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My little Yoda and a redonkulous photo shoot…

Recovering from a really fun night with my crew. Seriously…could this kid be ANY STINKIN’ CUTER?! (AND…I KINDA made it in this picture…I can officially prove to my children I was in their childhood cause we all know momma is always the one behind the camera!)

Oh my WORD.

Just could gobble him RIGHT up.

Ok…maybe you need a few more;)…check these out (you can see more by clicking on thumbnails!)

Alright-and that was NOT the redonkulous photo shoot I was referring to. Soooo–Loo-bear being the ONLY girl in our house (right now anyway) asked mommy to play Barblie’s with her last night (yes–I let my little girl have Barblie’s. I had them and loved them as a kid…I know there are some folks out there that forbid them because of Barbie’s false size measurements…but I loved Barbie and she didn’t effect my self image…we think they are super fun for the imagination and we just try to make sure they dress modestly;) HA! Alright–sooooo…while we were playing Barbie–Laney says that “Emily” is having a birthday party…one JUST like Laney wants to have in a month (sweet girl told me she wants to have a “Praise God Party” which will consist of Laney sharing some of her worship songs with her girlfriends and then our friend who does worship ballet teaching all the little girlies a performance!) Sooo…of course “Emily” was also having a “Praise God Party” for her birthday. Laney asked for pictures of the party. Here are all the girls in attendance…

While I watched her play–I thought of Psalm 150:6. Granted her Barblie’s don’t breathe–but the little girl behind them does…and it was so sweet to watch her play with them having a “Praise God party”. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord…

I thought that was good. BUT OHHHH NO. She wanted each and ever Barbie at the party to have their picture made. I will NOT bore you with those pictures…but you must see a few simply to make you smile:) Parker came in the room and started CRACKIN’ up—and then he asked if I could get a few of his PlayMobile people and a lego man since they were at the party to. (I LOVE KIDS!!!)

We had ONE malfunction occur during our photo shoot as we were trying to bend this “bendable” Barbie’s arm in order to do a chin pose.

She is now in a permanent cast.

ALRIGHT–so now that’s a little real life for you from our house! The lighting STUNK…but you have to do what you have to do when Barbie has a night time party indoors:)

AND…thanks to MAMA JUDY surprising us in our driveway on Sunday–we have been THOROUGHLY entertained by this singing Frig ghost she found at Hallmark. He sings funny things when you open the door like “Do you see the expiration date on some of these things???!! Now THAT is scary!”

Thanks also to Mama Judy for the super fun cooking kits she gave this momma!!! You make our holidays SO MUCH FUN MAMA JUDY!!!

Mama Judy…can you BELIEVE you’ve been in our lives for over 4 years now??!! For those of you who don’t know Mama Judy–I’ll have to tell you our God story one day. She’s another momma/grandmomma to us all…and some times I feel like I should pinch her to make sure she’s real! LOVE you MamaJ and thank you for always making our holidays so special. You are a GIFT to me–and we love you so much!!

Hope y’all have a great Tuesday!



Candy - November 1, 2011 - 11:18 am

The Barbie Praise Party brought tears to my eyes and made me cry. That this little girl has been taught at such a young age how important it is to praise God so spoke to my heart and convicted me that I, too, need to remember every day to praise God for all the blessings He has given me. I notice so much more now all of the seemingly little blessings daily – a benefit of grief and heart sorrow.

Thank you for sharing, Andrea.

Amber - November 3, 2011 - 3:22 pm

Hi there! Angie G told me about your blog and it’s so adorable. I think I maybe have run across it in the adoption blog world previously. I’m attending the created for care retreat in March and I’m so excited!

That Barbie Praise Party was pretty sweet 😉

Look forward to reading more from you!