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AGCI Weekend in Tennessee…(AKA: Isaac’s FIRST trip!)

Rico Suave (aka: Richard, the hubby) packed up the THREE older kiddos this morning to head to the lake with the Young side of the family (I’ll have to beg the cousins for pics to share with you all!). LOTS of family would be there and normally our family packs in a room–and we knew there was no way ANY ONE would sleep if Isaac Temesgen and I joined them…SOOOO…instead of staying home along–Isaac T. and I loaded up and headed to TENNESSEE for his first field trip out of the cocoon! We stayed with our sweet friends, the Johnsons…and not only did Lucy Lane keep us entertained–but the rest of the Johnson crew had fun loving on Isaac Temesgen! They were such a big help! Our agency’s big weekend called “Celebration of Hope” was being held in their town…so it was a perfect opportunity for us to go there for our first outing and be with other adoption families whom we have grown to love! SOOO…off we went–and the baby boy slept for 90% of the 4 hour drive!!!

We took off on Friday…and scooted in town just in time for lunch with Kristi and her crew to talk adoption with our friend Bobbi…

Then we scooted home for ITY to have a good nap. AND then it was time for the AGCI benefit dinner at the Marriott where Kristi shared her heart for adoption and her journey. It was AMAZING!!! I forgot my camera in the car for this event–I was too scattered like I was a first time mom all over again trying to remember everything I might need to keep little Isaac Temesgen happy…stroller–check, baby food–check, carrier–check, bib–check…so the only picture I have from the night is this one that Karen Halbert took for me with her phone! Here is Karen’s hot date to the dinner…

THEN…on Saturday—we geared up for the AGCI family day picnic!

I didn’t take really any pictures…it was incredibly HOT and I was busy making sure Isaac Temesgen was cozy and cool–so THANK YOU sweet AGCI family for sending me these to share!

Loved meeting the Darlings!(Sara, on the way home I kept thinking, “Wish my last name was something like Darling and then I could pronounce it Darlin’…and that would just be too much fun. Sara–you are officially Sara Darlin’ to me now;).

Here is Isaac blowing kisses to Sara Darlin’…Seriously–couldn’t you just gobble him RIGHT up?!

Another family that I have grown to love–Tony and Carrie Given crew…they have been such an encouragement and such a neat family…(what I love about our agency…so many amazing families!!!)

My sweet friend Betsy who you might remember meeting a few months ago when she came by to visit us at the park…LOVE Betsy and all her boys…and can’t WAIT until she gets that call for a baby girl or siblings! Betsy is one of those mommies that I feel like I’ve known forever and she is so REAL and down to Earth…just love her!

And loved meeting a few new families…I’m going to have SO MUCH FUN cheering on families like the Smiths who are in the midst of their dossier…love passing the torch and getting to watch the journey unfold for others!

And Melanie (who I got to meet at Lucy Lane’s 1 year celebration…so fun to see you again!) and Alisonwho I have just LOVED getting to know in the blog world…oh my she is just PRECIOUS (AND we discovered she and one of my bestfriends and old college friends!!! How fun and what a small world!)…(ok…I look scarey after the long day, no sleep and sweat here–but I ONLY got 3 pictures on my camera so I have to share what I got no matter how rough I look! This is real life people;)

There were just SO many families (send me any pics ya got with us sweet friends so I can share!)…and I mean SO many precious families!

Here are all the kiddies…can you find us?! Isaac Temesgen was OUT!

And then it was back to the Johnson’s house…where Isaac napped and then the Johnson kids played dress up with my baby boy…

Finally Isaac Temesgen and I joined the crazy Johnson crew for dinner and dessert…and then back to the Johnson house to let our kiddos be crazy with Lucy Lane leading the way! Ok…so you have to crack up at Kristi’s crazy self in these…I LOVE this momma and it’s almost scarey to me how much we have in common (both used to be teachers…both of our hubbies are the neat/organized ones…even how we started dating our hubbies is almost identical–AND we both have Southern accents as you will hear in this video…HOWEVER…home-girl…you got me beat on that one!) Seriously–I can’t say enough about this sweet family and I just adore their love for family and passion for adoption and orphans! So…without further adeu…let me show you what life is really like in the Johnson home;)…[pause music up top if you don’t want a headache and you’d like to enjoy this funny show…]

Next time we’ll have to take our ENTIRE crew and then we’ll show y’all some REAL craziness!!! Hope you all had a GREAT weekend…and if I get more fun pics from the weekend from my AGCI family…I’ll be sure to share! OH—and I have to tell you—Isaac Temesgen did GREAT for his first weekend away! We even shared our Wiphan and adoption stories with Kristi’s Sunday School class…and he was just a trooper for every single event. Now…back to life with 4 kiddos and craziness! And truly–I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

april - August 1, 2010 - 11:54 pm

so glad you all had a wonderful time! very cute video! :0)

kristi johnson - August 2, 2010 - 12:15 am

hilarious..that voice…well..i can’t post what I think I sounds like 🙂 sooo funny!! But I think i emailed ya MY take on my voice!!! LOL ok, so super great the video..will post tomorrow….LOVED havin yall 🙂 kj

Andrea - August 2, 2010 - 12:48 am

Andrea, I enjoyed meeting you and talking for a while. It was such a blessing to see families who have went before us and have already brought home their beautiful babies. Isaac is a adorable and can’t imagine what the day will feel like when we are finally bringing our baby home!

Alison - August 2, 2010 - 9:14 am

Andrea, I seriously loved getting to meet you and Isaac this weekend! It was great! And how funny that we have mutual friends!! Love it! You are precious, and Isaac is just so CUTE I can’t stand it!! LOVED meeting ya’ll! Hope that we somehow get to see ya’ll again soon! Maybe our next road trip can be to GA!! And if you ever come to MS, you gotta stay with us!!

Elle J - August 2, 2010 - 10:13 am

YAY for a great road trip! I love both of your accents ~ it makes everything seem more exciting. West Coast does not have that cool factor when we talk. =) Adorable video and pictures.

Dawn - August 2, 2010 - 11:02 am

Sounds like and looks like soooo much FUN!!!

We get to see the Kristi J crew in a couple of weekends….and are soooooo excited!!!!!

missy - August 2, 2010 - 12:23 pm

so wanted to be there with y’all! looks like a very special time!

Jenni - August 3, 2010 - 1:19 am

Okay, this is just precious! I absolutely loved getting to meet you and Isaac. I have been such a fan of your postings and have loved watching your journey. I hope I didn’t scare you at the picnic when I just came up to you and was like, HEY, I know you! Anywho, so glad to meet you in person! And, I am so glad that you got a picture on your camera because I did not get one. I am going to save it from your blog so I can post. If you are ever in MS, please give us a shout!