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In the plus…Christmas cards…and Honey Nut O’s….

Wow!!! You guys awesome!!! In just a few days we have sold close to 90 shirts putting us in the PLUS–meaning all the shirt expenses are paid for and what we are making now all goes to our fundraising!!! 100% of the proceeds goes to The Created for Care Adoption Retreat the first week in February!!! Not every family is called to adopt–but you CAN be a part of encouraging moms who are opening their hearts and families to adoption by buying a tshirt! You can buy the shirts in the previous post right here–and as I said before I recommend going AT LEAST 1 size and maybe 2 sizes in this fitted tee. We ordered lots of 2XLs even because if you normally wear just a L, then you’ll probably want the XL or the XL (if you don’t like your shirts touchy, touchy). Our goal is to sell at least 150 more shirts…so please continue to help us spread the word!

The WINNER of the tee give-away is KRISTI HERTSTEIN!!! We’ll do another fun give away later in the week…so stay posted! For now—thanks to your spreading the word,my dining room table is full of assembly line madness!

I can’t BELIEVE the retreat is just 6 weeks away!!! STAY tuned for more news on that because we’ll be sending out emails to every registrant soon so you can sign up for your breakout sessions! They are SO GOOD I think you all are going to have a hard time picking just 2 or 3 to attend!

I’m still have such fun running to the mailbox every day to get Christmas cards!!! I officially have a board that is FULL of families changed by adoption!!! HOW SWEET IS THIS?!

You KNOW how you like to see EVERY single card at once???

Well…I tried to get creative how ELSE I could display them. One more strand to go…and I totally think I have to leave this up all year even if it is Christmasy!!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST…SOMEONE in our house is preoccupied with sneaking in the pantry…this SOMEONE also loves Honey Nut O’s (by Trader Joes)…although I put rubberbands on the knobs to keep the doors closed…SOMEONE pulls long enough and hard enough that they pop off! LOOKS like it’s time to invest in the real deal child-proofing!!! I heard about 100 little things drop on the floor to come around the corner and find this…
“Opps!!! She caught me red-handed!!! Sorry mommy–I just love Honey Nut O’s…I mean you understand don’t you?!”

“Mommy, you want some–there’s a few more left in the box…I’ll get ’em for you and everything!”

“Yayyyy! I thought she’d be mad…but she’s shaking her head and sneakering at me!!! Aren’t you PROUD of how strong I’m getting mommy!!! And you thought your rubberbands would keep me out!!!”

“Oh no–say what? We have to clean this up??? Oh mom–just let me eat a few more!!! Please???”

“VICTORY FOR ME!!! She falls for that face and my clapping every time!!! Honey Nut O anyone???”

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!! Off to package…see a friend…ballet…and then a special little surprise at my sister’s house!!!



Bobi Bobbitt - December 21, 2010 - 11:55 am

So fun seeing our card as well as so many other adoption friends on your board! I even see sweet little Teamir who goes to our church! His mom and I just met and are traveling together to Atlanta in Feb for the conference! God used that little cutie pie as another confirmation in our lives of our family’s Ethiopian adoption!!! So wonderful to see him on your board with our family! Going to mailbox is one of the very best highlights of my day!! LOVE sweet Christmas cards!!! Your families is up on our kitchen cabinet! LOVE it!

Lauren - December 21, 2010 - 12:05 pm

Oh my… my heart is just melting… I just want to scoop him up right out of the computer screen!! 🙂

Jenny - December 21, 2010 - 12:18 pm

YAY for the Tshirts and congrats to Kristi!!! And ITY is absolutely adorable…

Susan - December 21, 2010 - 1:12 pm

LOVE those pictures! What a charmer he is! And I love your string of cards too!

Christy - December 21, 2010 - 3:26 pm

Alright, I’ve procrastinated long enough! I’m going to get my shirt now. Thanks for all the reminders since it’s been so busy lately. 🙂 I’m amazed at how you are finding time to do all of this during CHristmas week!

Dawn - December 21, 2010 - 8:20 pm

He he he he- those pics of Isaac crack me up!!!! Love all those cards- totally leave them up all year 🙂

Alison - December 21, 2010 - 8:56 pm

Oh my goodness, he is so precious!! And I love seeing all the families that have been changed through the blessing of adoption! Love seeing our card up there too! 🙂

sara just - December 22, 2010 - 6:40 am

Just added a shirt in my box!! If we aren’t able to come to the retreat will there be streams on line to download the talks? I would love to be able to gleen from this time! Thanks!