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Just a few more things left for our home study!

I feel like I’ve been working on our home study forever and I think it’s only been 3 weeks! BUT…I have also been working on it from sun up to sun down it feels like, so I’m thankful it’s almost knocked out! My interview was a lot of fun today…I *LOVE* our adoption consultant!!! What should have been an hour interview of course turned to an entire morning…Frank was snoozing away and we are both chatter boxes! One more thing checked off our list—one step closer to our precious baby!

So far all done for our home study:
-Registered online for Georgia fingerprinting and went to local mobile fingerprinting station to complete check
-State fingerprinting completed at Roswell Police Department and mailed in to FBI
-Background Checks from city and forms notarized
-Got certified marriage certificate from Alabama:)
-Ordered certified birth certificate from Kentucky for me and from Georgia for Rich, Parker, Laney and Frank (still waiting on the GA ones to return…go Kentucky for being so quick!)
-Completed 16 page personal profiles (even Richard finished his!)
-Signed and turned in a gazillon agreements and forms (Homestudy policies, safety agreements, etc)
-Financial statements completed
-Family interview
-Andrea’s personal interview
-Got 911 call history form and notarized
-Paid 1/2 home study fee (due at each interview)
-Kids physicals/health forms completed
-Pictures taken and turned in of outside and inside of our home
-2 family references written and mailed in
-2 couple friends references written and mailed in

Left to do:
-Richard’s personal interview (next Friday)
-Home safety walk through (following week)
-Pay 2nd half of home study fee
-Richard and my adoption physicals (scheduled for the 30th)

Feels good to be almost done! Looks like we should be done by the end of the month! Then we’ll wait on our adoption consultant with our home study to write up our home study report, we’ll be given a draft, and then the final will be mailed to our agency. After that–we will be able to start our dossier and hopefully have that completed by the end of October…then hopefully we’ll at least be entered into the computer and be given a number…and that’s when the count down to our baby will officially begin.

So, while I keep saying “I’m kind of paper pregnant” I really feel like we are still “trying” and once we are logged in…I’ll feel like we are officially expecting! I can’t WAIT to just be logged in the computer and have a number to start counting down to! The wait after that could be any crazy number from 6-18 months…no one ever knows…so this “pregnancy” is bound to be an exciting roller coaster! And I couldn’t be more thankful to those of you who are my friends and family who are along for the beautiful ride to our baby with us!!!

OK…off to order invitations for Frank’s 1st birthday! Laney’s 4th is just a few weeks later so at least I’ve got some wonderful, fun things to distract me from the wait to be logged in!



Are These Kids All Yours? - September 18, 2009 - 9:38 pm

YEAH!!!! You are definitely making progress! Hey, just think this may be crazy, but when you get to the waiting stage- there is not a whole lot to do…..and you twiddle your thumbs….that is when you need the paperwork to distract you. he he he. You are doing great though to almost be done with the hs! Way to go!!

Ellen - September 20, 2009 - 12:36 pm

I love your comment, "I'm kinda paper pregnant"~ We have submitted our application (Fri.) to Holt and waiting to be accepted to the Korea program, then we will begin the paperwork for the homestudies with Mary Kendall…I was thinking Saturday it is kinda of like waiting should I buy a pregnancy test…I don't think we will feel official either until we are on the referral list…although we talk of Annalee already like she is part of the family…we don't even know if she is born yet…adoption is so cool! Such an awesome adventure that I feel so blessed to be experiencing!

kadie laughlin - September 20, 2009 - 4:47 pm

Andrea! I love that you are doing this blog! Matt and I would LOVE to adopt one day, so I love following your happeings. Also, love to be able to pray for you during this awesome adventure God has you on! Maybe we can even get together next time I am in Atlanta?? I would love it!