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Just today…

Isn’t it funny how when you sit down and reflect on your day as a mommy all the funny and sweet things you remember?! Here are a few from JUST TODAY that I always want to remember (this is for my blog to book for me to read later…when they’re all grown:)…

A new nickname…

Isaac called Frank his nickname that he has given ALL day. It drove Frank CRAZY! Isaac would follow Frank around the house saying, “Ya-ya. Come Ya-ya. I wuv you Ya-ya.”

And Frank would reply EVERY time, “I-ack! I NOT Ya-ya. I Frank!”

Again and again, “Ya-ya! Want milky Ya-ya?? Want blankie Ya-ya??”

“I-ack!!! I NOT Ya-ya! I Frank!”

By the end of the day though…after about a week of him being called Ya-ya…he gave in. Frank is now responding to Isaac calling him Ya-ya. Looks like Frankie baby has a new nick-name ’round here:)

Her heart for the world…

I told the princess to please help mommy clean up. I went to her room to find her toys lining the wall with pieces of paper torn in tiny pieces around them–and she was busily taping papers on each of them with numbers on the.

“What in the WORLD are you doing Loo?”

“Sellin’ my toys mommy. I’m gonna set up shop on the street and sell all of these for the kids in Africa.”

“Laney, you can’t sell all your toys.” (Um…did I just say that? I mean–I think she is teaching me here…)

“Mom, it’s for the kids in Africa. I don’t need these.”

Heart of gold. Love my girl.

My 2 year old genius…

Don’t roll your eyes or argue that my Isaac isn’t a genius…he totally is:) Because WHAT 2 year old can answer THIS question so well at his brother and sister’s soccer practice?

Lady: Hey Isaac! How are you??? You look so cute!

Isaac: YES!

Lady: You have gotten to be SUCH a big boy!!!

Isaac: YES!

Lady: Is YES your favorite word???

Isaac: YES!

Lady: Does he say anything else???

Isaac: I want ice cream. Supa-man kind.

She asked:) Please tell me you know what Superman ice-cream is:) YUM. The boy is smart I tell you:)

And we had a sweet and powerful talk this morning as we huddled up for our Bible lesson this morning. I can’t say ENOUGH about the Betty Lukens Bible story manual. It is THE best devotional for children that I have EVER seen. EVERY family who does Bible devotions needs this!!!! You can buy one here. It takes you through the beginning to the end–and there’s no fluff, yet–appropriate and kid-friendly…and I LOVE the applications in it. I also bought the felt set to go with it. One of THE best investments I’ve ever made…hands down.

The lesson today was SO good. They learned about Noah. How God asked him to get on the ship SEVEN days before the rain started. How God sealed the door SHUT once he was on. The door was closed–there was no leaving the ark at that boat. I’m sure by day 5 with no rain…he thought maybe he was nuts. Noah had ALREADY spent his entire life building the ark…and now, “Is it really gonna happen Lord?” How many times have you felt in your heart God ask you to do something–the world looked at you like you were nuts…and then nothing seemed to happen. So, you second guessed what you heard. You felt stuck. And some times unsure.


The rain started…and for 40 days and 40 nights it poured. My kids thought after 40 days they got to get off the boat. BUT no sir. For a lunar year they remained on that boat waiting to see land. After the rain stopped…non-stop 40 days of rain…then they had 150 days of gushing winds (doesn’t that make you want to hug a toilet on the swaying ark?!)…and then on the 224th day the top of a mountain could be seen. Man…a YEAR on the arc. (And who said they went by 2 by 2 anyway??? Only the unclean pigs, camels, rock badgers, hares and other unclean animals such went 2 by 2…all the animals considered “clean” went 7 by 7. SOOOO…the sheep, goats, deer, antelopes, buffalo, cattle, moose, elks, caribou and other “clean” animals went 7 by 7 (funny that most of the clean animals are BIG TOO!!!)

We had such a good talk about what life was probably like on the ark…and how the world thought their family was a little crazy–but how the Lord always has good plans and purposes for His children who follow and trust Him.

And these are the things I want to remember:)

Can’t wait for a new day tomorrow…

Hope y’all have a good week!!!



Ashley - September 13, 2011 - 11:37 am

I learn something new everyday…7 by 7, huh? Interesting!! I think I’m going to order that. Our small group does adult studies on Wednesday nights and then on Sunday nights we have Family Worship night where we sing songs together and have lessons more geared toward the kids all together…this sounds perfect for that.

(Sorry I didn’t get to call you AGAIN last night, I really DO want to talk!!!)

Heather R - September 13, 2011 - 12:09 pm

my boys loved superman ice cream when they were littles!! they are now big boys and have moved on to mint chocolate chip. 🙂 the weird thing about superman though, is the amount of dye in it makes their #2’s green! was the funniest thing the first time my son ate it. the next day he said “Momma, i think you better come look in the toilet.”

Holly - September 15, 2011 - 9:05 pm

Yesss superman ice cream ahhh Isacc & I have something in common. And LOL, I mean literally, laughing out loud with this ya ya stuff. Hilarious!!!! Like, how on earth did he come up with that?? So random– and hilarious! And Frank’s reaction i mean lolllllllll I’m visiting soon.