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Day 2: Almost there! {a little pit stop in Japan}

CHEERS from the kids…with their green drink from a soda fountain in the Sky lounge in JAPAN!

These are the faces you make when you haven’t slept in 20 hours:)

Another 4 hour flight–and we’ll be in Beijing! 8am in Atlanta will be 8pm in Beijing…and after an all nighter we can finally sleep!!!

I don’t even care what our beds are like. I think the hotel we are staying in comes with 2 twin beds…or that’s what it said on their website anyway. I think I could sleep in a bathtub right now–so I’ll just be thankful to finally get some sleep. Momma doesn’t sleep on an airplane…but soon enough! And we have a fun filled day tomorrow sightseeing with the kiddos!!!

Candy - May 30, 2013 - 10:11 am

I’m curious as to the ingredients in that green drink. Never seen a clear green drink.