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He loves to swing…

Some of the things I never want to forget…

He loves to swing…but oh MY–he really just ‘hangs’…(oh my–is that baby belly hanging out from under his shirt???)

And after he hangs over…he chills…

And that is my low muscle tone love. BUT you just wait…he’ll be hard for them to knock over on the football field one day:)

Not so sure he’s really ready to get out here…

Alright–and this next picture is for my sisters. DOES THIS BRING BACK MEMORIES GIRLS??!?!!

My dad is the father of THREE girls. He coached us all in softball–and while none of us went on to play in upper grades…sweet daddy kept coaching well until I was graduated from college. “You gotta keep your EYE on the ball…no matter what…” It was sweet to sit back and watch him whole-heartedly work with his first grandson this weekend. I’ll say one thing about my dad is he makes you BELIEVE you can do it. I mean…I’m not sure how eventually told me that I was made to sing the songs on the bench–because daddy-o had me believing I could do anything I set my mind to. BUT softball (or sports in general for that matter) were not for me or what this girl was made to do. BUT I can still recite EVERY softball chant and song to this day:).

Thankfully, P-man takes after his daddy when it comes to sports…

And with 3 boys–someone just needs to remind me to wear sunscreen because I have a growing farmer’s tan from all these ballgames. And I wouldn’t have it any other way:).

Y’all have a great day!!!!

Jessie - May 10, 2011 - 9:52 pm

My little guy is on the Reds this year too! We are having so much fun watching him play. He loves the game!

Shannon - May 19, 2011 - 9:11 am

Hey there Andrea. I often think of you when thinking about ‘low muscle tone issues’ around here. Ok- ITY not you- but you get my point. Anyway one thing that helps that core strength- as you probably know is belly time and crawling stuff. A way to help keep them low and crawling- TUNNELS! Anytime I can get Teg in a tunnel play thing we do it. If it’s tall enough he’ll naturally attempt to stand and bend over- where others will naturally stay low and stay on all fours- but it works for a while anyway. Plus its’ great fun! Anyway- was thinking of you