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January 9 Reading – Genesis 25:27-28:5

Reading through in a year…just some thoughts on today’s reading…ok—a lot of thoughts…but today’s reading is REALLY good! Promise to not be so long winded next time;) BUT IT’S GOOD! I want to give my sweet blog friends a BIG HUG and thank them for reading this with me this year. I have to confess…it is such a BIG challenge to read through in a year and an even bigger challenge for me to actually blog about it (I confess I like sharing my pictures, photography tips and “appearing like I have it together”…but I’m really just like any old mom…living one day at a time and doing the best that I can—BUT I felt the Lord asking me to BLOG about His Word…but I have to remember who I am really writing for…to KNOW HIM more)…I want to NOT just whisk through it…but REALLY read it and be CHANGED by it. I am thankful for those who read my blog to be encouraged by our adoption—but nothing will encourage you MORE than GOD’S WORD. This is just a confession that I don’t want my blog to be about me…and I don’t want my life to be about me…I want it to be about Him. I love sharing our lives, photography, my favorite things…but in no way do any of these things touch HIS WORD…so today…be fascinated by HIS WORD…and seek deeply as you read what He is trying to ask YOU to do, change and become through it. In just 9 days I have already felt changed through this commitment in going deeper. Let us not give up our commitments to know Him more! May His Word change your heart today and call you into a deeper more passionate love relationship with Him. HE IS SO GOOD! All the time!

Verse 27-28 We have been prepped from yesterday’s reading when Esau was born first and Jacob followed grasping his heel. Esau with all that hair…I think of him as a rough and tough guy–and that he did turn out to be. He loved hunting and eating wild game…and this is why Isaac loved him. He was more than a man’s tough as they come. But Jacob–he was always a shepard, had a quiet temperament and loved to stay at home…what his daddy probably rolled his eyes at being a momma’s boy. There was definitely contention between Esau and Jacob—and his parent’s favor for different children surely only the matter worse.

This is such a good passage to reflect on and to remind us as parents to never show favor to one child over the other. Most every family will have the child who is more spiritual, a child who quickly obeys (or obeys quicker than the others rather), a child who seeks approval or to please…and then you have the one—who does not or is not those things. I know I need to be very careful not to compare my children—especially outloud to them. How easy some times it would be to say, “Laney–Parker cleaned his room so he’s going to get to have play time and you aren’t going to get to” or vice versa. It can almost become natural to say those things…but then again, our sin nature is also natural so I need to be very careful and only compare Laney to Laney, Parker to Parker and Frank to Frank. What an eye opener to think how we PHRASE things and ultimately without realizing potentially show our favor, we could be building contention between our children. Oh that our children would feel justice in our home and equally loved—and that we would be examples for them to live just lives and love others equally.

Verses 29-34
This story always leaves me scratching my head. Esau comes in the house starving, wants some of Jacob’s stew and then the boys trade a bowl of stew for a birthright? Seems like a good trade right?! Not so much. Esau doesn’t appreciate or see the value in his birthright, but Jacob does. And you can imagine how that frustrated Jacob. Jacob wasn’t wrong in wanting the best gifts…in wanting the birthright and inheritance. But he was wrong how he chose to trick Esau into the trade. It’s almost as if Esau wasn’t taking Jacob seriously–he was more concerned with satisfying his appetite and then carelessly goes away. He gave away his birthright for dish of stew. Oh that I wouldn’t live my life to satisfy my own pleasures! Open our eyes Lord and help us to see…we want our birthright as sons and daughters in Christ…help us to live like we are!

Shaking. My. Head. Seriously, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?! Can you BELIEVE that Isaac pulled Abraham’s trick on Abimelech? “She’s my sister.” I almost laughed out loud when I read that. And the cycle repeats itself. What do I struggle with that I need the Lord to help me with that I do NOT want my children repeating? Take some time to sit and think about this one…then think about practical things you can do to keep yourself from doing those things—AKA: breaking the cycle with the Lord’s help:).

Verses 12-16: For real? That is like a miracle. Isaac harvested 100 times more grain than he planted “because the Lord blessed him”. Next he becomes rich. The Philistines become jealous and Abimelech kicks him out of the country because of Isaac’s power.

Verses 17-25 So Isaac leaves town–moves and reopens the wells that had been filled with dirt. Then everyone started fighting over the wells. So…he moves on and builds another. Another fight over a worldy thing…so he moves on and builds yet another. Then he moves AGAIN and the Lord appears to him. Can’t you just feel the Lord’s loving, care to him as he says “Don’t be afraid for I’m with you and will bless you”. Do you ever have one of those days or weeks where nothing seems to work? You feel like you are going and doing exactly what the Lord asks you to but roadblock after roadblock…keep your eyes on Jesus and stay close to His heart. Remain faithful in the task He has called you to…to know HIM…and hear His words to you today “Don’t be afraid for I’m with you and will bless you”.

Verses 26-35 – I just want to say I love Isaac’s response to King Abimelech here. Where many would have hated Abimelech for kicking him off his land and making he and his family and people move—when Abimelech came and wanted Isaac to basically promise he would never harm him…a oath that they would be at peace with one another…Isaac not only agreed but put on a FEAST and celebration. They ate and drank together. And there was peace.

Chapter 27 – Jacob steals Esau’s Blessing
And this is the drama I was talking about yesterday! Oh what drama in this chapter. Jacob had alrady stolen Esau’s birthright, and Isaac’s blessing would be all Esau had left. There was brokenness in Rebekah’s heart toward Esau and for her to go behind Isaac’s back and trick him for Jacob’s sake–there was brokenness in their relationship too. This is a BIG thing that probably started as very small in the beginning. A reminder for us to put our marriages BEFORE our relationships with our children. And Rebekah–she thought of everything. She knew how to make the dish, how Jacob should dress…and even thought of how to cover his skin to make Isaac think he was Esau.

After the blessing is given it’s given…and Esau comes in pained that it, too, has been given away. For the first time, I felt sorrow for Esau. And even more frustrated with Jacob…and Rebekah. But they were ALL at fault here. From the very beginning of choosing favorites, building contention between the brothers and then the desperate end.

My munch on thoughts from today’s reading—the power of blessings. Why is it that today we give our children inheritances and not really blessings? I think at carpool drop off instead of saying “Have a great day”, I’m going to start saying “May your day be full of laughter…may you love your friends and be an example of Jesus’s love to others as you share and forgive…” Hmmm…doesn’t that seem so much more powerful;)!?

(No crazy pictures today…the Word is plenty today;)…but we got our new numbers!!!! See last post for the update! Also–I made the most inspirational sweet adoption cd yesterday with the help of iTunes. Adopting or know someone adopting? Check out the playlist under “Adoption” in the menu above. Such sweet songs for someone’s adoption journey. Consider making your own cd with these songs on iTune or making one for someone special that is adopting or has adopted. These songs are sure to inspire and carry you through your journey reminding you of the Lord’s hand along your way.)

Charisa - January 9, 2010 - 8:19 am

It was a good reading today! I enjoy reading the passages we know so well and then God speaking a fresh word. What hit me today is what do I not find valuable in my life? What would I trade for instant gratification such as a bowl of stew? On the surface, nothing…but when I dig deeper…do I trade a time of bonding with my children and husband for the instant gratification of tv? Do I trade off a deep relationship with a friend with the instant gratification of using my tongue in a hurtful way?
Geez….I’ve come so far….but yet am still filled with such junk at times. Thank God for His neverending circumcising of my heart.

by the the song and sara groves…she is probably my all time favorite singer. such a worshipper

Amy @ Filled With Praise - January 9, 2010 - 9:07 am

I nominated you for an award at my blog 🙂

Heather - January 9, 2010 - 4:45 pm

Such good stuff! The Word changes people for sure! I think Rebekah & Jacob were worried that God couldn’t do what He said. God promised the blessing to Jacob, so they were just trying to help Him out. I’m thankful for the relationships I have with my husband, brother, & sisters!

april - January 9, 2010 - 5:48 pm

Hello! Found your blog through another adoption blog! ;0) We are adopting from Uganda! So excited to follow your journey now! :0)

Megan - January 9, 2010 - 11:44 pm

Can you believe that Esau actually gave up his birthright for stew! I’ve worked some long, exhausting days before, but I’ve never been so hungry as to make a stupid oath like that!

And then Isaac makes the same stupid mistake his father made time and time again! I just can’t even believe this family!!! And STILL Abimelech is kind to him, promising that if anyone harms him or his wife they will die. This ruler just continues to treat Abraham’s family better than they deserve!

Now I know we have talked about this before…back when Abraham deceived Abimelech…Sometimes we feel like God won’t use us for something big, something huge, because we’re not worthy. Somehow we have messed up one too many times and we have this skewed image in our head of how God views us. But watching Abraham (and Isaac) mess up time and time again and God not only still loves them, but uses them for amazing things! Reminds me that nothing is too huge for God, including taking a sinner like me and doing something amazing!

Then there is this conflict over water rights. Isaac and his family are just being pushed from one area to another. And why? Because he is doing too well. It just shows that there has always been an issue with people being jealous of the wealthy. Fortunately Isaac handles it in a very mature fashion.

On the story where Jacob steals Esau’s blessing…I can’t imagine as a mother favoring one child over the other. Not to mention to the extent that you would trick one out of something like this! This is what the commentary said in my Bible:

“It is heartbreaking to watch Rebekah and Jacob conspire to deceive Isaac. Notice the great lengths to which they go to fool the old man. They already knew that Jacob was the heir to God’s promises through Abraham, but through their deceit they were trying to make God’s plan happen. That never works without causing pain or added trouble somewhere else. God is in charge of the timetable of our lives. We need to stick with the truth and move at his pace.”

Wow! That really relates to the adoption for me! God’s plan is perfect. His timing is perfect. Why do I continue to try to rush or slow things down to make them happen the way I plan? Regardless of what I do, God has a handle on the situation and it will happen in His timing.

I love the story of Jacob dreaming about the staircase of heaven. I have daydreamed about seeing such a vision! I can’t even imagine how amazingly beautiful it must have been!

This is barely even touching all the thoughts swirling around my head this morning after today’s reading, but hopefully it has provoked some thoughts for you too!

What an amazing God we have. Is anyone else feeling extremely touched and blessed that our God loves us enough to leave us His holy, breathing word to reflect on?