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Braves, Brusetta and the Beach…

Momma is officially tired. I’m tired of doing the charades. Tired of typing in google translate. Tired of lots of things that have been really, really hard. I have to smile though as I think tonight–what encourages me most right now? And–it’s my children. They have been so sacrificial in their time, their love, their summer–their rooms, their parents, their space. They give and give and give more…and they are such a reminder to me how to really love. I honestly think I stink at it actually. I have to constantly call out to Him to take over…I truly can’t do it on my own. And as today marks the 1st day of our 2nd half of the hosting summer…I’m taking deep breathes because this hasn’t been easy for momma. I don’t want to share the HARD parts because our situation is different than most hosting families–but more is required than me than ever–and my work load has doubled–and truly I can’t do this without His strength. I stink at this–and if there is any good you see in it…glory be to God…because it is Him intervening!

In news for today–we all packed our bags today for a little adventure. We are leaving Rico Suave behind so he can work and fund our outings;). He also needs a little breather so it’ll be so good for him to have some down time. AND he is going to play in a golf tournament with his old Bible study from back in the day–so it’ll be great. Momma on the other hand…I’m loading up 5 kids for a 5 day adventure with my crazy older sister April and her kids + my parents. Pictures to follow:) So we packed for that. THEN we introduced T to the library. Free outing was sounding really good to me. THEN at 4ish we loaded up and headed to pick up Rico Suave from work…and we took T to her first professional baseball game!

I got ALL the kids geared up in their Braves shirts and we even had T one! She refused to wear it though:(. I thought it’d be fun…but she didn’t think it was so cool:). Here’s ITY on our way down…oh my glory–is he not SCRUMPTIOUS?!

What I’m most thankful for tonight is GRACE. I’m thankful we were not shot because sweet T was pointing and laughing at people tonight that she saw that were different than us. This is something you do NOT do near East Point…near the Braves stadium. I’m thankful we are still alive and their is grace and kindness in the hearts of those we passed tonight. And once again–I was ministered to by Parker and Laney who were upset by those whose had very little…and they wanted to put quarters in their cups and bless them. I was reminded tonight how experience grows and shapes your heart–and while one with us needs a lot of love and experience…my others are using their experience and love they have been given to action. I have a tornado of crazy things going on when we are out in public…I feel like I’m learning so much.

Then–we got to the stadium…

We discovered baseball isn’t sweet T’s thing–but she was quite entertained by the people watching. And I had no idea how cool it is for young people to go to Braves games. I need to get out more because I was shocked at the lack of modesty in the wardrobe of young ladies. Oh sweet boys out there–praying for you guys. It’s a tough world out there!

We came home…tucked everyone in bed…and Richard shared one of his heirlooms with me:) Momma whipped up a yummy midnight snack…(gluten free wheat bread + garlic – toast for 8 minutes…add tomato + mozzarella + basil + olive oil = DELISH!)

Alright faithful readers and friends…please pray our 5 day adventure brings much rest, much love and much connection. I’ll do my best to blog and keep you guys in the know. And when we return on Sunday…we have a party to plan!



Cristie - July 18, 2012 - 4:46 am

Yes…praying right now! Love and blessings to each of you!!

Megan - July 18, 2012 - 8:05 am

Praying for you!! I have LOVED reading about your hosting adventure. It seems like it’s been hard- so much work! But God is using you immensely in ways you do not know. Keep up the great work and enjoy the getaway.

Shirley Robertson - July 19, 2012 - 9:39 am

Andrea, David and I fostered for two years when our kids were small and even to this day, they say they gained a lot from it. They still refer to the foster children as siblings, and miss them. Amy and I have had the opportunity to minister to our foster child/sister’s children, as well, because Lisa stays in touch.They gained insight into the fact that not all kids have a great family life, not all kids feel safe and loved, or even wanted, and that parents aren’t perfect and sometimes make mistakes. But that time led me into the career that God chose for my life. Today I am blessed to have many of my former foster children that I worked with as friends on FB, and even some of the parents whose children were in care have come to understand that the decisions I made for their children gave their kids a better life. One mother told me that terminating her rights and placing her children for adoption was the best thing for them, and she has come to know Christ because of it! Fostering an older child is not easy even without a language barrier. T came to your home with a different agenda than you and your family and I pray that she takes back a feeling of having been loved and not the loss of another family! Sorry you’re tired but I do understand. love you!