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missing daddy…

we sent daddy off today to zambia.

and we picked up a dear friend as we waved goodbye.

please keep rico suave and the other traveling boys in your prayers.

the kids were bummed to see him drive away. we waved. blew kisses. and frankie baby cried, “i wanna go ah-rica with daddy!”

“me too, baby. me too!”

we set off for dinner with our sweet friend–and a team of fire fighters tried to cheer my crew up. no one can make them smile like daddy–but they did think these guys were pretty cool…

then we tried our best to eat–as we sulked. see mr.sad face…

ITY is spending the night with aunt april and uncle harris tonight so i only have 3 to get ready for tomorrow’s soccer games. it’s gotta be one-on-one with the 2 year olds at the soccer games…and ITY doesn’t like staying off the field. thankful for a sister who helps out even when she has a house full herself!

in other exciting news–i bought a $6 hair lighting kit at Target. i convinced myself to NOT use it. then i got bored…and did some damage…

hope y’all have a great weekend!


Dawn - October 1, 2011 - 8:28 pm

Definitely praying for your hubby! God has used you all in such mighty ways!!! Of course it is always hard when the better half is gone. Praying your time goes well too!