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and HERE is the crazy at our house {yep…all this in just a week away from bloggin’}

Seriously. I haven’t blogged in about a week. That SQUARE challenge has me so focused I guess I haven’t even thought about checking my email. BUT I had to update because SO MANY CRAZY and EXCITING things have happened THIS week. VERY thankful.

FIRST…we put a FOR SALE sign in our yard on WEDNESDAY NIGHT! On THURSDAY–we got our first phone call for a showing. The pictures weren’t even online YET so we didn’t expect to start getting phone calls. YIKES. It was ALSO Rico and my 9th wedding anniversary. SOOOO…we already had a babysitter lined up–BUT she had to babysit our kids at a friends house while a realtor showed our house.

We were RUNNING through our house on the way out picking up things–throwing it in laundry baskets. I shall never forget the scene to dinner for our 9th wedding anniversary…

“Where are we going?” you ask???

Your guess is as good as mine. We are thinking about farm life MAYBE…but all we know is we felt like we should do it–so we are. We will just need to close on August 3rd after T leaves. Talk about a crazy summer. Really praying if it’s the Lord’s will for us to move that someone will make an offer before she comes this week. HA! I know that’s crazy…but you never know;)

So…that’s first in what has happened in my last 6 days of not blogging:)

SECOND…I had a BIG doc appointment on FRIDAY. I have felt better for about 2 months but I wasn’t holding my breath as my last month’s tests showed that my body still had spirochetes (Lyme bacteria) wrecking havoc–although I felt great…they weren’t all completely gone…yet.

BUT–yesterday–I got more test results–and MOMMA IS 100% clear and jumping for JOY!. Many LLMDs do not believe you ever can be 100% clear of this, but I happen to go to an amazing doctor who has treated this many, many, many times and he has been able to successfully wipe spirochetes out of patients once and for all. I had been able to talk with many of them years after seeing my doctor and being well–and although much of the treatment was crazy and all out of pocket–it was 100% worth every bit. BECAUSE…I feel better than I have in YEARS!!!

I am going to write a MUCH longer blog post on this year of complete healing–but it will have to be another post–and probably a few parts. You guys didn’t see pictures of me in the fall because I looked…well ROUGH. I had lost most of my vision in my right eye–I was seeing eye specialists every few weeks…retina and cornea specialists…I was given so much medication and NOTHING helped. BECAUSE these doctors didn’t understand this was part of the disease I was fighting and they were just trying to treat it by itself. THIS is why you never saw pictures of me in the FALL…I could hardly open my right eye and I wore sunglasses where ever I went…I dreaded preschool pick up standing in line looking like a bus hit me–yellow skin as my liver was under some serious stress and swollen eyes…

Oh man. That was NORMAL for MONTHS for me. And that was just my eyes. My joints developed arthritis–my rheumatologist diagnosed me with Sjogren’s, lupus and fibromyalgia. I was able to do a lot of research and with the help of my eye specialists show my rheumatologist I didn’t have Sjogren’s. I had awful neurological problems–from brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, tingling in my hands and feet and memory problems. GI problems were awful–I couldn’t absorb nutrients–so I was losing weight (nearing 100 pounds in the Fall) and my hair started falling out. My infectious disease doc said you can’t get Lyme in Georgia–and maybe all of this was stress…and she wanted to know how my marriage was. I think they thought I was crazy and they refused to test me for Lymes (if you ever watch the documentary “Under Our Skin” you will understand the politics behind it all). Finally in October, my amazing homeopathic doc pinned it–spirochetes! It was Lyme. I went to get blood work and my T57 cells were tested and I scored 50 showing I had Lyme and it had developed into chronic Lyme. I was able to find out I didn’t have co-infections–and my treatment began.

AND ON FRIDAY–for the 1st time…I’m 100% clear!!!

And the most amazing part of all…is we COULD have continued our adoption to China…if we had wanted to. BUT with the way I felt–I knew I couldn’t. So–we put it on hold.

We would ALREADY be home with a little princess from China had I not gotten this–but instead what the enemy means for distruction–God means for GOOD. And next week–we will bring home a 15 year old princess from the Ukraine for 5 weeks. God redirected us and used a very hard time to do it. I learned to ask for help…I learned humility. I faced fear of being too sick to fully care for my littles–and trusted the Lord in new ways to provide. The Lord brought an amazing girl to us to help me care for my littles as I home schooled (another adventure He had called me to)–and she was here on the days I had all 4 with me as I really needed those extra hands with depleted energy. THIS WAS NOT EASY FOR ME TO ACCEPT NEEDING HELP…but it was good.

There was a time I couldn’t carry Frank or Isaac–for months. Yet I would watch this precious young girl do it beautifully and easily in my home. They would cry for me to pick them up–and I’d get on my knees…on their level…and explain mommy couldn’t do this…and I needed their help while I got stronger. And they were big boys–and saw me in a new light…loved me in a new light…and I am humbled and thankful…and blessed.

I know many others now through my journey that are where I was–and I know and understand your pain. It is real. It is hard for others to understand. I know your fears and your worries. Over and over again–I heard the Lord speak to my heart, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”. At one point I went the antibiotic route with a LLMD–but ultimately the Lord healed me through a holistic doctor who is also a believer. If you are in the middle of dealing with this disease–DO NOT GIVE UP. The Lord will lead and guide you if you trust Him to. He will guide you. And I really believe He can heal each and every one of you. All of our journeys may look SO different. Some of you may need to do the picc line, others oral long-term antibiotics and others holistic medicine. No matter where the Lord leads you–it will ultimately be HIM healing–so trust Him as He leads your footsteps. He is faithful.

My family, friends and my heart rejoices in what the Lord has done!!! Momma has been a different momma here lately. I told the Lord He was crazy when He led us to host a child this summer. I heard His whispers, “Trust me…“…so I’m not surprised the week before she comes I am 100% clear. Momma has been swimming laps. I’ve been chasing kids. I’ve been swinging them around–and throwing them in the air.

I want to live to the complete fullest.

(photographed just a few weeks before my clear bill of health! SO THANKFUL! Can’t you tell a different from that Fall picture?!)

I told Rich to jump on my back because I felt finally like my old self again! HOWEVER…I think he weighs more than the kids:)

So, so thankful for all the Lord has done this year…

And humbled that His hands of sweet grace have touched my body in a new way. Life will never be the same.

I want to share so much more–but I have a house to pick up for a showing in the morning. I have so much to say…so I’ll have to write a 2 part series about so much of what the Lord has taught me during this time. VERY thankful…for all of it.

For those of you who have been on this journey with us–praying for us…I want to humbly thank you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for using any of your precious time to lift our family up during this past year. To those of you who have encouraged–so many of you sent words of encouragement when I needed it the most. Thank you. Blogs might be silly to some–but many of you have ministered to ME through mine–and if anyone has been ministered to back…then praise Him. Truly through your prayers you have been the body of Christ to me. Thank you. And please know I will forever consider it a privilege to pray for any of you should you ever have a need to be lifted up by another sister in Christ. In closing–all I can say–is you can trust Him. I’m not saying this just because I have seen His healing…but because I experienced His goodness and majesty in the thick of it…He really is good all the time.

Y’all pray for us as we get ready to welcome Tetyana this week! Her room is ALMOST ready…can’t wait to show you!



Jenny Marrs - June 24, 2012 - 12:52 pm

WONDERFUL news, Andrea!!! Praise God for His healing!!! SO, so happy to hear this!!! And, excited for you as you welcome Tetyana into your home and your family! Praying for God’s will regarding selling your house!!

Jessica - June 24, 2012 - 4:53 pm

So happy for the Lord’s healing on your life. I saw you at the January C4C retreat and you look so healthy and vibrant now. We serve the great physician! So glad you are able to care for your family and however God places in your life.


Cara from PA - June 24, 2012 - 8:02 pm

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! 🙂

Alison - June 24, 2012 - 10:40 pm

WOW!!! I just love hearing about how God has completely healed you, Andrea!!! Our Jehovah Rapha is so awesome!!! Praising Him and rejoicing with you! You look great!!!

Marci - June 25, 2012 - 12:49 pm

Praise God. Can take your name off the Prayer Angels and date and say done ! Thank you ,Lord for healing our sweet servant,Andrea !

Sara - June 26, 2012 - 12:34 am

I am so incredibly happy for you. Your story gives me hope… it is so hard to keep it through watching my husband fight a chronic illness for 5 years.

Janelle - June 26, 2012 - 11:11 am


A friend sent me to this post. I’m so happy for you. My son and I both are fighting Lyme disease. It’s beyond thrilling to know someone beat this awful disease. God bless you!!


Julie - June 29, 2012 - 3:23 pm

Wow–That is an awesome story! Praise God for bringing you the right doctor. Would you please send me his name? Thanks!