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Get ready for some futbol!!!

After all LONG crazy week—joy has come in the morning!!! I am so thankful for hard moments–because boy do you rejoice in the good!!! Today has been an INCREDIBLE day—and we’re only half way through it!!! We still have one of our VBFF’s Buzz Lightyear water parties to go to AND THEN screen-on-the-green with all the families of our kiddos school! Had to upload our pics from this morning though and share my shock! I am so proud of my FUTBOL boy!!!

Okay, I’m one of those moms that you MIGHT take me wrong over a blog if you don’t hear me in person. My sister and I are EXTREME realists when it comes to ourselves and our kids. We realize our strong points and don’t have great bragable athletic skills or talents…if anything our strongest point is our ability to laugh at ourselves. (I played tennis in high school…a local college attempted to give me a scholarship but really–they just caught me on a good day…just sayin—I took the writing scholarship instead and humored the student body with my ability to make a write up from the chess tournament exciting;). SO…we just don’t have skill. And if skill is genetic–well, then we just say, “Bless their hearts.” THANKFULLY THOUGH—it takes two to tango—our children have a 50% chance to rise above our skill and shock us. BUT if they don’t…I’m also prepared to teach them all the funny chants and cheers I learned while sitting on the bench. Truly, it was good for me.

In pee wee soccer league–I thought I saw a lot of myself in P-man. He’d leave the field to ask for a snack. He’d sit down and start counting grass. I knew he got it honest—BUT I think his daddy’s genes have officially taken over. While I have to say I was very entertained in the past few years of pee wee soccer with his ability to make me NOT want to miss a game just to see what he would do next—I’m now entertained because he is becoming his own person…and actually has some skill!!! GO PARKER!

In pee wee league, the goalie picks his nose or waves at his mom the whole time–so it’s pretty easy to get goals when they aren’t being blocked. SO…you have to take any goals made in pee wee league league without a blocker for what it’s worth. BUT NOW the goalies have gotten a few years older and they have learned to block…and I wish I had a picture of this kids moves. Okay, so he just turned 6 last month–but seriously they are pretty good blockers so it can be tough to get it in there! He would literally get the ball right up the goal and the big clobber of kids would be in front of him–and then he’d WHACK it and fall on the ground to his side to get it in past the crowd AND goalie!!! NOW…where in the world did he get that skill??? (NOT from his mom that is for sure!)

It seems like just yesterday I was apologizing to all the other moms b/c Parker was running the ball to the wrong side and kicking it in the WRONG goal—and while I actually miss those days a bit…I have to say…I’m so proud of his game face and determination today!!! And don’t be mad at me later Parker when you are older and read this…but your mom stunk at any athletic sport she EVER did…so I was shocked to see your skill. BUT according to your dad—he had skill back in the day…so you got it from him buddy! I love that Richard is the leader of our family and also the coach–because after we realized our team was ahead–Richard took Parker out of the game and made him sit EVEN though taking him out would put our team in a spot to be one player SHORT of what they needed. He wanted to challenge the other boys—and although this mommy would have loved to see how many more goals he would score—there was so much more to be taught in a break. AND he got to go back out for a good last run at the end!

NOW FRANK on the other hand! I’m afraid soccer will not be his sport. He was on the other side of the field showing his friend LK how he thought the game should be played…
Is there a sport for Frank who just likes to tackle people and bulldoze over everyone? I mean—besides football. I just can’t handle my boy playing football one day!!! Seriously—that just seems so violent.

Okay–you HAVE to see Parker’s biggest fan at the game…We didn’t have time this morning to fix his crazy hair. WHICH makes me think he MIGHT need a haircut. WHAT DO YOU THINK??? I mean, AT LEAST 4 people asked me, “What is HER name???”

More of my man munching on his Baby MumMums…ONE thing I have learned in feeding therapy—is that you are supposed to go from stage 2 soft baby foods to hard and soft munchibles NOT stage 3!!! Baby MumMums are awesome and some HOW I missed them with my other 3 but learned about them with feeding therapy. They are all natural and melt in your mouth…the feeding therapist say that Stars are a “no no” as it confuses eating and actually increases risks of choking. I went ALL over town to find the MumMums…and finally found them at good old Target!!!

This is the face Isaac makes when I step away for a minute. He does not think it is funny for me to be more than 5 feet away. Not funny mom—come back over here!

SOOO…after the game is over—all the kids get a drink and snack. HERE is Frank-the-tank trying to talk Parker into giving over his drink and snack to him…

Here are the bestbuds after the game—and Laney sporting P’s jersey from last year—I TRIED to talk her into soccer…but she insists that ballet is her thing instead. So thankful how these two are both siblings and friends…

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!

Lara - September 18, 2010 - 5:51 pm

A girlfriend of mine had to drive from Maine to Arizona with her baby in tow and says she counted Mum Mum wrappers at the end of the trip and there were 17!

Staci - September 18, 2010 - 8:11 pm

The pics are awesome! Glad y’all enjoyed such a great day! I am so excited for the Jets to play the Paladins next week. We can give the babies a playdate and have fun watching the boys play together – albeit against each other :(. I definitely need to get tips on how to get a baby to eat MumMums. I have been giving them to BA sporadically for months and she apparently doesn’t like them… Maybe Isaac can inspire her! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your joy and pics!

Kim - September 19, 2010 - 11:00 am

Beautiful post. In every way!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Andrea - September 19, 2010 - 11:44 pm

Glad your week improved!! My Delaney loved MUM MUMS too. They were one of her first self feeding foods. In fact we found a box we didn’t know we had and she has been enjoying them again! We will continue to keep your fam in our prayers.

missy - September 20, 2010 - 12:12 am

what a fun day! it’s sweet what pals parker and laney are…love those last pix.

Kelly - September 20, 2010 - 5:32 pm

I love, love the pics of P&L! 🙂