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Melkam Genna!

Today is the day Christmas is celebrated in Ethiopia! We celebrated it by gearing the whole crew up…

LOVE my sweet crew! Aren’t they the cutest:)!? I could just gobble them up!

We met up with some other Ethiopian families downtown to celebrate. Here’s ITY baby on our way down. He was doing what he does 24-7 on car rides…COUNTING TO 10! And THIS is how he counts to 10 EVERY. SINGLE. TIME: 1, 2, 3, CHICKEN, 8, 9, 13, 10!

No matter HOW many times you tell him that CHICKEN is NOT a number–he STILL says CHICKEN after 3:)

Here’s the crew with daddy before going in to celebrate!

CHECK OUT Parker man’s FIRST crew cut! Oh my heart! I have to keep reminding myself that his hair is NOT MY HAIR!!! I am just not a crew cut girl–but because this boy is sporting it–it’s starting to grow on me! It is HIS hair–and HE loves crew cuts…even in the winter:) Afterwards we went to Gigi’s cupcakes for dessert! For any gluten free mommas out there–did you know you can call ahead and order gluten free (as long as you order 12 they’ll make a batch just for you!) AND they also have gluten free EVERY Wednesday:). You can find a Gigi’s close to you HERE. Rico Suave learned a LONG time ago–the way to THIS mom’s heart is NOT FLOWERS! It’s Gigi’s cupcakes:) This is Isaac’s favorite…

The only other exciting news I have for you–we went to Parker’s basketball game…where Christy and I (one of the Created for Care trio sidekicks) completely got out of control. I mean…I say we aren’t going to scream…we will keep our seats…but without fail–we get loud and can’t HELP but get into the game! Oh man! I grew up with 2 sister and sports were not our thing. I’m going to have SO much fun with 3 boys. My advance apologies to any one who has to sit with me at sporting events of my kids:) I can’t help but get into them!!!

SO…that’s all I’ve got. Exciting, huh;-)?! Blessings to you all this weekend! Melkam Genna from our family to yours!

WIPHAN NEWS!!! Kristin, Wiphan Zambia’s intern has safely arrived back in Ndola, Zambia!!! You can read updates from her HERE and also sign up to follow her blog there too!! We would LOVE to have you all praying for Kristin and the kids…and you can read her updates there! WE LOVE YOU KRISTIN and we are SO THANKFUL for your willingness to go and serve Wiphan and the 450 children we serve!!!

Kristin Barringer - January 8, 2012 - 2:48 am

Thanks for the prayers Andrea! It is good to be back in Ndola! We need to skype soon!