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Daddy’s home!

It’s been a really good day here at the Young house. Daddy rolled up in the driveway this morning around 8:30am–and little feet rushed out the door to greet him…mine included. We’ve spent the day with the children running around–and much of it in the kitchen…over coffee. So much to share–and most of it too holy and precious to even write down. Just sacred…fragile moments…that I am thankful to walk through together.

We went to church–and took the kids to worship with us…being together as we sang to the Lord of His goodness and grace in our lives–was amazing. Such a reminder of what we were made for. Our AMAZING small group families came over tonight–and Rich was able to share with them some of his trip. So good to have others to do life with.

Going to do my best to catch him up later on what we did this week! I have 250 pictures to show for our crazy without daddy. I think I’ll put ’em in a slideshow for daddy’s viewing. Will have to share it here too when I whip that sucker together. Hope y’all have a great week!

Please keep the Chanda family in your prayers as Labstone’s funeral service is on Monday. Thank you for continuing to pray for their family. They are precious…and we appreciate those of you praying more than you’ll ever know.

Hannah Moore - October 10, 2011 - 9:59 am

Hey Andrea.
I’m a friend of Kristin’s here in Ndola and got to meet your husband last week. Glad they are all back safely. I’m hoping to be in the states next year so maybe I’ll get to meet the rest of your family!
God bless you,