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Just got placed with our home study coordinator and our first home study is THIS Friday!!! I’m so glad we chose a company who is so fast! We’ll have 3 more interviews after today’s phone consultation—the 2nd being this Friday. Off to work on my “to do” list I posted earlier today. (And of course edit a gazillon sessions that are in waiting!) Wow…after this week we should have a lot of fun pictures to share…physicals, fingerprinting and our home study!

Anonymous - September 10, 2009 - 12:15 pm

Wow so awesome that you are adopting! You are using AGCI also! We adopted our son Samuel from China through them! They are so great!!!! I am now praying about Ethiopia with them! I have fallen in love with the two curly haired boys who are called the precious brothers! They are so neat! They are all so cute and need homes! I would take them all if I could! Well I keep waiting on God also! I have also watched the Lucy LAne video many times nad cried through it! It also has been used by God to put Ethiopia on my heart as well! So neat how God works!!!

God BLess, Heidi