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Frank is okay…and so are 2 boys in Ethiopia:)

OK–first, for those of you who read about Frank and said a prayer for him. Thank you. He still has a horrible rash. It’s horrific to say the least…but this too shall pass:). He has been diagnosed with Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome. It will go away. In 4 weeks to 6 months, and it’s similar to something like roseoloa–the rash is a sign that the virus has passed. Now we’re left with the aftermath. We do have to go to a dermatologist this week though to learn how to care for the rash until it’s gone. It’s not pretty that’s for sure–but nothing soft footed zip up pjs won’t cover and protect. Poor guy. Pray it does go away–and quickly. The pediatrician said they worry more about the open rash spots getting infected–and since we’ve already dealt our fair share with staph infections…we want this rash gone asap! Thank you for praying!!!

On a more fun note! I recently inquired about 2 Ethiopian boys (ages 2 and 4) featured on the waiting children page…and they have found a forever family! Not with us…but with someone and I think that is just so exciting! I just had to inquire about them and prayed for them…even though we marked 0-18 months on our application. Just had to ask;). Richard will be excited when I tell him tonight b/c I was beginning to convince him that two boys ages 2 and 4 would be perfect additions to our family! He has his heart set on a younger one, but I have a serious problem with these waiting children lists. Waiting lists (along with blogs) are my favorite things to read over these days. I’m sure some of you are right there with me! Richard and our adoption coordinator both assure me that this doesn’t have to be our last adoption and we have plenty of time to also adopt older children. I wish we could line the walls of our playroom with bunkbeds and fill them all–but I don’t think Richard or DHR would let me. Or would they;)?! Thank you God for leading a family to these precious boys!!! Protect them Lord until their parents arrive to get them—and we ask for a smooth and joyful transition into their forever families.



Are These Kids All Yours? - September 14, 2009 - 8:08 pm

Praying about that nasty rash thing…does not sound fun!!!! Yep, our heart was captured by a waiting list child, but a younger one. Hey, we already have plans that when our children are older- start over and adopt those sibling groups that are harder to place and older!!! It's all good God will use us in whatever He can….in His time.