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June 2015… {here lately}

It’s official.

I’m the world’s worst blogger;)

But here lately–a few fun things…

Parker and Laney just got back from a week of camp–and it was Loo’s FIRST overnight camp experience. They both had so much fun…white-water rafting, tubing behind the boat, horse-back riding–and lots of fun worship with their friends.

And we left camp with more than just our kids:)


The camp cat had kittens! And we left camp with two of them!! They still don’t have names but they are sweet–and the kids are LOVING having kittens!! This is a sacrifice for me and Richard…both allergic to cats! BUT–as long as they stay outside…the hives stay at bay;)

Every farm NEEDS barn cats–and although we just have 13 acres–we have field mice that like to try and swim in our pool or swim in the goat’s bigger water bins…and I’d much rather the cats get the mice than our kids find them in the morning during morning chores after they didn’t survive their swim:)

June has brought so many sweet things…

Like Richard going to Africa and getting to see our precious B…we have been sponsoring her since she was little–and she’s looking FAR too big for my liking;) So proud of her!


I hate to fly. Like you don’t understand. Like the last time I flew to Africa for Wiphan I told the Lord-NO MORE. I rationalized how it made more sense to donate the money it cost for a trip to go (despite the fact His Word makes it clear we are to visit)…but I told the Lord what I thought and how I felt about it–and that I would appreciate it and be forever grateful if there were NO MORE flights or trips…and I could support from America:) I did leave a “clause” in the prayer;). I told the Lord I would fly on a long international flight if it meant I was bringing home a child.

So Richard just got home from Africa–and his excitement sharing about his trip stirred quite the fire in our girl. She asked when she could go. I told her she could go on the July trip or a future trip when she was old enough to pay for her own ticket. She took left over wood from her daddy’s garden project and got to work. And I watched. Holding my breath…


She asked me if I’d put her work in an album on Facebook for an art auction. I obliged. And in 24 hours the auction ended. With just 19 pieces–she raised $2200. Her art was beautiful–and so were the hearts of so many who wanted to participate.

And that meant. That momma was going too. And Richard reminded me of my prayer…telling the Lord I would only fly around the world if it meant I was bringing home a child–and IN FACT…I would once again be bringing home OUR child with me when we came back. I guess I need to be a little more specific in my prayers;). Amazing though how He listens and how He knows exactly what we need–and that for some reason…He does call us to go and visit…and be in relationship with each other…because we need each other. Our friends in Africa need us…and we need them–and if we are missing out if we settle for anything less.

This month has also brought Father’s Day!!! Wiphan ran a campaign to raise money for the unsponsored kiddos. We have 750 kids in the schools in Ndolda. Less than 200 of the 750 are sponsored–so extra fundraising helps support the other loves. It was so sweet to see different friends and family make their donation honoring their father for the fatherless this Father’s Day!! Here is silly Zeke our FOUR YEAR OLD…honoring his daddy this Father’s Day!!

June also brought our 12th wedding anniversary! Yes we left on a golf cart:) BEST part was when the golf cart tire ran over my dress and almost threw me out. Just 3 more seconds and we could have won the jack-pot on America’s Funniest Home Videos!


This Tuesday we welcome 4 more chickens to our farm!!! So…we will have 3 goats, 11 chickens, 2 cats and 2 dogs…and I think we need…a pig–and a few more goats:)

This is definitely a lot more work than neighborhood life–but I wouldn’t trade it and I’m so thankful we are slowly growing our farm!! We are in the middle of updating our front porch–so as sons as it’s one I’ll post lots of before and afters!!!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!!