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I’m here…but school has started–and momma has been a busy bee with the new year in gear. I need to share what we are doing this year–along with our homeschool room and changes for the year.

Isaac and Frank started preschool last week…

They are going to the SAME preschool Parker and Laney went to–and they have the SAME teachers…and it’s just THE sweetest church preschool program. They shepherd their hearts so beautifully here and the kid have always made their most dearest friends during these days at this school. Isaac and Frank go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for 3 hours which gives me some solid time at home with the older two.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I have a precious newlywed girly that comes over who has a degree in elementary education but didn’t quite want to teach 25 kids at once. We miraculously stumbled across this precious one whose hubby is a associate pastor at their small church close by and does a day job too. THE most precious family. She helps me with the 2 littles so I can focus on teaching the kids–and because she has a degree in elementary education some days I’ll take the littles and let her take a couple of subjects so I can have a breather. Before deciding to homeschool, the kids were at an amazing Christian school (I taught public school for 5 years–so our family has truly done it all!)–so it made sense to use some of the tuition we had been paying to help us thrive in homeschooling. So thankful for Mrs.K so we can actually do this…

I was about to toss in the towel last Fall and say we tried–but before we turned around and put them back where they were we knew we needed to at least try a few things to make it work. It made sense to use what we usually paid in tuition to help us thrive with homeschool as we weren’t homeschooling to cut tuition corners but rather because we really felt this was what we were being called to do and what was going to challenge the children’s hearts and minds in a new way. It has been THE best thing–and I’m so thankful. I know not everyone is able to do this and some might even shake their heads because I’m not wonder woman enough;)…but the truth is this–I am NOT wonder woman and some times you do need help to be able to thrive. Yes–you might not have much going into savings–BUT if you feel like you are being called to something like this but there is no way you could do it because this or that (I had just been diagnosed with Lyme disease and had 2 toddlers when I took the homeschool leap!) I would encourage you to explore different scenarios that might offer you support before you toss an idea that’s been on your heart. I sought the counsel of many moms who had home schooled for years and was encouraged when they shared with me different things like this that made it possible for their family. There was NO way I could have done last year without Mrs.K as I had doctor appointments EVERY week–but with her the kids NEVER skipped a beat and I could go and take care of mommy without guilt.

Soooo…that’s one of my little/big homeschool secrets:).

Alright–in other news…my first baby turned 8 last week!! My sweet mom and dad came to town and my mom brought THIS with her…

He is totally into Lego Ninjago. And anything the oldest one is into–is followed by the younger boys…especially Frankie baby. I don’t understand Lego Ninjago, but Frank woke up from his nap the other day INSISTING that I help him become the white Lego Ninjago. This was the best I could do with my fabric scraps:)…

He was very upset with me for cutting a space for his mouth as he said they don’t have that–but I told him the only way I’m letting him play Lego Ninjago is if he can breath:)

Sooooo…that’s real life at our house.

Y’all please pray for Andra and Travis (T’s new parents)…they leave TOMORROW for Ukraine! Please pray for them as they travel and pray for them on Thursday as Thursday is their court date!!

Hope y’all all have a great week!



Amy - August 28, 2012 - 7:20 am

I am glad you explained the picture of the cake. I was quite clueless. However, as I was reading, my daughter sitting across the room says, “Good Lego man.” Really??? Am I that out of touch?? LOL

amy in ga

daniellem02 - August 28, 2012 - 9:47 am

praying for andra and travis! thank you for the update!

Elizabeth - August 29, 2012 - 3:16 pm

I just wanted to say- thank you for sharing about your helper- I think I read about the idea on your blog last year…so we did the same to help with our homeschooling (we have 5 kiddos, 3 recently adopted) and it makes it SO much more fun and SO much less stressful for mom- and I’m not out grocery shopping with 5 kids or at 10pm at night! Thank you for honestly sharing how your HS works…sometimes others have snide comments about it…but I have my sanity and that’s all that matters!