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I called the law…and the law won;)…

Alright folks. It’s been pure craziness here. I’ve got about FIVE minutes and I just had to update some of our crazy! These are things I mustn’t forget:)

Frank called the law…
Sooo…yesterday–it was the perfect storm of sorts. *I* was on the phone trying to order some last minute things for the Created for Care retreat which is just weeks away. I was trying to QUIETLY entertain my 3 year old Frank–the older kids were playing at a friend’s house (who was being SO KIND to entertain them so I could knock out things…thank you Laura:). WHILE I’m on the phone–a delivery man pulls up. I’m outside talking to the delivery man for 3 minutes. Realized Rich should have come home to help him–so I run in to call Rich and Frank has THIS LOOK on his face–an “oh no” look.

When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I’m so sorry Mommy for what I done.” Hmmmm…wonder what for??? He told me that he just wanted to call Nana. He points to the phone–and I see “9-11” on the screen. Looks like we missed their call back too.

I hear men’s voices going back and forth in my garage. Poor delivery guy in his plain white truck is being questioned by the police. I run out–invite Mr.Police in. And Frank comes over to apologize. Mr.Police was kind enough to give Frank a little talk about WHEN to call 9-11 and when NOT to. Problem is–the 9-11 BUTTON on our phone is a emergency cross button…and OF COURSE the only button that is a different color…RED. OF COURSE the first one a 3 year old will push.

Needless to say this isn’t the first time…and probably NOT the last!

Isaac Temesgen update…

DO YOU REALIZE…this time last year…my sweet boy took his FIRST STEPS!!!??? You must see this video if you didn’t back then!

He has come SOOOOOOO far!!!

Right now–I am just LOVING this time so, so much. I am afraid if we WERE adopting again right now I would be so busy preparing for another that I’d MISS THIS. EVERY day I can’t WAIT to get him up–to hear what he’ll say. 99% of the time I go in his room he says, “I MISSED YOU MOMMY!” And well…I MELT–he is ALL SMILES when he gets up…ALL SMILES! (If you don’t believe me taken this last September…watch this:


Today–you HAVE to hear what he said today. He is SO SMART. I was in my closet and I heard my little 2 year old man moving things around in my bathroom. “What cha doing?” I asked. He said, “Mommy, I’m moving your DECORATIONS!” Seriously–you see that video of him walking up there? And today he is saying words like DECORATIONS!! Oh my. Then he THREW his hands up in the air and plopped his hands on the floor…and THEN fell FLAT on his belly! I asked him WHAT IN THE WORLD HE DID THAT FOR!!!

“MY ART-EEL momma!”

Your WHAT???

“I in nastics momma!”

YOU MEAN a CART WHEEL??? AND gymnastics??

“YES!!! CART EEL momma!” And ALL day long he has proceeded to plop his hands on the floor and plop his belly on the floor and how off his new “nastics” to everyone!

THEN tonight–Richard was reading him a book. WHEN he finished Isaac said, “My turn daddy. Now I read to you.” He then read the book (memorized of course–not reading yet;)…ENTIRELY back to Rich!!! Okay–so SOOOO many of you prayed for our boy when we got his referral. YOu all knew how uncertain everything was with how sick he was–and you all PRAYED! And look at what God has done!!!


Alright–so mommy is busy as a bee after hours retreat planning! We are going to start pre-selling some things THIS WEEKEND–so mosey back here tomorrow OR on the Created for Care site ( OR checkout our Facebook page (look up Created for Care) and we’ll post all the details there!

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the many fun things we will have…

“Even the sparrow has a home…”Psalm 84:3…

Alright–so my parents are in town…big basketball game for P-man and I’m getting to keep one of my favorite babies in the whole wide world! ALSO–I went to the rheumatologist today and he says he thinks I do NOT have Lyme’s, Sjogren’s or Lupus—that I’m a mystery (I’ve always wanted to be mysterious;)…and I have to have a biopsy of skin for something…more tests…and hopefully–one day soon–we’ll figure it out. Off to bed! Night night!



april - January 14, 2012 - 8:09 am

I love that video and I love how Isaac kept looking to laney for suggestions on what to say…so cute! My Isaac does a lot of those same things in the morning and makes the start of our day so precious! LOVED the video of your family’s morning…so adorable! Thanks for sharing with us!

Jolene (Homespun Heritage) - January 14, 2012 - 8:27 am

I cannot remember what all the symptoms are that you have been experiencing but I had health issues for several years and was tested for everything including RA, Lupus, Lymes, etc. Finally, the Physician’s Assistant figured it out! Polymyalgia rheumatica and I was treated and moved on with life! It still flares up once in awhile but overall I am so glad that chapter is done with.

I pray that you get answers soon because being in limbo is hard.

Dawn Wright - January 14, 2012 - 10:22 am

LOVE seeing how far he has come!!!!!!

Poor Frankie baby….. 🙂

Praying for your mystery!!!

Wish I were coming to the retreat, but we are working on #9 and hope to make an amazing announcement soon 🙂 he he he