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His personality {Zeke makes my side hurt!}


Meet my 3 year old. Zeke.

My side hurts! If you ever need to laugh your socks off–you need to spend just a few hours alone with Zeke!! He was my side kick in Hobby Lobby tonight and in just 1 hour in that store while Laney was at ballet these things happened…

1. A lady told him he was cute and his response: “Where you go–I will go. Where you stay–I will stay. Your people will be my people!” (Oh MY! I lost it. Preach it buddy.)

2. Santa called my cell phone. Seriously. I had put in an email order today for Santa Atlanta to visit our house–and he called me back…acting like Santa–“Ho, ho, ho”ing on the other end. I wanted to tell him he didn’t have to keep that up and we could just book a visit but it didn’t feel very cheerful–so I went along with it reminiscing on the different events we had used Santa Atlanta for…Laney’s birthday one year…a playdate party…and he asked me to catch him up on the kids–so I shared we had brought home another little guy since we used them last a few years ago. I filled him in on growing again through adoption and how Zeke had been home a year. THEN he asked who the chatter bug was in the back ground. Zeke of course:)

So Santa asked if he could say hey to any of the children and give them a “Ho, ho, ho!” HILARIOUS. Santa assumes he is talking to older Laney because of how articulate Zeke is.

Do you just looooove your new baby brother from China sweet girl? Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Uh oh. I knew his response was gonna knock Santa’s socks off. Y’all. Zeke is a pistol!

“Dis is NOT Waney. Dis is ZEKE. And I’m da new baby brother from China. And I’m NOT a girl. I’m a boy. Zeke. I’m three. And I’m mad at my mom. Because she is mean ’cause she isn’t buying me anything I want while we are shopping at Hobby Lobby. HO! HO! HO!”

Oh my. My apologies Santa!

I whispered in Zeke’s other ear to please just tell Santa, “Merry Christmas” and after he did–I took the phone back, made arrangements for his visit and gave hi a Merry Christmas right back. THAT KID!!!

3. Finally–I called my dad who I knew would appreciate the story of Mr. Pistol’s talk with Santa–only to have Zeke take the phone and tell Papa, “Papa! Dis is Zeke and I’m mad at mom because she is mean. She’s not buying me any thing here at Hobby Lobby.” 

I took the phone away and told my dad how Zeke grabbed a globe ornament I found and started naming all the continents…truly amazing if you ask me for a 3 year old! I handed him the globe and the phone and tried to get him to do it for my dad–only he cut his eyes at me and recited the entire Pledge of Allegiance of the United States smirking until the very end. Y’all. I tried not to laugh…but hearing my dad laughing that I have my HANDS FULL–I lost it once again. This kid…can give it to Santa, recite the continents and the pledge–BUT he is incapable of going to the stinkin’ POTTY. Oh my…HANDS FULL.

We did end on a good note–saying our “I love you’s” and we traded our toy from Chick-fil-a for an ice cream (love how they do that!) and then…we picked up sister from ballet!

And that’s our Zeke!! So thankful 2 years ago we ran across his picture while praying for waiting children–so thankful he has been home for over a year–and so thankful he is strong and confident…and makes me laugh!