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Another Merry Christmas:)

We are just getting home from celebrating Christmas…yes…a few days late:) We left the house for the first time in 6 days today after all of us spent the last week knocked out with a terrible virus/cold/flu…not sure which–which consisted of aches, fevers, hugging the toilet, stuffy noses and coughing our lungs out. Sounds jolly doesn’t it?? BUT we are emerging and went to my sister’s to celebrate Christmas tonight with her family since we were not able to join them on Christmas Eve. THANKFUL we are on the up and up!!! I think my cough turned a corner with a mustard packet remedy. THANKFUL.

My sister drew my name and she gave me a gift that made me cry…happy, sweet tears—it was a beautiful necklace locket with 2 pictures of my sweet boy on it. So in love with this gift and I’ll have his pictures with me until he’s in my arms. Sweetest part of it was rocking Isaac tonight and his interest in this new necklace. This was our conversation…

What’s dis momma?

It’s a necklace–and it has pictures of Zeke in it.


YES! Pictures of Ezekiel. Your little brother. But he’s in China and mommy will fly on an airplane and go around the world to bring him home.

Ezekiel doesn’t have a mommy or daddy. But I have a mommy and daddy.

Mommy is going to be his mommy. And daddy will be his daddy.

You bring him home. Den (Then), I will take him to get doughnuts.

Melt my heart.

Something about having this conversation with my sweet Isaac tonight just melted me tonight–remembering the time longing to have this boy home…and hear I was rocking him tonight after our conversation singing our “I’m so happy” song and Away in a Manger for the 250th time together with our little made up hand motions. It’s some times hard to grasp that I have a 19 month old boy across the world who wakes up every day and goes to bed every night without this–but it won’t be long and he will be right here with us…and my heart just can’t wait. And when we wake up in the morning–despite what any “good nutritional mommies might say”–many, many mornings–this mommy will these littles for doughnuts indeed. (Hang tight about 200 days;)–pictures of that to follow;). There are always really, really, really hard parts of adoption. But there are also so many BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING parts of it too. There will always be hard things we have to walk our children through every year and every stage of their lives, but theres such beauty through the ashes—in the end there’s a family standing together…formed uniquely and beautifully by the Lord…where all the children are deeply loved…who are given something that culture along could never give–but instead our littles have a lifetime with family, siblings love and sweet memories together. This mom can’t wait to get her little boy home to begin those memories with him. Please pray that the Lord’s hand would be on the rest of our journey–and that some how, some way…just maybe we could travel in May close to his birthday!!! (thank you!!!)



Kendra - December 28, 2012 - 6:11 pm

Stopping in prayer and lifting you, your family, and your little across the world up to the Father NOW. 🙂