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My wittle he-wos

I like to dress up the kids in coordinating dress up things for our Fall fun. I had some really fun ideas this year…it came down to a sports theme with Parker and Isaac as football players, Loo-bear as the cheerleader and Frankie baby as the ref OR the Wizard of Oz. Rico Suave came back from Africa though a few weeks ago…and the craziness of recent events there kicked us in the tail…and momma decided not to spend a dime on costumes this year:)

SO far–we’ve had 2 dress up affairs–and they’ve had fun just dressing up in what we already have. We don’t have a theme this year–but I think I’ll give them a theme title ANYWAY because the things they are dressed up as are definitely heroes in my book:)

A fireman, a soldier, a knight in shining armor…and–um–Little Red Riding Hood (any one who delivers home-made cookies is a hero;)…especially if it’s to my door…AND she completely had her priorities in order taking care of her widowed grandmother!)

Frank normally refuses to dress-up. He usually says he ONLY wants to be Frank:). BUT he played along at the church Fall festival last night…

SE-WEE-ES-LY…is he NOT the cutest thing?? Love that kid.

And my knight in shining armor…he is just TOO funny!

Alright…to entertain some of you who no longer have littles–this was a conversation in the car today with the big kids and one of Laney’s best girlfriends after I picked her friend up for school for a play date (Reminds me why kids are my favorite people to have conversations with!):

Laney: Who’s your teacher?

E: Mrs. Flip. That’s a funny name isn’t it? Wonder why she has a name like that.”

Laney: I know! I bet she likes to flip a lot.


Parker: Well, my friend K has a teacher named Mrs.Booker.

(LOTS of laughter)

Laney: Is it ’cause she has boogers?

Parker: BOOK-ER! BOOK-er! I said Booker Laney!

Laney: Ohhhhh! Like book, book, booker plus er, er, er!

Parker: NI HAO!

E: I know what that means!

Parker: BU! (sidenote: bu means no in Mandarin)

E: I know what that means too!

Parker: It’s not a boo a ghost says–it’s another BU! PAPA!”

(lots of laughter)

Laney: HA! HA! He just said potato in Spanish!”

Parker: I have an idea! Let’s start calling Papa potato. That way when he has another birthday–we can sing happy birthday potato!

(ridiculous amounts of silly laughter)

and they went on…and on…and on…

Enjoy the moments–every last one. One day I’m gonna miss this!

Hope y’all have a great day! (Ya’ll like the new blog design??? It’s a work in progress but soon to be finished!)


Elle J - October 27, 2011 - 6:29 pm

I am reading from my phone and verified the web address 3x to be sure this was really your blog. 🙂 Love the new look…and this must be babies name?! And your kids are adorable, inside and out!!!

kim - October 30, 2011 - 12:04 am

Adorable costumes. And LOVE your new blog look!
Love & Blessings,