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Homeschool math games – Make the Bond

Alright…so you all have seen my emotional mommy side…my not right funny side…are you ready for my nerdy, educational side??? SO…each day when we do math, momma always likes to play games. I *used* to be a public school teacher (before I had Parker)…and I constantly would have ideas that I WANTED to do but could never do on a daily basis with 25+ kids before me. I’ll be the first to confess homeschooling is HARD work…but I’ll also be the first to confess we have way too much fun learning over here!!!

Let me also confess–I hate math.

I don’t want my kids to hate math.

It’s OKAY if they hate math actually…because they won’t love everything. BUT I don’t want them to hate math because *I* hate math. SO…this momma is sure to add a math game to our daily math lessons! One of our favorite things to do is to get out the Flip video and play “game shows”. We always have 2 players–and our camera and set crew usually gets fired (Isaac and Frank don’t have the time or patience for our game shows…so we usually film them and it’s awfully hard to try and talk to a camera holding it out from your face with your hand! BUT we get it done, the kids LOVE watching the video later AND they watch them over and over (and laugh!!!!) so it’s reinforcing our lesson (and getting some giggles in too!)

Laney is in K and Parker is in 1st grade–so we usually play our game shows with more of our K material. THIS game (you’re about to think I’m a big nerd!) is called “Make the Bond”. It’s all about addition and what 2 numbers can be added together to get a sum. They had so much fun doing this and creating it with me…we obviously had a little fun with sound effects too:)

Oh–and for the FULL effect…you’ll want to turn that music off up top…

Here’s a little kindergarten/1st grade math game for you to try at home! (They were DYING to create commercials too…we’ll have to do that on another day!!! Alright…here’s our fun little math game show!)

So…there ya go. A little bit of our homeschool in action:). NOW…off to get some rest because tomorrow is our day at the assisted living, and we have some fun to be had there!!! We’re going to lead the folks in a little play dough creation…and thanks to my friends on Facebook–I have a list of activities for us to prepare for crafts for our older friends for Fridays for the rest of the year I think!!!

Y’all have a great day!!!



Sandi Herring - September 16, 2011 - 9:22 am

I LOVE, LOVE YOUR AMAZING IDEAS! We do math obstacle course & I have the kids fish from the “alligator pond” grab numbers or try to get letters/numbers from the “letter fairy” & run, balance beam, swing, jump, roll or crawl. My hubby just laughs cause mommy gets just as much exercise as the kids. We needed a new, fresh idea. A game show is perfect for teaching speaking skills & confidence too!!! Love it, love it!!!! Praying for y’all!

Shelly - September 16, 2011 - 10:38 pm

Girl, you are NOT RIGHT!!! And I LOVE this video!!!!

Kristi Ausbrooks - September 19, 2011 - 7:01 am

Have enjoyed your blog for a long time. We too have a sweet Ethiopian boy, and we homeschool. We have been doing nursing home visits for a while now, and I like you ideas. I was wondering if you could send me the ideas you got from facebook friends. I am in need of some new ones (although as you said, it is just the visiting that means the most). Thanks!

Karen Phillips - September 22, 2011 - 3:58 pm

I’ve been reading for a while now, too:) Thanks for the game idea…my homeschooling first grader has been making the bonds all week and loving it! He asks me to play it every day. Keep ’em coming!