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It’s been 9 years…

…since I stepped foot into a gym.

I thought that was pretty impressive. I broke the record last night–and I signed up for a gym with my 4 kids…one that we can actually do things together at. One that has a really fun play area–so when Rico Suave is out of town for a week…I can take the kids to…then I can go to the Yoga room with sound proof walls when there’s not a class and just stare at the walls…in peace:) I’m not a Yoga girl–don’t think I can “feel the energy”…but I have a feeling when Rico is out of town I can sneak in there and absorb some peace.

P-man heard me call Rico to tell him I joined and was a member now. So Parker turns to Laney and says, “Laney, we are members!!! NOW, we can play any games we want, we can go to the Zoo whenever and the aquarium…and…and…”

Don’t you just love the mind of a 6 year old? He thought being a member meant you could go ANY WHERE he has heard people talk about being a “member”. So funny:)

THEN…on the ride home…Loo-bear was playing in the backseat with her Barbies. Here was the conversation:

B1: “There is something I have to tell you about Ken.”

B2: “WHAT?”

B1: “He is allergic to nuts.”

B2: “Really?? Are you sure?”

B1: “YES. And wheat too.”

B2: “That’s okay.” (deep breath from B2) “REALLY. It’s going to be okay.”

Don’t you just love GIRLS:)! Oh…I need another one don’t I?!

In other exciting Young family news…Frank is officially potty-training and refuses to use any bathroom outside of our home. BOTH of Isaac’s tubes fell out, and he has a double ear infection. Frank and Isaac will BOTH start preschool next week…just 2 mornings a week. Parker turns 7 on Tuesday. And tonight at the gym pool–I caught Laney baptizing Parker. Asked her what she was doing over there and she said, “Momma. I just baptized Parker-he believes in Jesus!” I think the lifeguards there might think we’re crazy and we’ve only been there for 1 day:).

And momma IS crazy because she is in the midst of planning a rock-your-face-off adoption momma retreat that I am SUPER excited about! It does require at least an hour a day from this point forward until January…some days more–but I’m telling’ you it is AMAZING and worth every bit of effort we put in!!!

Alright–promise an update with pictures next time.

I’ll leave ya’ll with one of THE most encouraging blog posts I’ve read in awhile from a mom/author who was certain the Lord called her to bring home 2 children. SO encouraging and amazing…and thankful I ran across it on someone’s blog tonight: The Hatmaker Family’s Blog. Good stuff.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!!



Alison - August 20, 2011 - 1:54 pm

I loved reading her blog post! Thanks for sharing! And I got your sweet comment on our new number! And guess what? You were right…we’re already “unofficially” number 28!!! I love that that was your first number for Isaac!

Krystal - August 20, 2011 - 7:42 pm

I really enjoyed reading her blog entry…thank you so much for sharing that and for sharing your story with us also…it’s very encouraging for my family and me as we go through this adoption process…thank you!