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Expecting in November 2010?!

Wiphan’s greatest need is to raise up monthly sponsors for our children. We are busy getting a few little ones ready to be added to our database. While we have 450 kids in our program, we have under 100 sponsored on the site—BUT we are working steadily to add new kiddos to our site needing sponsorship each month. If you would like to be a sponsor for one of these new ones—go to the Brightpoint link (a ministry that helps us find our sponsors) here: Sponsor a Wiphan student You can click on one of the “expecting” profiles…and we’ll contact you in November to tell you all about your child once we have them logged in. I know this is a different way to sponsor a child, but it is our SPONSORS like many of you who help keep Wiphan running! And we always need more to join us! So…instead of waiting until we can get all the new info logged in for our newest children in need of sponsors–we wanted to give those of you who feel led to join us a chance to go ahead and begin the program…and you can be “expecting in November”! AND that will be JUST in time to send a letter over to your child after you learn all about him or her for the December travel group to take it over to let your new one know someone across the world is caring for and loves them!!!

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