos you add the more chill you need to be. We also agree that we love us some Andrea.

Jen - February 20, 2011 - 11:38 pm

Ok…I’m just wondering how you keep the awesome quotes on your dishwasher??? My kids would mess that up in about 3 seconds!(: It’s SO cute!