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An Isaac update, a reminder and tailgating!

A quick update on Mr.Isaac’s pulmonology appointment today: It was actually a really great doctor visit considering some we’ve been through! We took some more not-so-fun xrays (poor guy hates those!) and the doctor has given us a great treatment plan for asthma. We’ve got different inhalers for different occasions…daily use, emergency use, etc. It may be a long winter here with asthma issues–but we are hopeful he will grow out of this wheezing thing with time. I couldn’t have been happier with the doctor, and he has referred us to two more specialists to make sure we aren’t missing anything in two totally different areas. He even told me with my new medical lingo (he was impressed!) that I sounded like a doctor…or a medical student at least;). Thank you Dr.J! I must admit, my old photography clients used to call me the “Baby Whisper”…give me a crying baby and I’ll not only get him calm but I’ll get him snoozing away (here are some of my snoozing skills…see Mr.Frank when he was a baby? I’d put him in different positions just for fun and of course have to snap some pictures of him;) This was the front page of his fold-out birth announcement…and because I didn’t blog back when he was born…you just have to see his announcement;)
Ok…one more page of his birth announcement…
AND THEN this was the inside when you opened up the flaps (pages you just saw)…Ok…so there were TWO more pages of the announcement you didn’t see. Oh MY! That makes me sad to RETHINK how FAST he has grown up!!! MUCH TOO fast!!!

Ok…so back to our doctor visit. It really did go great. BUT I realized how tired I was sitting there in that doctor’s office. I texted MY MOM “I am tired. I need my mommy!” Just being honest. Then I walked out to the car with Isaac in tow. And guess what was waiting for me at my van??? The. MOST. beautiful red bird you ever did see!!! I smiled at such a beautiful creation and then he perched himself up in the tree just in front of my van–and sang a little song. I seriously stood there with Isaac for quite some time–just smiling with him and listening to that bird. I even had time to put Isaac in his carseat, dig through my diaper bag for my iPhone and take a picture! You would have thought with all that noise he’d fly away–but he just sat there and tweeted away…(can you find him?!)As I sat there and listened, immediately I thought about Staci Ethridge’s book “Captivating”. Have any of you read it? Do you remember the part where she prayed for “her special love reminder” from God? Her husband had told her how he had spotted a whale (or something like that) one day as he was praying and he KNEW it was the Lord loving on him. She, too, had longed for something special just for her–but it came in a completely different form. Well, today when I saw that red bird–that was EXACTLY what I thought about. I knew it was the Lord reminding me…HE IS HERE IN THE DETAILS AND EVERY STEP WE ARE TAKING IS NOT ONLY PART OF HIS PLAN…BUT HE IS ACTUALLY BEFORE US, BESIDE US AND BEHIND US!

Now…fast forward throughout our day–I picked up the kiddos from carpool and we scooted back home for lunches and naps. Isaac was already breathing so much better being on his treatments!!! YAY! SO…we decided to venture out to our sweet little school’s TAILGATING!!! On the way there, I called one of my bestfriends Melanie. She is getting married in TWO weeks and I have been a terrible bridesmaid. I called her to check in, remind her how excited I am for her and catch her up on ITY. She moved to Nashville about 5 years ago, so I don’t get to see her as much as I would like to. I told her about the red bird because she’s like me and looks for God’s little love-notes–and she said, “OH ANDREA! When I came into to the door one time at work this morning there was the MOST BEAUTIFUL red bird waiting for me at the door too!!! It just brightened my day, and I just thanked God for the reminder of Him…” I LOVE how God led me to call her, to tell her the story of that little red bird and that a state away from me–she got the same love note…and He allowed us to share that with each other which just confirmed to me who, indeed, that little love note was from:). I realize I sound crazy to some of you—and I am;). And that’s the way I roll.

What a sweet reminder just as we got to the school tailgate! And we of course parked it right under the kindergarden tailgate tent for the night! Here is me, ITY with Christy Elphick…my emergency backup that you have read about:).

And the Elphicks with the Youngs!!! So thankful for this couple. Brad and Richard are coaching soccer together this Fall. It will be a fun Fall on the sidelines I am sure…

Here are some of the kindergarden mommas under the big K tent…I can’t tell you how much I love these other mommas!!! So thankful for them–and it’s so nice to be friends with your kids friends’ moms!!! So thankful we get to do fun things like this to connect more!!!

OK…so TWO of the mommies up there happen to be good friends who also read my blog. SO…they KNEW when I walked up with the JELLO FRUIT MOLD that it was featured in a recent post! (Hey, his little fingers WERE clean…but I have to say–today was CRAZY and there was NO way I had time to make anything else! I WAS going to run by the store for salad or something–but it just didn’t happen. I looked around for something to take we already had and the JELLO FRUIT MOLD it was!!!) SO–yes. YES, we took the jello fruit mold that Frank dipped his fingers in. And–everyone loved it. (If I bring it…you might want to think twice before you eat it!) EVEN Frank loved it all over again…Yes, that would be jello AND um-like left overs from 4 cookies all over his face:)

THEN it was time for Frank the tank to practice some FOOTBALL!

Isn’t that SO cool that these families tailgate for home games and you get to be in community together and each home game get to KNOW the families of your kids friends at school!!! Okay, so THIS tailgating TOTALLY makes sense to me because you are doing life with THESE people!!! There is purpose and such fun!!! Now…I’ve been trying to WRAP my brain around college tailgating! I’m telling you, some people in the South plan there LIVES around this sport on the college level…and I just don’t get it. So…if you HEAR me ever say “War Eagle!” I’m totally kidding. I don’t care if they win or lose–I don’t know when their games are other than on Saturdays–and I’ll wait to tailgate when my kids are in college if they want us too:) BUT college football is a really big deal to some folk here in the South—and they get so worked up that it actually effects their mood and rules their weekends. I’m SO thankful my hubby and I are on the same page. He used to HAVE to watch his Bulldogs–but the bigger our family has gotten the more we’ve gotten the BIG PICTURE…so we make the most of the time we have and just hang out as a family on our Saturdays. When I’m 80, this will be one thing I won’t regret…and I can make the most impact here all Fall long focusing on my sweeties and spending time with other families that we currently do life with! (Now…I’m all about the occasional everyone get together for one big shen-dig at the ole college stomping ground to reconvene! But to live life around a sport? Some of you northerners are probably scratching your head–and I’m with you…but if you live in the South you know its true and it really can be a distraction to what REALLY matters!!!)

On THAT note–I’m sure Auburn MIGHT be playing tomorrow–so I’ll say War Eagle just for the heck of it to make you football people smile:). But seriously—Roll Tide, Go Dawgs, Sick ’em Vols…Munch ’em Gators…ok making some of those up! Whatever else just the same! On “game day” I’ll be relishing in extra hands from my parents…probably going on an impromptu date with my hubby (YAY!)…and getting rested up for another week ahead with a few more doctor visits!!! I am believing big things for our kiddos and especially ITY’s health! (My adoption friend Tiffini—so thankful for her constant reminding that she is also believing THIS with me!!!) Thank you for your prayers and your love to us!!! Your emails and sweet comments just brighten my day and I’m just so thankful for all of you!!!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!


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