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here lately…

After 3 years, our apple trees finally reap their first harvest. Parker-man had the honor of picking the first of the fruit…

AND I finally got my camera back from the repair shop…so I finally get to document our crazy lives again through still film…another one of my joys.

Frankie baby wanted a picture with the apple too:)

I usually use Photoshop for pictures-but I’m trying out the inexpensive Aperature on my Mac–I have to say I like Photoshop better…but for quick snap shots…it’ll do:)

The kids wanted to clear out their “savings” this morning to help buy Bibles for kids in South America. The flesh in me wanted to say, “No…not ALL of it!!! But I zipped my lips and decided to watch. And learn from my children. Oh my heart. Love the hearts of children.” I took a picture to remind ME how to live from my little loves…

Tonight was our normal Tuesday night “Dinner with the Dentons”. I just have to say photographing these 3 together in impossible. I need to overexpose to see Isaac better–and underexpose to see Georgia and her blond white hair…they are trying to make it a real challenge for momma! NOW this picture though is EACH of their personalities through and through!!!

…Isaac LAUGHING (this is what he is doing 99% of his awake time. He is living out his name that is for sure!!! Isaac means laughter:) Georgia is doing her thing and Frank is running his mouth and saying his piece! SO funny!!!

In other exciting news–A MIRACLE happened today. I can’t wait to share:) God blew my socks off today…gimme a few weeks and I can share:)

AND…the 2nd Created for Care Retreat is officially open for registration!!! You can register and learn more here:

Y’all have a good week! Momma has some craziness this week with registration opening, Rico Suave jetting off to Africa, our assisted living fun on Friday and a dear friend flying in to visit us on Friday. That’s the way we roll:) Much love from our family to yours!



Brittany - September 28, 2011 - 12:24 am

How glorious that they have a giving heart! We can learn so much from little children. And those last few pictures – just precious!

Dawn - September 28, 2011 - 1:34 pm

Love your pics- glad your camera is back!
Can’t wait to hear your news!!!!
And girl you have a busy week planned!!!