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Almost there. {1 more sleep}

oh my.

this update might be short–but not because we didn’t have a full day…but because momma is tired and needs to rest up for a BIG day tomorrow!

sooo….our day today started at 4am. (seriously?) too early for this momma!

we had to pack up and rearrange our luggage to be under 40 pounds for each piece for China’s inter-country flight (this is more than 10 pounds less than what the US and international flights are–so we had to do some rearranging. we also had to buy an another bag the night before just to rearrange as with p and loo packing all their things in a carry on–we could totally add on another bag with no added cost.) by the way–friends…please remind me to tell your the story about buying the luggage under ground for $30–and how the lady rode the suitcase like a horse to show me how durable it was. i’d pay good money to see that look on my loo’s face again!

sooo–we woke up at 4am. and we were out the door in taxis by 5:30 am heading for the Beijing airport. we got there at 6:15ish–checked in–and waited for boarding around 7:30am for our 8am flight.

i was so excited when they served breakfast on the flight because the hotel’s breakfast hadn’t started yet when we left–and we were all hungry. i looooove omelets–but y’all know how i feel about peas. peas and omelets just should never go together. just saying. momma ate it anyway:).

THEN–we arrive in our son’s provence around 11:45am and met our guide. we went to the bank to exchange currency. rico suave ran in to exchange while i stayed in the van with the driver and kids. it took FOREVER–and i mean forever. so i bonded with driver that speaks chinese–telling him all about my life in broken chinese and i even sang him “rock-a-bye baby” in chinese to show him my skills. my kids think i’m crazy:) we are having so much fun together by the way:)

then–we met some of our friends who live here for a late lunch–and had THE best Chinese meal we’ve had yet! yum!

after lunch–we got together and just visited our dear family friends and let our kids catch up and play together (we have been friends for over 10 years with dear friends here–so it’s so fun to get to be together this week and let our kids play together!)

THEN–my sweet friend Kadie and I scooted off for some mommy rest and girl time–and got foot massages for 30 yuan (around 5 bucks). Then we went out to dinner with a big group of friends and all our kids–a DELISH western restaurant. Afterwards–we had a momma shopping outing where Kadie and Sonya helped me load up on everything I could possibly need snack and food wish for Zeke. VERY thankful to have their help in knowing what snacks are typical for 2 year olds here so we can load up on things that he is already used to eating helping making the transition smoother. One of my sweet friends is even having her helper make the typical rice meal for me tomorrow for us to have on hand to feed him. SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF THEIR HELP!!! AND as if that isn’t sweet enough–we are staying in one of their friends 4 bedroom apartment in the SAME complex as all of our friends here. We get to spread out–AND we have a washer and dryer…so excited about this one as we left our house last Wednesday and it was time to wash some clothes! YAY!

Today was definitely a full day–and on the agenda tomorrow is meeting our guide at 10am at the gate of the orphanage. I’m signing off as that’s just 12 hours away…and I’m really hoping for a good nights sleep:) I can’t believe it’s finally here!! The next post you see from us–will be pictures of us with our sweet boy!! Oh I can’t WAIT! Anticipating our time in the morning with our big kids as we prepare and have time with them before we go. I want to pinch myself as I can’t believe we are really about to meet him. I’m nervous. Excited. Scared. Hopeful. Anxious. Thankful. Humbled. and READY. Hope I can sleep tonight! Thank you so much for standing beside us and lifting us up on this journey to our son!

June 3rd, 2013 at 10am…oh I can’t WAIT!