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Created for Care…a 2nd retreat in MARCH!

***Visit to see new information about the March retreat now!!! Registration begins WEDNESDAY!***

I am SUPER excited to finally get to share with y’all that we have prayed…made a GAZILLION phone calls…and worked around the clock since our January retreat registration opened and was full in just 9 hours! After much prayer and trying a million different solutions–we have decided to have a SECOND retreat to accommodate the 200 moms on the wait list and more that would like to come if they had the opportunity. AND–another miracle…it’s in MARCH–the the resort is graciously granting us the SAME rates for you ladies!!! We are getting rates for March that are half the cost as what it would be for you to stay on the lake here March 23rd-25th…and we are SO THANKFUL and SO EXCITED!

We wanted to share our hearts and how we came to this decision as you can imagine you get many suggestions and opinions to WEIGH through–but ultimately we were left with the option we believe will be best for all the women coming. OF COURSE the FIRST thing we tried to do was find a retreat like place BIG enough to hold 1,000 ladies. Only…there are no retreats that will hold THAT many…just hotels. And hotels of that size–will cost our moms twice the price. We kept praying…kept searching. I felt the Lord asking me to REMEMBER His calling on us for these retreats. They were to bring REST to moms…to CONNECT them to HIM…to CONNECT them with one another. We all know when you go to an event–A BIG EVENT–it can be much harder to connect with anyone–and often you can leave feeling MORE disconnected. Aside from the fact we couldn’t find a hotel OPEN for our retreat dates OR the expense…we also knew it’d be hard to CONNECT and TRULY minister to moms right where they are. THEN…we prayed about TWO sweet retreats…

OF COURSE it made sense to do a 2nd retreat in ANOTHER location. SO–the phone calls began. Probably 150 hours worth of phone calls–a couple dozen proposals…and the BEST anyone could give us was still TWICE the price as what we were getting at the beautiful, lodge. It was becoming apparent that for whatever reason we had favor at this particular place!!! We continued our search–we all lost lots of sleep…and finally…we realized to pull off another retreat in ANOTHER state–would require ANOTHER team! WHICH WE ARE PRAYING FOR!!! IF YOU feel led to be a part of ANOTHER location team–we want you to come to the March retreat to meet with us–to pray, to brainstorm, to consider how we can best serve adoption moms in need of REST, CONNECTING, RETREAT, RESTORATION together!!!

Just as I was ready to hang up my hat–I couldn’t. I felt like the Lord had clearly showed us that there were 200 women who would have loved to come to the January retreat…and SO many more who I know would want to come if we not only opened it up to the wait list but to OTHER adoption moms who didn’t get on the wait list. While we KNEW some would still want to get into the January retreat to hang out with this group or that–we knew our first priority needed to be opening up ANOTHER retreat to meet HIS purpose for the retreats…to BRING REST, to BRING RESTORATION, to EVEN BRING LAUGHTER AND JOY, to BRING MOMS WHO WERE TIRED BACK TO THE HEART OF WORSHIP…and really–it wouldn’t matter if there was ONE big retreat or even TWO big retreats…because more women could be served…more could be healed…more could be restored…and more could ACTUALLY connect!

I also KNEW that there was NO way we could get the rates they had already given us SUCH a break on in January for the moms in their PEAK season. BUT. THEY. DID. God’s grace! Granted–it had to go through a gazillion people to get approved–but it did…and we are STOKED!!! The lake in the SPRING…with adoption moms…with speakers who I just love their hearts…with breakout sessions–who would be JUST as excited to come back and serve!!!

Our March retreat is scheduled for March 23rd-25th!!! It will take place at Lake Lanier Legacy Lodge–in the SPRING! We know we will have several moms who might want to switch to March–and you can absolutely do that if you wish!! BUT if you are going to switch–please do so before registration opens online September 28th to EVERYONE!!!

Thankful for this crazy crew who partners with Created for Care in serving…(60 Feet mommas!)

SO THANKFUL for all the moms RETURNING to serve!!!! Even this crazy momma with a FULL plate thinks EACH and every one of y’all are important and valued…and gosh, we’d just all love to celebrate together ALL He has done and ALL He will do!!! (Thank you KJ for being willing to come to Atlanta AGAIN! I’m SO thankful AND excited to see what God has in store for this SECOND retreat of 2012!)

We have super exciting different things at each retreat…so it’s a toss up if I had to CHOOSE one which I would attend! More than anything–we wanted to SERVE you. Even though I’m at the same place as so many of you…feeling a NEED for a break…a DESIRE to connect…WITHOUT REST–BUT READY TO RECEIVE HIS RESTORATION…I am just excited to serve…because I know how much so many of you NEED this. No, we are NOT perfect–but the trust of the matter is…we want to serve and we are seeking Him how to best serve each of you. (I’ll also be honest and say ADOPTION MOMS are the easiest group of ladies to serve!! I feel like you all are just thankful and without complaint–and for that it is a TRUE JOY TO SERVE! I can’t WAIT to see many more of you in MARCH!) Truly–it is going to be another AMAZING, AMAZING weekend!!!! I know we will have several moms ask if they can attend BOTH. We ask for now you please just pick one to leave room for every mom who would like to attend–BUT if you are interested in coming to be a VOLUNTEER at the March retreat–contact us:).

I just returned from the Hope at Home conference and I’m so thankful to have Dr.Susan Hillis, Beth Templeton and Jenni Means…AND so many more ladies who served at this conference returning to BOTH retreats! We are sooooo thankful for all you bloggin’ moms and adoption moms who are leading breakouts and such who are behind us and also excited about a 2nd retreat!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Alright…so help us spread the word! It’s gonna be an amazzzzzziiiiiinnnnnggg retreat!!!!!!! If you know an adoption mom who might be interested in the March retreat–PLEASE pass on the word! I. Can’t. WAIT!



P.S. If you comments, opinions, ideas or anything about future retreats–they ARE important to us!!! Please, please email us and let us know because although we are volunteer moms and crazy, busy–each and everyone of you ARE important to us and we want to serve you the BEST we can!!!! LOVE y’all!

P.S.S. IF you’d like to come a DAY early to this retreat too–it’s an option for you AS WELL!!! There are many outdoor activities you can do also!!! Trail rides for just $35…you could split a pontoon boat among your girlfriends that join you early for a couple of hours…OR just sit on the pier and have your quiet time at Harbour Landing…so many fun things to do outdoors!

P.S.S.S. For more on the March retreat and registration–please visit

Krystal Strong - September 24, 2011 - 11:39 pm

I am so very excited…can’t wait to register for the March retreat! God bless you and all your helpers who so thoughtfully organized a second retreat…such a blessing!

Amber - September 24, 2011 - 11:45 pm

So excited!! Talking with my friend to figure out what we want to do. Thanks for offering a second retreat. Hoping to register for the March retreat tomorrow. 😀

Kelly - September 25, 2011 - 10:31 am

I’m considering switching to the March retreat because my friend didn’t make it into the January retreat! WOOHOO! And, I’m totally down with being on a team to plan a retreat in another state! 🙂

ericahalpin - September 25, 2011 - 3:59 pm

So excited!!!! Tried to register for the January conference and was so sad that I couldn’t come. Hopefully I will be able to get in on the march conference.

Lari - September 25, 2011 - 4:15 pm

I’m excited that there’s going to be another one even though I can’t go this year…definitely looking to try for next year though…so wonderful to see God at work through all this.

Lisa - October 30, 2011 - 1:48 am

I want to go on retreat. Please send information. Thank you so much

Stephanie Painter - December 11, 2011 - 10:38 pm

I am a ‘waiting’ adoptive mom. We are hoping to travel in February or March to bring home our daughter, Lily. Therefore, I can’t make it to the March retreat and I know January is already full. I came across your blog and just wanted to connect and I hope that you might continue the retreats in the future. I would love to attend one. God is working in my heart and I am excited to be a part of this journey for Him. Do you have an e-mail distribution?
Love in Christ,