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An unexpected blessing…

Really–today you don’t want to hear how I’m still surviving…how I had to have a few mommy time-outs and count slowly to 10…or how every sweet child in our crew at some point today either spilled their milk or water at breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Use sippycups you say?? Momma can’t find any matching tops!) SO YES–we are still hanging in there:) Part of the price of international mission work:-).

BUT one of the coolio rewards is this: SOOO…I was sitting in the fellowship hall in the church where my kids take their fine arts classes when Rico Suave SKYPED me from the school in NDOLA, ZAMBIA. It was sooo cool. You are supposed to be QUIET in there as homeschool kiddos are studying–but I got excited and answered the phone. BEFORE I KNEW IT…my computer was surrounded by kids. Not only surrounded by kids who were studying before I interrupted them—but my laptop screen was FILLED with little kids in Zambia. I asked them to sing…and they giggled. So we (moms, kids, strangers AND ALL) began to sing Jesus Loves Me to them…and they started chiming in to. Smiles filled the faces on both ends. My voice began to crack…

Here we were across the world–singing.

Rico showed all the kids on my end the school…we got to show them a water well and how the kids pump water–and there was a line of barefoot kids with huge buckets waiting their turn…they got to see the “futbol” field…and then the kids started making silly faces together (talking the ULTIMATE kid language) because their was a Bemba/English language barrier.

Rico said they are all doing well. I miss him. I can’t wait for him to come back–and I know I need to brace myself for the culture shock he will feel and make sure we lay low for a few days as he re-enters back into our culture. SO thankful for technology–and for the crazy experience kids here even got to experience today through it!!!

AND NOW…to rejoice in an unexpected blessing!

Truly–there isn’t much exciting on our end to document on our end today…SOOOOO I thought I’d share with you the most EXCITING news I’ve heard all week! My adoption momma friend Meredith and her family are in the midst of a miracle. You can read about their twist and turn to surprisingly meet their little girl on their blog today: One Day Closer Adoption.

Meredith–you know how stinkin’ excited I am…so I just had to share! Please keep their family in your prayers as they follow the Lord–please pray for their little girl…miracles are always good to pray for…AND please pray the rest of the process will work out in their favor so they can travel soon to meet her and quickly bring her home!!! Thanks for praying!

Meredith - October 5, 2011 - 6:13 am

Thank you for sharing, Andrea!! God has certainly worked miracles in our daughter’s life and in ours, so I am praying that the Lord will continue to do what only He could do. Love you, friend!!!

Meredith - October 5, 2011 - 6:15 am

I meant to say what only He can do.