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Back from Traverse City, MI…

We are back after an AMAZING week in Traverse City! Did you think I’d fallen off the planet?? Well–I kind of have. I’ve really just been trying to be 100% with my littles–and having 5 littles 8 and under–this is just such a sweet time. Having so many that are little right now–also means it’s hard to get special one-on-one time with each of them. And we haven’t had one-on-one time with Zeke since we met him…so when Rich had Traverse City on his calendar for work travel–the grandmothers said they’d tag team keeping the older 4 while Rich, Zeke and I took off for a sweet week together…

His first adventure with mommy and daddy…

If you have never been to Traverse City–it is AMAZING. It may be my FAVORITE place in the United States to rest, relax and recoup! Rich and I really needed this–and it was good time together and with our new little man. Traverse City is located on Lake Michigan–on the bay…and there is a beautiful peninsula full of farms growing cherry trees and grapes–with several wineries. We spent one day with my DEAR friend Carissa Woodwyk and her kids. It was beautiful, restful and so fun!


The property out here you would think would be in the millions–but it is NOT. And oh my…it is gorgeous. If I could live ANY WHERE in the U.S…um–hands down…THIS is where it would be! And around every corner are beautiful Michigan beaches…

Zeke had a sweet week with us–and it was wonderful to just slooooow down from Atlanta life.  I am SO not a city girl. But you some times don’t get to pick where you are planted–and you just smile…and bloom there. BUT ONE DAY…oh one day I would love to live on a big ole farm. Community in the city is so different than small town life. It’s scattered it seems with too many much too busy for one another. It was SUCH a treat to get to spend some time with a dear Michigan friend who is a small town momma–who carved out a day to just be with us and have fun together.

Now…we are safely home. Unpacked. Doing laundry…but I think our washer may have just broken:). I think I wash too many clothes with this bunch! And tomorrow…is a new day! Thankful to be home and have all my chickens under one roof! I think I may be horse from reading books to everyone tonight–but that is one sweet thing to be horse from I guess;). Thankful for this time and for these memories!




Allison - August 24, 2013 - 9:59 pm

What a blessing to spend some focused time together. I LOVE Traverse City!! I was born and raised in West Michigan and spent many summers in TC as a camp counselor. The beaches, the dunes, the Cherry Festival, Moomers Icecream–I didn’t know what a gem northern Michigan was until I moved away (married an Air Force guy). It makes my heart smile that you love it there, too. 🙂